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Shir HaShirim and Megillat Esther – Micrograph on Postcard

Come and view something unique; four thousand five hundred and seven words written on this card. Shimon Fishgrond".
Shir HaShirim is printed on one side, and on the other: Megillat Esther. Lithograph of miniature handwriting. 15.5X10.5 cm. Good condition. Few stains, stamp, newspaper clipping glued on borders of postcard.

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Collection of Photographs – Jewish Women – Photographs from the 19th Century

26 portrait photographs and studio-photographs of Jewish women, [some in Jewish dress characteristic of Rabbis' wives]. Europe, end of 19th century and the 20th century.
17 are early photographs and from various cities: Pֳ¶styֳ©n, Oostende (Belguim), Vienna, Cracow, Lvov, New York, Pshemishel, Leipzig, Brody and London. Most are pasted on cardboard with photographers' details.
9 are reproductions from the 20th century, of earlier photographs, from 1860 until the end of the 19th century. Varied size and condition.

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Letter by the Rebbe of Lubavitch Regarding the Redemption

"Letter by the Rebbe of Lubavitch regarding the redemption". [Jerusalem?, 1942].
During World War II, Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880-1950) spoke a lot of the Messiah and redemption. This is a proclamation printed in those days [apparently by his Chassidim in Jerusalem].
C. 21 cm. Good condition, light stain.
Bibliographically unknown.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 274

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Photograph of Rabbi Chaim of Sanz

Rabbi Chaim of Sanz, drawing by Lazar Krestin, based on the only known picture of the Divrei Chaim. Printed on a postcard.
Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz (1797-1876), author of the Divrei Chaim and founder of the Sanz Hassidism.
9X14 cm postcard. Good condition. Shana Tova ink stamp in Hebrew and English.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 69

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Mitzvah to Publicize Hypocrites – Sitchel, 1932

Mitzvah to Publicize the Hypocrites" - Proclamation in Yiddish and Hebrew, letter of refusal against [---] of Sitchel, who refuses to abide by the Din Torah ruling. Sitchel, Kislev 1932.
Letter by Rabbi Yechezkel Veidmanan, the Rabbi of Sitchel:"¦Since Rabbi [---] admitted to me that he does not wish to carry out the ruling of the congregation of Sighet¦ therefore they are granted permission to have the prerogative to go to the civil courts". Harsh polemic proclamation and letter of rabbis regarding this matter; includes a letter by Rabbi Shlomo son of Rabbi Shmuel Fruchter of Sitchel.
Approx. 28 cm. Glued upon leaf of binding of book, fair-poor condition, tears with omission and erasure of name of the man who refuses to abide by rabbinical jurisdiction. Bibliographically unknown.

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Miniature Tehilim with Illustrations of Musical Instruments – Vilna, 1900

Tehilim with illustrations of musical instruments¦ and a picture of King David. Vilna, 1900.
Leaf 2 contains illustration of King David. Various illustrations of musical instruments throughout book. Although title page lists 1900 as year of printing, it is possible that it is actually a later stereotype printing.
176 leaves (352 pages), 7 cm. Good condition. Original semi-leather binding, slightly loose. Several loose leaves.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 62

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Drosh VeKabel Sachar – Tiberias, 1890

Drosh VeKabel Sachar, sermon of Gur Aryeh Yehudah Leib Schiffman, upon the occasion of his marriage in the holy city of Tiberias, [Jerusalem?, 1890?].
In the preface the author mentions the custom of sending the groom a sermon gift, and he requests that people continue to carry out this Jewish custom. The author was born in Tiberias in the year 1870, composed several books of sermons: Na'eh Doresh, Imrei Bina, Ohalei Shem and others.
Two title pages, [8], [1], 22 pages. 20 cm. Good condition.
Winograd and Rosenfeld CD lists Jerusalem 1890, whereas Bibliography Institute CD lists Jerusalem 1892.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 86

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Ohr Zaru’ah – Zhitomir, 1862

Sefer Ohr Zaru'ah, first and second sections by Rabbeinu Yitzchak of Vienna. Zhitomir, 1862. Printing press of Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, grandsons of the Rabbi of Slavita. First edition from manuscript.
Many ink stamps:"Belongs to the Tolner Kloiz of Uman" [synagogue of the Tolner Hassidim in the city of Uman].
[2], 232 pages; 4, 184 pages. 38.5 cm., high-quality paper, good condition, some wear and stains. Unbound.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 65

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Tomech Kavod – Berlin, 1845 – Chatam Sofer Polemic

Tomech Kavod, "Hashem's battle by the leading Torah scholars of the generation¦ against the instigators that have pursued me for no reason¦", by Rabbi Yehonatan Alexandersohn. Berlin, [1845]. First edition.
The author, Rabbi Yonatan of Schwerin (adjacent to Posen), came to Hungary in 1831 and was appointed rabbi of Csaba, near Miskolc. After a short while, members of the community noticed that their rabbi was light-headed and belittles Jewish Law and religion. They summoned the rabbis of that generation and Rabbi Elazar Lֳ¶w of Santov who appointed a Beit Din which decided to expel him from the Rabbinate. In his distress,
Rabbi Alexanderson applied to the Chatam Sofer who sided with those in favor of Rabbi Yonathan's dismissal (See Tshuvot Chatam Sofer, Choshen Mishpat, Siman 162 and Siman 207). Alexandersohn began a struggle to clear his name and sent letters to rabbis worldwide and some sided with his claims that the accusations against him were false. This conflict embittered the Chatam Sofer's later years. In this book, Alexandersohn gathered many letters from: Rabbi Akiva Eiger (who writes that Alexandersohn should not enter the rabbinate until he learned Torah for another three years), The Chatam Sofer, Rabbi Meir Ash, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Heller from Zamoshtz and many more rabbis.
[2], 70 pages. 19 cm. Good condition, stains. Stamps. New binding.
The book has also a second part, in German. Here is only Part 1, in Hebrew. From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

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Leaf for Learning the Hebrew Alphabet – Bombai

A leaf for learning the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and vowels. Bombai (India), [No date mentioned, c. 1930s].
One page divided into two columns, 23.5 cm. Very good condition.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 34

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Hand-Illustrated New Year Cards, Amulets and Letters – By Chacham Shmuel Bruchim

Hand illustrated greeting cards: Shana Tova, Chatima Tova, Mo'adim L'Simcha, and letters sent by Rabbi Shmuel Bruchim. Amulets on parchment. [c. 1950]. Decorative calligraphic writing, two cards have color illustrations.
Chacham Shmuel Bruchim (1890-1979), was a chacham and mekubal, educator and poet, the spiritual leader of Iranian Kurdistan Jewry.
9 paper and parchment items, varied size and condition, preserved well.

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Shana Tova Leaves and Mizrach with Seder Ushpizin – Safed

Printed Shana Tova leaf, and double printed Shana Tova leaf, as well as Mizrach with Seder Ushpizin, including lengthy letter in Yiddish. Safed, [c. 1900-1930].
2 leaves (one double). Various sizes and conditions, cuts in margins.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 443

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Ashrei HaIsh + Letter by the Author Rabbi Yishaya Asher Zelig Margaliot

Sefer Ashrei HaIsh,"Concerning the grave prohibition of having a connection with wicked people", includes response of the Sabba Kadisha Rabbi Shlomo Eliezer Alfandri. Jerusalem, (1927). Breslov Press.
Attached is a handwritten and signed letter of inscription by the author, the holy Ga'on Rabbi Yishaya Asher Zelig Margaliot (1893-1969) of Jerusalem. The letter mentions Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich Av Beit Din of Shamloi and"The holy and righteous Rabbi of Mukachevo".
8, 78 leaves. 20 cm. Good condition. Original printed binding.

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Estreich-Galicia Kollel in Jerusalem – Large Greeting Leaf – Vienna

Pursuer of righteousness and benevolence shall be granted life, righteousness and honor". Single leaf printed in gilded ink, with illustrations of the Holy Sites, the Sephardic synagogue in Jerusalem and the cities Nablus and Jericho. [Not dated, name of printer not mentioned].
Members of the Estreich-Galicia Kollels in the Four Holy Cities added handwritten greetings for Rosh HaShana, to Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Level from Vienna who contributed to the Kollels, as well as an expression of hope that he will continue to donate in the future. Signatures and stamps: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Ravin and Rabbi Natan Cahana Shapira, Jerusalem. 50.5X40 cm. Fair condition. Large hole, missing. Dry and fragile paper. Tears and folding marks.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 39

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Printed and Signed Receipt – Kollel Vohlin – 1901

A printed letter receipt, to "the wealthy¦ Benzion ben Chaya Hinda" of the Michelfale community from the gabai of Kollel Vohlin in the Four Holy Cities [Jerusalem, Sefad, Tiberias and Hebron], 1901.
Printed in golden ink, with illustrations of the Holy Sites. Filled in by hand, with signature and stamps - copy of the signatures of the Kollel's gabai. In the letter, the Kollel's chairman is mentioned, the Rebbe "Pachad Yitchak" of Boyan. On reverse side, a prayer for good health and success.
27 cm. Good-fair condition. Moisture stains. Wooden two-sided frame. Was not examined out of frame.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 40

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Ushpizin Poster – Sighet

Sukkah poster. Sighet, [1900's, early 20th century].
Containing Ushpizin depiction; the inscription "Shiviti HaShem LeNegdi Tamid" - "I place G-d constantly before me"; Kiddush for Sukkot; and prayer for parting from the Sukkah, to be said upon the holiday's termination.
51X42 cm. Fair condition. Tears on margins and on folding marks. Glued with tape on back of poster.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 51

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Collection of Proclamations – Rabbi Kook

* In honor of Rabbi of the Jewish people, notice on behalf of Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva calling out to escort Rabbi Kook at the train station, upon his departure abroad. * On Shabbat HaGadol Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, rabbi of Eretz Isrel, will be delivering a sermon". In the Churva of Rabbi Yehudah HaChassid. * For the sake of our sacred country - Proclamation against deceptive notices on the holy Rabbi of the Jewish nation. * Request of mercy for the Jewish nation. Appeal for the continuous reciting of Tehillim for forty days and nights, with the approbation and participation of the chief rabbi of Eretz Israel Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook. Tel Aviv, [c. 1930].
4 proclamations, various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 276

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A Picture of Rebbe Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir – Segula

A printed photograph of Rebbe Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir (called R' Yeshaya'le Kerestirir). [Hungary ? Beginning of 20th century].
The famous segula is well known, to hang his picture in the home as a protection from mice.
33 cm. Fair condition, stains and tears.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 32

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Amulets and Shiviti Postcards

* Postcard with illustration of Shiviti, Lamnatze'ach Menorah, winged lions, Ten Commandment Tablets, palm trees, birds and additional ornaments. Shmuel Mizrachi Publications, Jerusalem, Nisan [1922]. On lower section:"Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim Tischkach Yemini". Stamp of artist on reverse side. * Shana Tova postcard, D. Markadis Publications, Jerusalem. Ornamented with Ten Commandment Tablets, birds, Stars of David, and more. * Mazal Tov for birth of female. Amulet leaf with ornamented border, Shir LaMa'alot, names of angels of protection, and more. (Fair condition, torn into two). * Mazal Tov, amulet for infant by the Ba'al Shem Tov. Lithograph. (Fair condition, tears and stains). 4 items, various sizes and conditions, good to fair.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 43

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The Prayer E-l Melech and Verses – Parchment

Manuscript, the prayer E-l Melech (13 attributes of mercy), verses and prayers of Selichot. [Germany?, 18th century?].
Parchment leaf in nice calligraphic writing. 2 pages 25 cm. Good-fair condition, faded ink and stains.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 281

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Collection of Photographs of Jews – Including Rabbis – Photographs from the 19th Century

24 portrait photographs and studio photographs of Jewish men and rabbis. Europe, end of 19th century and the 20th century.
9 are early photographs (end of 19th century), from various cities: Stanislav, France, Vienna (one is dated 1881), Cracow (one is dated 1868), Brody, and other places.
14 are photographs from the 20th century, reproductions of photographs from the 19th century and photographs of well-known rabbis, (a photograph of an ancient picture of the Chatam Sofer, etc.).
Varied size and condition.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 31

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Shiviti and Shem HaMeforash – Upon Parchment

Shiviti and verses for protection from Sefer Tehillim, on the Shem HaMeforash which consists of 72 letters derived from the verses"Vayisa Malach HaElokim¦", in Parashat Shlach (Shmot, chapter 14). Fine Sephardic scribe writing [19th-20th? Century].
2 Pages, approx. 17 cm., upon parchment, crease between pages contains holes from sewing thread [apparently bound together with prayer book?]. Faded writing, several words erased throughout years.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 214

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Mar’it Ha’Ayin L’HaChida – The Last Book that the Chida Printed During his Lifetime

Mar'it Ha'Ayin, explanations on Ein Ya'akov. Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai - the Chida. Livorno, [1805]. First edition.
The last book that the Chida printed during his lifetime. From Leaf 71b, the Chida also printed some of the Masechtot Ketanot (Short Tractates): Kutim, Avadim, Temura, Gerim, with his notes and glosses. From Leaf 84b: Kuntress Batei HaNefesh - a commentary on the Passover Hagada.
94 leaves. 30 cm. Good condition, stains. New binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 278

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Photographs of Slabodka Yeshiva Students and Hebreon Yeshiva – 1930

Two photographs of young men, students of Knesset Yisrael-Slobodka Yeshiva in Hebron and Slabodka. [c. 1930].
1) Photographs of Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner and Rabbi Dov Zochovsky and another young man. [Photographed in Jerusalem - "Aroshkes Photographers Eretz Yisrael].
2) Picture of five young men, of a group of men who traveled to study in Slabodka Yeshiva abroad in 1930 (after the 1929 pogrom). Rabbi Dov Zochovsky, [Rabbi Eliezer Goldshmidt ?], Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner, Rabbi Moshe Tikochinsky and Rabbi Zevulun Graz. Photographed in Kovno near Slabodka.].
2 photographs, good condition, creases to Photograph 1 and glue marks on reverse side of Photograph 2.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 406

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Sefer Knesset HaGedolah – Signatures by Rabbi Ya’akov Antebi

Sefer Knesset HaGedolah, Orach Chaim section, by Rabbi Chaim Benbenishti. Livorno, 1791. Second edition.
Inscription in Oriental handwriting. Signatures"Ya'akov Antebi" - Apparently signature of the Ga'on Rabbi Ya'akov Antebi (passed away in 1847), Av Beit Din of Damascus. Merited being referred to as"sacred" after being brutally tortured during the Damascus Affair, after which he left his city and immigrated to Eretz Israel [for additional information related to him see: L'Kedoshim Asher B'Eretz Israel, page 145].
3, 162 leaves. 29 cm. Good condition, stains. Ancient damaged binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 438

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Even Ha-Ezel – Author’s Dedication and Handwritten Corrections

Even Ha-Ezel on Maimonides, Vol. 1-2, Hilchot Nizkei Mamon [financial damages] and Nezikin [damages]. Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer. Jerusalem (1935). First edition.
Handwritten and signed dedication by the author Rabbi"Isser Zalman Meltzer". Handwritten glosses and corrections [by author?].
Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer (1870-1954), author of "Even Ha'ezel", disciple of Rabbi Chaim of Brisk in the Yeshiva of Volozhin, was the Av Beit Din and Rosh Yeshiva of Slutsk. Moved to Jerusalem in 1924 and was appointed head teacher in the "Etz Chaim" Yeshiva. Of the heads of "Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah". Father in law of Rabbi Aharon Kotler, dean of the Kletzk and Lakewood Yeshivas.
[2], 86, [1]; 72 leaves. 33.5 cm. Good condition. Restored binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 470

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Shana Tova Letters by Rabbi Kook and Rabbi Frank, to Rabbi Moshe Kliers

1. Shana Tova letter by Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, chief rabbi of Israel, to Rabbi Moshe Kliers Av Beit Din of Tiberias. Elul 1929. In the letter which is written entirely in his holy handwriting, he hints to events which occurred in that year"My despondent and oppressed brethren who await the salvation of the merciful G-D¦ awaiting G-D's salvation".
2. Lengthy letter of responsa on laws of Zera'im, and a Shana Torah greeting, by Rabbi Tzvi Pesach Frank from the period when he served as Dayan and rabbinical authority in the holy city of Jerusalem. Elul 1919.
Official stationeries, various sizes and conditions. Good.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 97

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Likutei Torah Mahari – Lemberg, 1886 – Handwritten Glosses

Sefer Likutei Torah Mahari, Hassidic and Kabbalistic sayings on the Torah and festivals, by Rabbi Yissaschar Berish of Dolina, Lemberg, 1886. First edition.
Handwritten glosses.
The Rebbe Rabbi Yissaschar Berish Eichenstein (passed away in 1886), son of the Rebbe Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik of Zidichov. Among the prominent disciples of his father in the concealed wisdom, served as rabbi in Dolina.
[1], 46, [1] leaves. (Missing title page). 20 cm. Dry paper, good condition, torn and detached binding.
Very rare, majority of copies of book were burned in the conflagration which took place in Dolina in 1887.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 129

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Sefer HaTishbi – Basel, 1601 – Signatures and Glosses

Sefer HaTishbi, book of roots from the Talmud and Midrashim of Chazal, by Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur. Basel, [1601]. Second edition.
Signatures, ownership notations [some faded]:"Belongs to Rabbi Naftali Katz","Avraham son of M. Kalman ---,"David Frankel son of Ya'akov M--- , year 1865","Ze'ev Wolf Cohen - Rabbi David Cohen of Brody".
Glosses by several writers. Two signed glosses by"Yitzchak son of Yosef Segal Horowitz". Glosses in Rashi-Italian handwriting from the 18th century, signed Shafan [initials]. Last page contains interesting riddle in handwriting of Shafan.
99 leaves. 18.5 cm. Condition of leaves varies, good-fair. Stains and wear, scotch tape. New binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 161

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Birat Migdal Oz – Berdichev 1836

Birat Migdal Oz, Part 3 of Rabbi Ya'akov Emden's siddur. Berdichev, 1836. Second edition, with the approbation of Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin.
Part 3 of the siddur "Paltin Beit El", arranged by Rabbi Ya'akov Emden, Altuna 1735-1737.
This part has: Seder Brit Milah, the laws and customs from a person's birth until his death, methods of education, laws of Kashrut, ethics and philosophy etc
Owner's signatures and stamps: Moshe son of Avraham Zelig.
Missing copy: [3], 5-239 leaves (originally: [4], 5-262, [3] leaves). C. 18 cm. Good-fair condition, stains and moth damage. Worn semi-leather binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 193

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Agudat Ezov – Biaֵ‚ystok, 1824 – Includes Rare Leaves of Omissions from 1828

Sefer Agudat Ezov, sermons for Shabbat and holidays, including pamphlet Alon Bechut - Eulogies on scholars of the generation. By the Ga'on Rabbi Moshe Ze'ev [Margaliot] Av Beit Din of Tykocin and Biaֵ‚ystok author of Marot HaTzovot. Biaֵ‚ystok, (1824). Approbations by Rabbi Akiva Eiger and giants of Lithuania.
Eulogy 1 on the Vilna Ga'on -"The divine and holy Kabbalist Rabbi Eliyahu HaChassid¦ Vilna". Additional eulogies on giants of his generation, Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin and others.
Contains additional leaves including 5 pages of omissions (sermons for Shabbat HaGadol 1826-1827), which were printed in 1828; rare leaves which do not appear in most copies.
Ownership notation:"Belongs to the exalted and famous rabbi¦ Rabbi Eliya Shapiro". Stamps in Cyrillic letters.
[2], 97, [3], [2] leaves. 34.5 cm. Good condition. Slight moth damage on inner margins, stains of usage. Old and worn binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 225

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Two Books – Venice – 16th-17th Century

1. Korban Aharon, commentary on the Sifra [with text], by Rabbi Aharon Ebn Chaim. Venice, 1609-1611. First edition. (On Leaf 110/2, gloss in ancient Ashkenazi handwriting).
139; 302, [4] leaves (Leaves 1-7 are missing and substituted with photocopy. Leaf [1] was mistakenly bound before Leaf 302). 17.5 cm. Good condition, stains, minor moth marks in several leaves.
2. Yalkut Shimoni, Part 2, on Nevi'im and Ketuvim. Venice, [1566].
Missing book. Leaves 40-162 (instead of 190 leaves. Missing: Nevi'im Rishonim. Volume has Nevi'im Achronim and Ketuvim with the exception of the Megillot) 19 cm. Fair-poor condition. Stains, heavy moth damage [especially near binding], traces of mildew. Worn binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 321

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Manuscript – Rabbi Ya’akov Leib Levi, Brother of Rabbi Nachum of Shadik

Manuscript by the Ga'on Rabbi Ya'akov Yehudah Leib Levi, Chiddushim on Parashat Bereshit, Lech Lecha and Vayikra. [Jerusalem], Cheshvan 1875. Not printed.
Rabbi Ya'akov Yehudah Leib Levi (1813-1889, Otzar HaRabbanim 10080), exalted genius in the revealed and concealed facets of Torah, holy Kabbalist. Served as rabbi in Slussen. Immigrated to Jerusalem together with his two brothers, Rabbi Asher Lemel Av Beit Din of Galen and Rabbi Nachum Av Beit Din of Shadik, after all three dreamt one night that they must immigrate to Eretz Israel. Served as chief Av Beit Din of Jerusalem for over forty years. Authored Beit LeAvot on Pirkei Avot.
[3] written pages. 20 cm. Good condition, stains.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 385

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Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer – Glosses of Rebbe of Zutchka

Shulchan Aruch, Even HaEzer, with Ba'er Heteiv and Pitchei Teshuva. Part 2 Simanim: 119-178. Johannesburg (Prussia), [1861]. First edition of Pitchei Teshuva. On leaf before title page, inscriptions that the book belongs to the Rebbe of Zutchka, "one who writes in memory of Meir". Handwritten corrections and a number glosses.
Rabbi Yitzchak Issac Rosenbaum (1906-2000, Encyclopedia L'Chassidut Vol 2, Pages 392-393), son of Rebbe Itamar of Nadvorna. His lifelong diligence in Torah study from early childhood until old age was wondrous. He served as Rebbe in Zutchke and Vashkovitz. After surviving the Holocaust, he served as Rebbe in the US and in Israel. Many flocked to his doors for blessings, advice or encouragement. Until the end of his life, he waged the battle of Torah, publicized proclamations, essays and many pamphlets.
His son Rabbi Meir Rosenbaum, signed owner's inscription, is Rebbe of Caracas (Venezuela).
[2], 75, 176-309[7], [3] leaves. (Perhaps, 2 leaves of introduction are missing). C. 21 cm. Fair condition, stains and wear and minor moth damage. Simple binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 417

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Erech Shai – Signature of Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald Rabbi of Satmar

Erech Shai, on Choshen Mishpat. Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda Tabak. Siget, 1891. First edition.
Signature of Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald, Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva of Satmar (1848-1920), a leading Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva in Hungary.
Many stamps of Rabbi "Avraham Chanoch, of Arta Satmar" - Rabbi Avraham Chanoch Freidman (1866-perished in the Holocaust), son of the Chatam Sofer's daughter, trusted disciple of his uncle Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald, who adopted him as a son and married him to his niece. He edited and published the works of his teacher Rabbi Greenwald and of his grandfather the Chatam Sofer.
[1], 165, [8] leaves. 37 cm. Dry paper, good condition, minor damages. Detached torn binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 513

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Iva L’Moshav, the History of the Rabbis of Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbek – Important Handwritten Glosses

Iva L'Moshav, the history of the rabbis of the communities: Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbek, Yechezkel Dukess. Cracow, 1903.
An important book of the history of the communities of Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbek. With pictures of rabbis, Batei Knesset and tombstones. A number of glosses of historical value handwritten in the margins.
XVI; 140, [1]; XXXV pages, [3] photo plates. 21.5 cm. Good quality paper. Good condition. Few stains, slight tear to title page. Original binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 76

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Two Chumashim – Slavita

1. Bamidbar and Megilat Ruth, with Rashi, Ba'al Ha-Turim and Siftei Chachamim. Slavita, [1827]. Printed by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapira, son of the Rabbi of Slavita.
175 leaves. 20.5 cm approx. Blue paper, good condition, stains and light moth marks. Original, detached, spineless leather binding.
2. Vayikra and Megilat Shir Ha-Shirim with Rashi, Ba'al Ha-Turim and Siftei Chachamim. Slavita, [1833]. Printed by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapira, son of the Rabbi of Slavita.
150 Leaves. 20.5 cm. Blue paper, good condition, stains, tear on the last leaf. Old, non-original binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 140

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Bible – Menashe Ben Israel – Amsterdam, 1638-1639

Esrim V'Arba'ah, which includes Chamisha Chumshei Torah, [Megillot], Nevi'im Rishonim and Achronim and Ketuvim. Amsterdam, (1639?). Menashe Ben Israel Press.
One of the only Bible editions that was printed at that time in holiness by Jews. Two columns on each page [like the Bible traditionally used by Rabbi Aryeh Levine for Goral HaGra lots - see attached material].
112; 144, 144-166; 94, [4] leaves. 15.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Loose binding and detached leaves. Number of leaves with omissions due to tears and wear.
Hebrew and civil date on title page do not coincide. For additional information see Bibliography Institute CD.

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Eshel Avraham – Frankfurt am Main, 1747 – Important Signatures and Stamps

Eshel Avraham, novellae on the Talmud by Rabbi Avraham Broide, with the glosses Ohel Moshe, by his son Moshe Broide. Frankfurt am Main, [1747].
On title page, signatures of Rabbi Chaim Berlin and his stamps on title page and on book leaves. Stamps of Rabbi "Noach son of R' Y.A. Shachor of Biala" - Rabbi Noach Shachor (died 1910, Otzar HaRabbanim 15823), was a great Torah genius, a disciple of the Saraph of Kotzk, Rabbi in Biala. He was the brother in law of Rabbi Chaim Berlin and father in law of Rebbe Avraham Mordechai Alter of Gur, author of Imrei Emet.
Signatures "Yisrael son of¦ Yechiel Michel Shwartz-Sheild" who was a "trusted scribe here in Frankfurt am Main" and his son Rabbi Yehuda Leib who succeeded his father as scribe and trusted leader of the community in Frankfurt am Main. Another signature: David Yudel Kaufman and stamp Yosef Nathan son of R' A. HaCohen.
[2], 200 leaves. 32.5 cm. Good condition, stains, moth marks. New binding.

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Nehpah Ba-Kesef, Constantinople 1748 – Handwritten Glosses and Novellae

Nehpah Ba-Kesef responsum. Vol.1. Rabbi Yonah Navon of Jerusalem [among the Hida's rabbis]. Constantinople, 1748. First edition.
Signatures on the title page"Raphael Ha-Levi", with several glosses in the same handwriting. 33 Lines in Oriental rabbinical handwriting on p.2 from the time of print [possibly in the Hida's handwriting], Hilchot Pesah novellae [on the words of the"Pri-Hadash" and the"Mikraei Kodesh" on the topic of Bedikat Hametz on the 13th night of Nisan].
[1], 190, 7 leaves. 32 cm. High quality paper, good condition. Worn binding.

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Yefe To’ar VaYikra, Wilhermsdorf, 1714 – Signatures

Yefe To'ar, Midrash Raba VaYikra, with the commentary of Rabbi Shmuel Yaffe Ashkenasi. Wilhermsdorf, [1714].
At the top of the title page are three ancient signatures, the first has not been deciphered, the second is the signature of "Shmuel Hillman [---Metz?]", and the third: "Ila'a avar v'tata gavar, my name is Shmuel Katz of M---".
The second person that signed is apparently Rabbi Shmuel Hillman Rabbi of Manheim and Metz, (Otzar HaRabbanim 19126), a gaon and a mekubal, one of the most renowned leading scholars of the generation of the Pnei Yehoshua and Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeshitz. Born c. 1670 to his father, Rabbi Yisrael Halperin Rabbi of Kratchin (son in law of the Megale Amukot), a disciple of Rabbi Avraham Brode and a leader of Va'ad Arba Aratzot, he was one of the leading rabbis involved in the controversy between Rabbi Ya'akov Emden and Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeshitz. He died in 1766 and the author of Sha'agat Aryeh succeeded him in the rabbinate. The third person to sign is Rabbi Shmuel Katz [one of the rabbis of Nikolsburg?].
[2] 132 leaves, 34 cm. High quality paper, good-fair condition, moth damage and mildew to inner margins. Unbound.

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Shana Tova Letter – Rabbi of Lubavitz to Rabbi of Stropkov

Letter by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson the Rabbi of Lubavitz to the Rebbe Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam of Stropkov. New York. Elul, (1952). Shana Tova letter to"Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga¦ in honor of the new year¦ I express my blessing, may he be written and sealed for a good and sweet year". Printed on reverse side of leaf:"Halberstam - Ramla" [recipient is Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Lifshitz-Halberstam the Rebbe of Stropkov (1908-1995), who immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1949 and settled in Ramla, where he established his Beit Midrash. In 1953 he moved to Jerusalem and founded the Batei Midrash of the Stropkov Hassidism].
Official stationery, typewritten, with hand signature of the Rabbi. 22 cm. Good condition, creases and minor stains, filing holes.

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Collection of Manuscripts – Yemen and Orient

Collection of various manuscripts, [Yemen and Orient].
Manuscript Sefer Haftarot for all year round with translation [vowelized]. * Manuscript Sefer Shalosh Megillot [Shir HaShirim, Ruth and Kohelet with translation, partially vowelized]. * Commentary on Megillat Esther in foreign language [Persian?]. * Manuscript Tikun Shavu'ot [copy from print, vowelized]. * Sections of various compositions: Sefer Ibur V'Inyanei HaTekufot; Machzor for Rosh HaShana; Haggadah for Pesach; Pirkei D'Rabbi Eliezer, and more.
Approx. 200 leaves. Various sizes and conditions.

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Mishnayot Kaf Nachat – Offenbach, 1732 – Glosses and Signatures

Mishnayot, including Kaf Nachat commentary [by Rabbi Shneur Feivush son of Rabbi Ya'akov], Seder Kodshim and Seder Taharot. [Offenbach], [1732].
Separate title-page for Seder Taharot. The word"Amsterdam" is emphasized on title-pages. Colophon at end of book"¦ 26 Elul 1732¦".
Margins of leaves contain dozens of glosses in ancient Ashkenazi handwriting from the period of the print. Binding leaves contain signatures and ownership notation [from 1820] of"Yoel¦ Arper Segal¦". Signature and ex-libris of Rabbi Eliezer HaLevi Dunner (1876-1950, rabbi in Ragashani and in Koloni, author of Zichron Yosef Tzvi and more).
[1], 143-172, 175, 276, [2], 278-462, [4] leaves (pagination differs slightly from that which is listed in the Bibliography Institute CD, last leaf unlisted). 13.5 cm. Good condition. Stains, tears and wear on leaf margins. Number of detached leaves. Gilded paper cut. Ancient detached leather binding.

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Letters by Rabbi Kook and Family

A collection of letters, including a letter by Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook to Rabbi Aharon Mendel HaCohen Rabbi of the Ashkenasi community of Cairo, Adar Sheni 1921. *A printed letter from Rabbi Kook for the benefit of the Association of Talmudei Torah in Jerusalem, Kislev 1935. *An interesting letter from his son Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook to Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin on the occasion of the seventh siyum of the Shas, Tamuz 1975. *A letter from his son in law Rabbi Shalom Natan Ra'anan-Kook regarding the collection for the benefit of the Worldwide Central Yeshiva. A memorial leaf for the yahrzeit of Rabbi Kook. *Letters from rabbis and public figures to Rabbi Shalom Natan Ra'anan-Kook, regarding contributions to the yeshiva.
10 paper items, including 8 letters, varied size and condition.

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Menorah Tehorah – In Opposition of the Reformists – Rabbi Kopel Lewenstein – Schaffhausen, 1835

Minchah Tehorah - Menorah Tehorah, oder Das Reine Judenthum als Gegenstֳ¼ck. Schaffhausen, 1835. German (Hebrew title).
Polemic composition in defense of the tradition, which contains a reform interpretation for the Mitzvot and the Shulchan Aruch. Only book printed with Hebrew title which was printed in Schaffhausen.
The author: Rabbi Moshe Ya'akov Kopel HaLevi Lewenstein (1799-1869), among the great Torah scholars of Germany, friend from youth of author of the Aruch LaNer and disciple of his father - Rabbi Aharon Ettlinger; later on disciple of Rabbi Hirtz Shayer and Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Zundheimer. From 1829 served as Av Beit Din of Gaylengen using his position to oppose the reformists and to publish this composition. [For additional information related to him see attached material].
IIVX, [1], [21]-201 pages. 18 cm. Fair condition, stains and wear. Printed title cover.

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Sefer Arugat HaBosem – Venice, 1602 – Signature by Rabbi Chaim Yitzchak Musafi

Sefer Arugat HaBosem, wisdom of the grammar and Holy Language, by Rabbi Shmuel Archevolti. Venice, [1602]. First edition.
Signatures and ownership notations in Italian handwriting. Last leaf contains signature in Oriental handwriting. Additional signature by Rabbi Chaim Yitzchak Musafi [inner margin also contains notations in his handwriting?]. Signatures"Avraham Ezriel" [Rabbi Avraham Ezriel, rabbi, Dayan and prominent community activist.
119 [instead of: 118] leaves (leaves 2-3 mistakenly bound after leaves 4-5). 19 cm. Good condition. Stains, restored tears on title page. Moth stains. Notations, stamps. Worn binding.

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Three Books Printed in Russia and Poland

3 books printed in Russia and Poland, bound together. 17.5 cm. Fair condition, stains, moth stains, detached leaves. Last leaf torn. Detached binding. See list in the Hebrew description

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