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Auction 15 Lot Number 625

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Decorated Copper Plate – Palestine

Decorated copper plate, signed on the reverse "Hand Made Palestine", manufactured by "Canaan, Safed
Decorated with applied fish and stars. Stands on three ball-shaped legs. Diameter: 29cm. Good condition.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 15 Lot Number 626

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Watch / Primus Stove / Needles / Kitchen Scales

Watch, with enamel watch-face, and the inscription "H. Benjamin, Jerusalem Jaffa" in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Eretz Israel, early 20th century. * Primus stove, "Laheveth, Made in Eretz Israel". * Package of needles for cleaning the Primus, manufactured by "Mahmoud", in its original cardboard box. * "See-Su Kitchen Scales" hanging scales. Sizes vary, fair-poor condition.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 15 Lot Number 627

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Armenian Ceramic – Three Items, 1950s-60s

1. Jug. Signed on the base "Jerusalem Jordan" and the artist's signature.
2. Cup, decorated with a toad on its base. Signed "Dead Sea" and the artist's signature.
3. Plate. Signed on the reverse "Jerusalem Jordan" and the artist's signature; with a hook for hanging.
Size and condition varies, slight damages at the rims of all three items.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 15 Lot Number 628

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Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv – Decorated Bowl

"Great Synagogue, T.A". Bowl with hammered and engraved decorations, [1940s].
The Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv, planned by architect Yehuda Magidovitch (the first chief engineer of the city of Tel Aviv, 1920-1923), is located on the corner of Ahad Ha'Am and Allenby streets. Diameter: 32cm, good condition. Hook for hanging on the reverse.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 15 Lot Number 629

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Lamp – Engraving Commemorating the Conquest of Jaffa and the Establishment of the State of Israel

Decorative lamp on a copper base.
On the base appears the engraved inscription, "In memory of the retirement of the British, the fleeing of the Arabs, the conquest of Jaffa, on the occasion of the celebration of freedom and the establishment of the State of Israel on 5 Iyar 1948". Height: 52cm, maximum width: 31cm (at the upper part). Good condition.

Opening120$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 15 Lot Number 630

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Collection of Yemenite Jewelry / Torah Pointer

Eleven chains and pendants, most of them made of silver and beads, some have a space for placing an amulet.* Seven bracelets, some decorated with filigree craftsmanship. * Yad – Torah pointer, silver, partly decorated with filigree decorations. Total of 19 items, size and condition varies.

Opening400$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 15 Lot Number 631

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Two Israeli Dolls – Frank Meisler

Two dolls, probably made by Frank Meisler (b. 1930, Danzig, Germany), [1960s] .
1. Yemenite woman domestic worker. Height 25.5cm. Good condition.
2. Seated Arab smoking a narghile (hookah). Height 17cm. Good condition.
"Dolls designed by Frank Meisler have a typical look. Using geometrical-shaped wood beams and several leather patches, the artist succeeded in designing figures full of humor and reflecting all the national attributes of their origin..." (from "A Doll of a Country, The History of National Doll Manufacturing in Israel", by Dr. Haim Grossman and Yaron Gayer, "Atnachta", 2010, pages 66-67).

Opening120$ Sold For80$ Including buyers premium

Auction 15 Lot Number 632

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Illustrated Music Albums – I

Two music albums published by Kinor, England:
1. Vu Ahin Zol Ich Gein / S'vet Geshen. An illustration of people from war-torn Europe immigrating to Eretz Yisrael, holding the flag of Israel, with a text extolling Eretz Yisrael.
2. Freileche Kabtzonim / Arein un Arois. An illustration of cheerful beggars by A. Weic.
Varied size, very good condition.

Opening200$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 15 Lot Number 633

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Illustrated Music Albums – II

Two music albums published by Kinor, England.
1. Shalom / Arzeinu HaKtantonet. An illustration of a soldier carrying a gun, a water tower and a kibbutz structure on one side; a map of Eretz Yisrael on the other.
2. Oifen Pripentchik / Kinder-yaren. An illustration of a teacher teaching young children in a "heder".
Varied size, good condition.

Opening200$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 15 Lot Number 634

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Collection of Textile Items Made in Israel

Nine women and children's blouses with embroidered decorations, typical of "Maskit" and "Wizo" embroidery. Israel, [1950s-1960s].
On two of the blouses appears the manufacturer's name "Globus" and "Ora – Hand-woven by Blind Women", Netanya. Various sizes and condition, some are brand new.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 15 Lot Number 635

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Friedman-Tnuva Wineries – Tin Sign

Friedman-Tnuva Wineries – "Wines, Brandy, Liqueurs" tin sign advertisement with a colorful illustration of the Tel Aviv beach and a bottle of "Sovereign Brandy". Printed by the Levine-Epstein printing press, [early 1960s]. 35x24.5cm. Good condition; some pencil grid lines, hanging holes in the corners and mild stains.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium
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