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Auction 11 Lot Number 162

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Synagogues Throughout Europe

15 postcards with illustrations or photographs of European synagogues. Including pictures of synagogues from the cities:
Üdvözlet Köszegröl, Hungary; Charlos Sur Marne, France; Ostrow; Arlon, Belgium; St. Petersbourg; Besancon; Temesvár, Hungary; Grajewo, Poland; Częstochowa; Chemnitz (Germany); Łask, and more.
Various conditions.

Opening450$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 131

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The Hebrew Legion – Four Photographs – Ben Dov – Trumpeldor

4 photographed postcards (Real Photo) – The Hebrew Legion:
1. Photograph of Joseph Trumpeldor.
2. Group photograph, July 3, 1917. Soldiers, in the center of the photograph Ze'ev Jabotinsky can be identified; below him is a flag with a Star of David, a British flag and the writing The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon".
3-4. The rabbi is speaking to the Hebrew soldiers after the reading of the Torah on Shabbat, 1919 [by the photographer Ya'akov Ben-Dov?]. On the back of the postcard "Battalion Kalei HaMelech 38" is mentioned, and the name of the rabbi, Rabbi Flam.
Fair-good condition. Stains, few creases.

Opening450$ Sold For554$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 101

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Photograph Album – Gift of Keren HaYessod, 1950’s

Israel Development Prob[l]ems, 43 quality black and white photographs within an album, a gift of Keren HaYessod. Israel, c. 1952.
Aerial photograph of the Old City in Jerusalem; streets of the new Jerusalem; Independence Day parade; Negev mountains and the placing of water mains in the Negev; fishing; packaging house of lemons; harvesting of grapes; factories; special title page: Israel’s most severe difficulties: a population of 600,000 absorbs 750,000 new immigrants, photographs from the transit camps; public labor, treatment of the ill, orphans and more.
The caption and photograph descriptions are written in artistic handwriting, in English.
Photographs of varying sizes, album 25.5X23 cm. Good condition.

Opening450$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 136

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Jerusalem – Postcard Collection

86 postcards, most of various sites in Jerusalem – Jaffa Gate, The Tower of David from different angles and periods of time, The Temple Mount etc. 16 published by Y. Ben Dov, one made by Meir Gur Aryeh and one by E. M. Lilien.
Various conditions.

Opening450$ Sold For554$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 96

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Zoltan Kluger – Aerial Photograph

5 aerial photographs, Tel-Aviv, coastal plain and the Sharon area, [by photographer Zoltan Kluger, end of the 1930's].
High quality aerial photographs of the city of Tel-Aviv and the Yarkon river estuary, the coastal plain and the Sharon area. Four overlooking the west, one overlooking the east. Not signed.
Between the years 1936-1939, photographer Kluger took approximately one thousand aerial photographs for Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael [JNF] and Keren HaYessod. These photographs served IDF at its outset.
28.5X23 cm. Good condition. Slight damage to first photograph. Placed within a damaged cloth album with stained pages.

Opening450$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 130

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Ben-Dov – Settlements (Moshavot) – postcards booklet

The Jewish settlements in the Land of Israel, a postcards booklets published by Ya'akov Ben-Dov, Jerusalem.
Originally holds 20 postcards (Postcard no. 9 is missing) with photographs of Hebrew settlements, including: Rishon Letzion, Degania, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Ben Shemen, Ekron etc. The title page of the booklet is designed by Ze'ev Raban.
[19] Postcards. Good condition. Foxing.

Opening400$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 547

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Ha-Brycha, 1945-1948

In the Path of Suffering to the Homeland. Published by “Ha-Brycha”, 1945-1948.
Importent book with many photographs which document the European Jews massive illegal emigrations from countries that were freed by the Red Army to the shores of the Mediterranean sea, and from there to the Land of Israel through the boats of the Ma’apilim [illegal immigrants]. Parts of the book are dedicated to the journey of the children and the orphans who walked through the paths of the escape, while another part of the book documents the journey and capture of the Exodus. Comes with explanations and verses from the Bible in three languages: Hebrew, Yiddish and English.
Foreword by [Ephraim] Dekel, select member of the "Haganah" and among the instigators of the “Brycha”.
[104] Leaves, 34 X 25 cm. Good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 612

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Scroll of Esther

Handwritten Scroll of Esther, scrolled on a handle made of white bakelite.
The scroll is sewn to two types of fabric, scrolled on a fine white-ivory color bakelite handle, with various decorations.
Height: 46 cm. Good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 314

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Lotto Game board – Barlevy, 1950’s

Game board [settlements in Israel lotto game?]. Colored lithograph print, Benjamin Barlevy Publishing, Tel Aviv, early 1950's.
The board depicts pictures of the settlements of Chomah and Migdal, communal settlements (kibbutzim) and towns, water-towers, factories etc. alongside illustrations of antique coins.
69.5x50 cm. Fair condition. Stained, fold-line along center of board, professionally restored damage.
Does not appear in "Journey through the Land – games from the store of Mr. Barlevy" (David Tartakover), published by the Israel Museum, 1999.

Opening400$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 549

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Our Destruction in Photographs – Bergen Belsen, 1946

Our destruction in photographs, compiled by Rafael Olavsky, Paul Trepman and David Rosenthal. Published by The Central Committee for Liberated Jews in the British Region, Bergen Belsen, December 1946. An important, rare, photographed documentary, beginning with the rise of the Third Reich until the liberation from the death camps. Contains 115 black and white photographs, including photographs from the ghettos, aktzias (actions) and selektzias (roundups). Yiddish, Hebrew, English and German.38 leaves, 37X30 cm. Good condition, newly bound with hard cover, original cover pasted on it. Ex Libris, library stamps.

Opening400$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 264

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A Jewish Iconography – Luxurious Signed Copy

A Jewish Iconography, Alfred Rubens. Published by The Jewish Museum, London, 1954.
A book which includes bibliographical records of the engravings and portraits collection of Reubens with numerous pictures from the collection, including many Jewish figures’ engravings with Hebrew description.
Alfred Rubens (1903-1998) – collector and historian. Directed the London Jewish Museum between 1958 and 1983.
Printed in 500 exemplars. Dedicated and signed by Rubens to the ambassador of Israel.
XVI, 160 pages, [45] plates. 25 cm. Semi-parchment binding. Very good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 424

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Jewish Taxes –Frankfurt am Main City Council Regulations, 1726

Resolutiones und Mandata. Frankfurt am Main, 1726.
City council and citizens of Frankfurt am Main regulations and decisions of January 24, 1726.
Amongst the regulations are details of taxes imposed on the Jews: property taxes, inhabitance permits (protection fees), residence tax, garden tax, wine tax, tax on night lodging (of strangers), tax for permit renewal. German, with handwritten additions on a number of leaves.
[1], 30, [10] pages, 31.5cm. Good condition, foxing.

Opening400$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 180

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Jewish Images from Eastern and Central Europe

15 postcards which portray Jewish figures from Eastern and Central Europe. Among them:
Jew from Baranowitz; “Chacham Talmud”, Chernowitz; Jewish children from Hungary; Russian Jews near a frozen pool of water; Jews in Stanislev; Russian Jews digging; rabbi with his disciples in Poland; Jews praying; Jew drawing water from the well; Jewish Polish figure; and more.
Various conditions.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 255

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Benno Rothenberg – Novel and Letter to Thomas Mann

[One Man and his Journey Back Home], by Benno Rothenberg. [Germany], 1939.
A typewritten novel by Benno Rothenberg. The novel is about human nature and spirit (pseudo-psychology research). Based on a lecture given allegedly by an expert called Dr. K. in Germany. Rothenberg attempts to gather information about that Dr. K., he then accompanies him through the town streets, describes their conversations, feelings, discussions about ethics, human relationships and more.
A letter by Rothenberg to the writer Thomas Mann asking him to print his novel in the "Mass und Wert" journal is enclosed.
Benno Rothenberg, native of Frankfurt, 1914, Israeli photographer and archeologist.
60 typewritten pages.

Opening400$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 586

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Medal – HaGibor – Czechoslovakia

Medal of a swimmer – “HaGibor" [The Hero], Czechoslovakia. Silver.
“HaGibor” – A Jewish sports group. On the swimmer's hat and next to him Stars of David appear. At the bottom, an etching in Czech "10 years of creative work". Stamps of manufacturer and quality of silver. Placed within loose frame.
20X14.5 cm. [including the frame]. Condition of medal is good. condition of plaque - fair.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 117

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Chinese Jewry – Photograph Album – Japanese Detention Camp

326 photographs arranged in an album. Shanghai, 1940's [also includes earlier photographs which were possibly not taken in China].
During and after World War II, approximately 20,000 Jewish refugees emigrated from Europe and settled mainly in Shanghai. After the conquest of Shanghai by Japan, during the war, Jews, Chinese clerks and many citizens with foreign citizenship were captured and placed in civilian concentration camps of the Japanese army.
In the following album, 66 photographs described as “Ash Camp” appear, 1945. Apparently, this camp was situated in Shanghai itself and as appears from the album, the living conditions were reasonable. The photographs portray long lines for the distribution of coupons, many detainees, and a feeling of the way of life of Jewish Family members and their friends at the camp.
Average size 8.5X6 cm, some are smaller, good condition. 25 cm. album in fair condition, partially torn.

Opening400$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 576

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Photograph Album – She’erit Ha-Pleita in Germany

33 photographs of an activist in one of She'erit Ha-Pleita organizations in Germany, 1946-1949.
In the photographs he is seen speaking at a number of assemblies, amongst them at the She'erit Ha-Pleita Congress in Bad Reichenhall. Additional photographs are from Munich, Farenwald, Gottingen and Bad Wörishofen. Amongst them are a number of large photographs.
The collection includes 34 photographs after immigration to Israel, some photographs are of a nursing course and other medical courses. A number of large photographs, many photographs are in the format of a postcard.
Total of 67 photographs, varied size, good to very good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 203

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Collection of Independence Day Posters, 1968-2004

345 posters for Independence Day, various designers. Governmental publishing, 1964-2004.
Independence Day posters are printed yearly in honor of the holiday. The topic of the poster changes annually. Contest is conducted among the designers, and the winning design appears in the poster.
Sequential collection of 36 years (some of the posters are duplicates).
Various sizes and conditions, majority of posters in good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 545

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Letters from Dr. Chaim Tartakover – Vienna, 1939

11 letters from Dr. Chaim Tartakover, Director of the Eretz-Israel Office of the Jewish Agency and Director of the Jewish National Fund in Vienna, May-October 1939.
Printed letters concerning Nazi Laws that forced Jews to pay taxes on assets sold before emigrating from the "Reich", on property sales and equity taxes to the Austrian authorities.
Varying size and condition.

Opening350$ Sold For541$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 397

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Collection of Music Scores in Booklets with Pictures – New York, 1897-1920

98 Booklets of score-sheets. Hebrew Publishing, New York, 1897-1920.
Each booklet contains music scores for one composition or more. Included in the compositions: HaTikvah, Der Yiddische Treuer March (dedicated to those massacred in the Russian pogroms) by Perlmutter Wohl, Mashiach ben David by Solomon Smul, Shema Yisrael, Mein America (My America) and more. Most of the title pages are illustrated or with photographs, some in color.
Various sizes. The majority are in good condition.

Opening350$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 589

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State of Israel Coins, 1949-1950

Pack of coins minted in Israel during the years 1949-1950.
One 25 Mil coin and coins valuing 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 (2 coins), 500 – Pruta.
A total of ten coins in mint condition. The coins are presented within a blue plastic case with a transparent cover.
17.5x10.5 cm. Very good condition, stains upon case.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 291

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Otzar Beduyey HaShem – Vienna, 1933 – Numbered Edition

Otzar Beduyey HaShem, Index of pen-names in Hebrew literature, Shaul Chajes. Vienna, 1933. First edition.
An edition of 250 numbered copies was printed, this copy is number 107. On back cover is embossed a decoration by the artist Uriel Birnbaum.
XIV, 335, 1, 10, [5], 66 pages. 24 cm. Very good condition. Stains to edges of leaves. Forsatz (inner side of binding) not original.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 410

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Collection of Methods of Payment – Grocery Stores

182 methods of payment that were used instead of money for buying food in the grocery stores and in organizations.
Includes a very wide variety of bodies that printed "notes" for their use: communal associations, dairy products plants, grocery stores, consumer associations, restaurants, the Jewish Agency, IDF, soldiers' organizations, Chassidic communities, HaMashbir etc.
Items from the Ottoman period, the British Mandate and The State of Israel.
A collection rare in its scope and quality.
Varied size and condition.

Opening350$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 5

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Delegate Card – The 9th Congress in Hamburg, 1909

Delegeitenkarte [delegate card], The 9th Zionist Congress in Hamburg, December 26-30, 1909.
Delegate card for a representative from Kolomyia (Ukraine).
[2] pages, 11X17 cm. Good condition. Few stains.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium
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