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Auction 11 Lot Number 346

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Alef-Bet – Ze’ev Raban and Levin Kipnis – Berlin, 1923

Alef-Bet, illustrations by Ze'ev Raban, verse by Levin Kipnis, Bezalel-Jerusalem. "HaSefer" Publishing, Berlin, 1923.
[32] Leaves, 25 cm. Good condition. Light stains on page margins. Binding slightly damaged.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 113

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Photograph Album from Poland – Photographs of Warsaw Jews, 1933

Photograph album of a tour to Poland and France [including photographs of an official reception and crowds in cities and small towns throughout the itinerary], 1933.
Approximately 440 photographs of which approximately 14 (in postcard size) were taken in the Jewish Quarter in Warsaw, and reflect the culture in the area prior to the war [Jewish shops, pedestrians, beggars etc.]. Photographs of Jews from the cities of Krakow and Görlitz (Poland). As well, the album consists of photographs which reflect the beginning of the rise of the Nazi movement in the Alsace region.
Album 28X29 cm. Good condition.

Opening700$ Sold For1,107$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 594

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Hanukkah Menorah Product of “Omanut”

Hanukkah Menorah produced by “Klein Kom” (before Pal-Bell). Tel-Aviv, 1930's.
On its back, an arch with embossed writing of the verse “HaNerot HaLalu Kodesh Hem”. At its base 8 arms in the shape of oil lamps and in its center a place for the Shamash.
Signed at the bottom: “Klein Kom –Omanut– Tel-Aviv” and “Made in Israel”.
Similar Menorahs were later produced by the Pal-Bell Co., established by Morris Ashkelon and his Nephew, Abraham Kom.
Height: 14 cm., width: 21.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 171

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Synagogues throughout Europe

16 postcards with illustrations or photographs of synagogues throughout Europe. Among them, pictures of synagogues from the cities:
Temesvár, Hungary; Stolowischi, Russia; Hannover; Mitau; Weisbaden; Eschweiler; München; Dessau; Bielefeld, and others.
Eight postcards undivided. Various conditions.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 590

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Sabbath Lamp – India

Bronze Sabbath lamp. India (Cochin?), c. 1900.
A circular Sabbath lamp, with seven spaces for hanging small glass oil cups. The lamp is suspended by four poles with loops at their ends that connect to hooks at the base of the lamp. The cups are made from yellow tinted glass. The middle cup is larger than the rest of the cups.
"Until less than a hundred years ago, Cochin Jews still had the custom of celebrating the inauguration of the Sabbath by lighting stone lamps at the entrance to each home. The synagogue beadle would go from house to house lighting the lamp with a torch kindled from the Ner Tamid that hung before the ark. Simultaneously, the women would kindle the Sabbath lamp. The lamp... was suspended from the ceiling and had seven oil cups fixed in a metal ring".
(The Jews of India – a story of three communities, Orpa Slapak (ed). The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1995, page 91). See attached material.
Height: 136 cm. (including cups). Very good condition. Cups not original.

Opening650$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 253

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Diary of a “Blau Weiss” Youth Movement Member, 1924-1926

Handwritten diary of a “Blau Weiss” youth movement member. Danzig, 1924-1926.
Detailed diary with dates, which describes the youth movement activities: camps, trips, parties, folklore and humor. Dozens of photos and illustrations from trips and camping activities throughout the diary.
The “Blau Weiss” (German for Blue-White) youth movement was founded following the refusal of the German patriotic youth movement to accept Jews among their ranks. [This youth movement] began fostering Zionistic values and settlements ideals during the 1920’s and gained tremendous popularity. Was declared illegal by German law in 1929.
129 written pages. 20 cm. Good condition. Stains. Damaged original binding.

Opening650$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 429

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Call for Citizens of Vienna

gedanken-freiheit!, Simon Szanto. Vienna, no printing date – mid of 19th century.
Ryhmed manifest calling the citizens of Vienna to join the Jews of Vienna for a better future for all the inhabitants of the city.
The writer, Simon Szanto (1819-1882), a Jew born in Hungary. In 1845 upon termination of his studies he arrived in Vienna and established a Jewish school (1849). Founded and edited the weekly magazine Die Neuzeit as well as editing calendars and annual publications for Jews. In 1864 was appointed the official interpreter of the Vienna court and in 1869 was appointed as supervisor of Jewish education. Published essays and feuilletons in periodicals for Jewish readers and for the general public. (See attached material). German.
4 Pages. (Single folded leaf) 21 cm. Excellent condition, wide margins, small stains on margins.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 227

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David Ben-Gurion – Letter Concerning Books

David Ben-Gurion, a reaction letter with its formal English translation, addressed to Mr. Arik Gottgetreu, reporter for the Associated Press newspaper, March 27, 1958.
Ben Gurion’s answers to the four questions asked by the reporter regarding the literature which had influenced him. Towards the end of his letter, Ben Gurion claims that according to him “It isn’t good to read many books, rather, it is better to read many times selected books such as: the Bible, Plato, Tokidides […] and three or four of the latest generations’ authors”.
The letter is written and printed on official prime minister paper, with David Ben-Gurion’s handwritten signature.
[3] Leaves, 28 cm. Good condition. Folding marks over the leaves’ width.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 579

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Medal – 2nd Zionist Congress

Bronze medal, second Zionist congress. Paris, 1898.
Embossment on one side and on reverse side biblical quotation: “I shall take the people of Israel from amongst the nations… and bring them to their land”.
Feuchtwanger Catalog, item 764.
Diameter: 6.3 cm. Good condition.

Opening600$ Sold For1,169$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 345

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Song of Songs – Ze’ev Raban – numbered and signed copy

Song of Songs, illustrated by Ze'ev Raban. Published by "HaSefer", Berlin, 1923. First Edition.
26 color illustrations, pasted to the pages of the book, the text of the Megillah is printed in the margins of the drawings.
Copy No.111 from an edition of 500 copies, printed on paper of exceptional quality and hand-bound in leather. Signed by Ze'ev Raban in Hebrew and English.
Presented in a fine cardboard box (produced by Besserman).
[28] Leaves, 34 cm. Good condition. Damages near book-spine.

Opening600$ Sold For1,107$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 208

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Certificate in Honor of the Baron Joseph Ritter Von Wertheimer – Vienna, 1880

3Certificate in honor of Baron Joseph Ritter Von Wertheimer, from the Aurora Association. Vienna, 1880.
Certificate appointing Wertheimer as an honorary member in the Aurora Association - Der Humanitäts -Verein "Aurora".
Joseph Ritter von Wertheimer (1800-1887), descendant of a wealthy Jewish family in Vienna. Educator and founder of a chain of kindergartens. Established the first kindergarten in Vienna in 1830 as well as an association for rehabilitation of released prisoners and juvenile delinquents; was involved in the Jewish community affairs and one of the leaders of the struggle for civil rights to the Jews of Austria. In 1868 he was decorated by the emperor with a nobility title.
Lithographic printing of Certificate's frame, with gilded and red ink illustrations and decorations. Part of the certificate was written in artistic handwriting.
65.5X49.5 cm. Good condition. Significant tears to margins.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 528

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Protocols of the Beilis Trial, 1913

The protocols of the Beilis Trial, 5 volumes printed on a typewriter. Russian.
Menachem Mendel Beilis was accused of murdering a Ukrainian Christian child named Andrei Yushchinsky in April 1911, to prepare Passover matzot from his blood. Beilis was imprisoned by false testimony and his trial began in September 1913. On the background of "the murder" and the trial, an incitement campaign was organized against the Jews. After three years of imprisonment, Beilis was acquitted. In 1917, after the revolution, a committee of inquiry was established to investigate the case. Its findings proved that the government knew the true circumstances and staged the trial for anti-Semitism reasons.
5 volumes, 35 cm. Fair condition, Marks on the leaves. Foxing, loose and torn bindings.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 443

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Kolieb Family of Vienna – Collection of Documents and Synagogue Photograph

Kolieb family of Vienna collection of documents. Late 19th century – early 20th century.
Collection of personal documents, certificates and letters, related to David Leon Kolieb (1858-1913) and his son, Dr. Siegfried Kolieb of Vienna (both doctors, served the Austro-Hungarian army).
Collection includes amongst other items: decorated military discharge certificates granted to David by his army units; a photograph of David Leon Kolieb's tomb stone; a Ketubah of Vienna of the year 1885 for the marriage of David son of Aryeh Kolieb and Sarah Hendel; envelope with 20 greeting cards and calling cards, mostly of Jews; invitation to Siegfried's Bar Mitzvah, 1898 (later Siegfried became a doctor in Vienna); large photograph (38X28 cm) of the Great Synagogue of Vienna interior, and more documents.
More than 50 items, various sizes and conditions.

Opening600$ Sold For7,380$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 85

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Collection of Photographs – Israel, 1926-1927

Collection of photographs from Israel, Betty Strauss. 1926-1927.
172 photographs from a voyage to Israel. The majority of the photos are of Jerusalem; the city, streets, and culture within the walls and outside them (Me’ah She’arim neighborhood). As well, archeological and religious sites in Jerusalem and its vicinity (among them: Tomb of Rachel). Additional photos from Rechovot, Shfeya, Zichron Ya’akov and additional places. Two photographs from the inauguration ceremony of the Hebrew University.
Many photographs described in great detail (in German) and dated upon the reverse side. Some photographs autographed. Some divided on their reverse side to be used as a postcard.
Photographer Betty Strauss, native of Marburg, Germany, returned to Germany after her journey to Israel and eventually immigrated to Israel in the 1930's.
Average size: 8X11 cm. The majority of the photos are in good condition. Some of them are doubles. Arranged in a new album.

Opening600$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 546

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Postcards sent from Vienna to Theresienstadt, 1943

7 postcards sent by the Johann Israel Haim family of Vienna, to Mrs. Antonie Rothe in the Theresienstadt concentration camp, June-August 1943.
2 printed postcards, the others are handwritten. Personal matters, shipment of food parcels and worry for the welfare of the internee and her sister. No postage stamps (in the original) except one postcard. German.
10x15 cm. Fair condition. Stains, slightly torn.

Opening550$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 592

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Brass Vase – Alfred Salzmann

Decorative brass vase produced by Alfred Salzmann. Jerusalem, 1930’s (?).
Wide and heavy base, narrowing towards neck and narrowing again at opening. Engraved decorations in geometrical and plant patterns.
Signed on bottom: "Alfred Salzmann Jerusalem", Made in Jerusalem Palestine", "S 577”.
Alfred Salzmann, Jewish native of Austria, teacher at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and owner of a workshop in the Bak'a neighborhood (among the first Jewish builders of the neighborhood, during the 1920's).
Height: 18 cm. Good condition. Few stains.

Opening550$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 329

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Siegmund Forst – Signed and Numbered Woodcuts

7 woodcuts signed in pencil by artist Siegmund Forst and numbered.
Mizrach; Jonah inside the Fish; Hanukkah; the Rabbi's Table; the Rabbi and his Hassidim; MiShenichnass Adar Marbim beSimcha; Death of the Saints. Most are described in pencil.
Forst was born in Vienna in 1904. Studied in Kunstakademie – Arts' Academy of Vienna. In 1939 he left for Hamburg and then continued to the U.S. where he devoted himself to letter-design and calligraphy. He published an illustrated Haggadah for Passover, illustrated a children's book (using his Hebrew name, Asher Forst). Was very involved in the Jewish traditions and festivals. An exhibition of his works was displayed in Yeshiva University in 1997.
See: Siegmund Forst – a Lifetime in Arts and Letters, Yeshiva University Museum Publshing, 1997.
Varying sizes, all in good condition save one, stained.

Opening550$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 311

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Five Textbooks – Romania

Yiddish textbooks in several subjects for grade and high schools, some are illustrated:
1. Alim, reading texts for third and fourth grades, A. Y. Risfler. Bucharest, 1944.
2. Hebrew, David Feivush (together with Z. Be'eri and P. N. Glick). Bucharest, 1943.
3. Gil, language and literature textbook, by Yochanan Ya'akobov. Bucharest, 1946.
4. Lernbuch for Yiddish. "Ikuf" Publishing. Bucharest, 1946.
5. Yiddishe Shprach Leinbuch. [Bucharest], 1956. Verse in tribute to the Romanian Republic is included at the beginning.
Varying sizes, fair condition.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 375

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Non-traditional Haggadah – Hebrew and Dutch

[Passover Haggadah. Holland, 1940's]. Without any note of origin or year of printing.
Non-traditional Haggadah, typewritten and stenciled, with simple illustrations. Integrates a little of the traditional version and quotes from the sources with modern poems and readings. Hebrew and Dutch (at the beginning one page opposite another, afterwards, in non-consistent order). Part of the pages are blank.
34 pages (including 3 empty pages), 22 cm. Fair condition. Dry and very brittle paper. Detached leaves. Tears to the margins of a number of leaves. Professionally restored, in a new fabric cover and cardboard box.
Bibliographically unknown. Probably, it was printed immediately after the Holocaust.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 344

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Jerusalem – Oil Painting

View of the Old City, Jerusalem, signed oil painting [Russian signature, M. Sogorov / Soborov].
60x30 cm. In handsome frame 93x63 cm. Good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 430

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Regulations and Taxes in Frankfurt – Kosher Shechita (Ritual Slaughter) Tax

1. Tax Rolle Des Fleisch Ambts. [Frankfurt am Main, 18th century].
List of tax on Shechita, details of taxes imposed on butchers for each type of animal.
Separate details for six Jewish Shochatim (ritual slaughterers) in the city, weekly tax for Jewish shochatim, tax "for a kosher ox from Hungary or Poland, slaughtered in the winter months for home use" and additional taxes. German.
[2] Pages, 29.5 cm. Good condition.
2. Tax-Ordnung oder Rolle des Löbl. Rechenen-Ambts. [Frankfurt am Main, 1727?]. A list of taxes on behalf of the municipal finance ministry. Amongst them are details of taxes imposed on Jews that register for marriage in the municipality: "A pair of married Jews, if both are local, they must pay 2 gold guilders / in addition for the clerk and the servant together 1 florin / in addition for the judge and the person who registers the certificate 15 kroizer". Taxes for a Jewish couple that were married and registered as citizens, tax for renewal of permit as well as taxes for non-Jewish citizens. German.
[4] Pages, 30 cm. Good condition, foxing.

Opening500$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 477

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Manuscript – Inauguration of the Great Synagogue – Budapest, 1859

Handwritten pamphlet. Budapest, 6.9.1859.
Handwritten description of the inauguration of the new synagogue for the Pesth Theresienstadt community. It enumerates the 24 members of the Community Council and 25 members of the synagogues Building Committee and includes a history of the community established in 1804. Also described are the prayer services conducted in private homes until the Chessed Ne’urim Synagogue was completed in 1828. In 1841, when the number of members increased, land was purchased for the construction of a new synagogue (adjoining the hospital, established two years earlier). The document details the construction process, mentioning everyone involved: architects, engineer, various craftsmen and donors, all who assisted in the project. It ends with a list of the Austro-Hungarian Government and local officials who participated in the dedication ceremony.
11, [1] written pages, 34 cm. Good condition. Fold along length of booklet, fine, fragile paper, and slight tears on margins.

Opening500$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 20

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The Archives of the Establishment of the Ruchama Settlement in the Negev – The She’erit Israel Association

A collection of letters, documents, printed pages and postcards connected to the establishment of the settlement Ruchama (Jammama) in the Negev, from the archives of Abraham Kaminer Volkovsky, one of the heads of the She’erit Israel Association and one of the settlement’s founders. 1911 until the 1940s.
Most of the archives contain original material from the time of the establishment of the settlement (second decade of the 20th century), postcards that were sent to Abraham Kaminer, list of the names of the first settlers, demands of payment, information on the development of the settlement, building structures, agriculture etc. Includes letters and postcards from " the Association for Purchase of Land" of Bialistok, the" She’erit Israel Association" in Moscow, The Neta’im Association, Arthur Rupin and other organizations and people.
The archives include a number of letters from the 1940s, regarding Kaminer family’s claim on the dismantling of the lands of Ruchama and inheritance rights and land ownership.
The settlement Ruchama was established in 1911 by the " She’erit Israel Association" of Moscow and was the first of the settlements in the Negev in the new era. In the beginning, the settlement was called Jammama after an Arab village in the vicinity.
C. 50 items, varied size and condition.

Opening500$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 43

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Maps of Israel – Two Bibliographic Books – Wajntraub and Laor

1. Maps of the Holy Land, Eran Laor. Alan R. Liss Inc, New York, 1986.
Bibliography of c. 1170 maps printed between 1475 and 1900, from the collection of Eran Laor. English.
201 pages, 26X31 cm. Good condition.
2. Hebrew Maps of the Holy Land, E. & G. Wajntraub. Vienna, 1992.
A study focusing and inspecting ancient Hebrew maps and their connection to Jewish sources. 104 photographed maps from 1233 until the 20th century. English.
XXI, 277 pages, 28 cm. Good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium
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