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Auction 11 Lot Number 220

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Salamandra – Original Copy With Author’s Corrections

Salamandra, Ka Tzetnik 135633. [1946]. Yiddish.
The original copy of the book “Salamandra”, typewritten on thin paper, with many remarks in the author’s handwriting. The first edition of the book is apparently based on the present manuscript.
Yehiel Denur (1917-2001), native of Poland, was among the Auschwitz Death Camp survivors, where he lost his entire family. He immigrated to Israel via Italy with the “Brycha” and devoted his life to writing about his life experiences at the camp, while remaining completely anonymous and using the pseudonym K. Tzetnik. His identity was revealed at the Eichmann trial, as he was summoned to the witness stand. His first book Zwei Un Zwanzig was published by “Kultur Lige” (Warsaw, 1931), however he did whatever he could to destroy copies of this book. He took three weeks to write “Salamandra” right after his release from the camp, apparently during his stay at the Machaneh Akurim in Italy. The manuscript was brought to Israel, translated into Hebrew and first published in 1946.
[2], 97; 129; 45; 48; 10; 18 leaves (a total of 349 leaves). 33 cm. Typewritten on one side of the leaf. Good condition. Few stains and wrinkles. Plain, damaged binding.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 81

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Unique Collection of Photographs – “Gelgor” Photo

Large collection of unique and exceptionally high quality photographs photographed by Eliezer Gelgor, a photographer in Grodno, Poland and owner of “Gelgor” photo shop in Bialik St. in Ramat Gan.
The collection includes:
~ Two original albums, including 155 high-quality photographs: series of photographs of immigrants on a ship, c. 1925; various buildings in Tel-Aviv, including the casino on the sea-shore, a cemetery; caravan of camels on sea-shore; Tomb of Rachel; David’s Citadel and David’s Fortress; the Western Wall; panorama of Jerusalem and its surroundings – various views; Mt. Zion; panorama of Judean Desert; twelve photographs of the Hebrew University including photographs of the university inauguration ceremony; masonry and terrace building workmanship; tours to archeological sites; Tiberius and Lake Kinneret; Moshava Rishon L’Zion and the winery; and more.
~ XI Olympiade Berline 1936, souvenir album of the Olympics in Berlin 1936. Including seven small photographs by Gelgor. In the photographs flags bearing crosses throughout the city of Berlin appear, alongside flags of the Olympics. In one of the photographs Gelgor himself appears.
~ Assortment of 43 photographs, among them: caravan of camels on the sea-shore of Tel-Aviv; the Judean Mountains; a package of tobacco in Rishon L’Zion; Prof. Boris Schatz near a carpet and Menorah produced by “Bezalel”; unique portraits of a girl; Tel-Aviv port; “Tomb of Captain Trumpeldor” prior to the erection of the gravestone; Independence Day parade; and more.
Some of the photographs bear the stapo of the photographer.
Total of 205 photographs. Varying sizes. Generally in good condition.
Attached is an authorization of sale from the inheritors of “Gelgor” which also includes rights for use and publication of the photographs.

Opening3,000$ Sold For3,690$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 273

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Bücherei des Schocken Verlags – Complete Set

Bücherei des Schocken Verlags 1-92 – complete set of an important book series, which had a great impact on German Jewry under the Nazi Regime.
The series was Zalman Schocken’s idea and was edited and designed by Dr. Moshe Spitzer with the cooperation of Lamberdt Schneider, Martin Buber and Walter Benjamin.
The series’ idea was to bring the best of Jewish culture to the German public, in a popular, carefully designed edition. The 83 books were published between 1933 and 1938, quite a rare achievement in quality and quantity.
Book 68, Die Judenbuch, was censored by the Nazis and replaced by a different book.
The present set is complete (and includes the two books numbered 68) and is in very good condition.
92 books in 83 volumes. 19 cm.
Complete set in very good condition, extremely rare.

Opening3,000$ Sold For3,690$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 280

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A Description of The Shabtai Tzvi Episode – London, 1669

The History of the Three Late Famous Imposters, viz. Padre Ottomano, Mahomed Bei and Sabatai Sevi, John Evelyn. London, 1669.
Important source documenting the Shabtai Tzvi False Messiah historical episode. Most of this book is devoted to that topic and represents an early and crucial testimony as it was written while Shabtai Tzvi was still alive.
Apparently, this may be the first English book ever written about Shabtai Tzvi and his activity (there are additional chapters in the book).
The author, John Evelyn (1620-1706), was English industrial, botanist and researcher. Documented important events of his time through his diaries and books he published.
There is a slightly cut signature on the title page “TH. Newcomen”; it is possible that it refers to the father of “the Industrial Revolution” and inventor of the steam engine (unchecked).
126, 13, 1 pages, 16.5 cm. Very good condition. Leather binding. Stains. Antique sticker, ancient owner’s signature.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 577

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Cyprus Detention Camps – Photo Album

Kfar HaNoar at the illegal immigration camps in Cyprus, 1947-1948. A photo album of Detention Camp No. 65, photographed by Yehuda Kavish.
94 rare photographs that show the way of life in the detention camps:
The dining room, tents, watchtowers and barbwire fences; separation from those immigrating to Israel (once a month); agricultural work; "physical education" and fitness exercises in the camp; a wedding; taking care of the children; group photographs; quartet of string-instruments; workers of various occupations: a watchmaker, a tailor, a shoemaker; a Mapai (Workers' Party of Eretz Yisrael) exhibit; parades in the camp with people raising signs and a banner with "Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot" drawn by members of the Shomer HaTzair movement; a group with a sign "Markin Group at the Cyprus Expulsion"; the visit of the Jewish Agency; Golda Meir's visit; photographs of Detention Camp 68 in Kraolos, photographs of "the bridge between Camps 65-67 and 64-68", that "awakened memories of the ghettos and their walls served as a bulletin board".
The photographs are in a wooden album decorated with stone, with the inscription "Cyprus 1947" and decorated with a ship, barbwire fence and a flag (artwork done in the detention camp).
Average size: 5.5X7.5 cm, pasted to album leaves, some with descriptions. Good condition. Album 14.5X22 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 257

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Alexander and Sarah Epstein Archives

Archives of British Officer Alexander Epstein and his wife, Sarah.
Great documents and photos archives with about 1000 photos (mostly arranged in albums), dozens of documents, letters, journalism fragments, honorary certificates and more.
The content of the archives reflects the couple’s life and activities in Palestine and abroad, and includes many thank you letters and photos from Palestine and from family trips abroad – Egypt, Crete, Italy, France and more.
The pictures from Palestine are of great documentary value and include, among other things, a documentation of the Prince of Sweden’s visit, photographs with Herbert Samuel, Balfour’s visit to Israel, an event at the opera in 1933 with the Queen of Ethiopia, and many photos from the 20’s and the 30’s. (Among the pictures, there are 2 photographs by Soskin, 3 photographs of Sabounji and a postcard made by Ordman featuring Epstein).
Alexander Epstein (1886-1971), was born in Liverpool. Emigrated to Palestine in 1919 and was appointed as the Industry and Business Supervisor by the Mandate government. He served as the Jaffa District Officer between 1920 and 1945. In 1937. Was appreciated and greatly valued and was one of the most famous Jewish functionaries of his time.
Sarah Epstein headed “Wizo” Tel Aviv for many years and was active among women, young men and soldiers. She was greatly appreciated and was awarded a silver medal by King George V and was an honored member of “Wizo” Israel and worldwide.
Varying sizes, most of the archive is in good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 198

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For the Protection of our Products

330 days of Israeli production, designed by: Zvi Bergman. Stroud printing press, 1930's.
Poster published by the Center for the Benefit of Israeli Products. Linoleum tricolor print.
Signed: B., and in lower left section: Linol. Zvi Bergman.
95X63 cm. Good condition. Glued upon cardboard. Ink-stamp, folds and few creases.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 360

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Kibbutz Alonim – 10 Haggadot

10 Non-traditional Passover Haggadot. Kibbutz Alonim, 1930's until 1949.
Haggadah of the Youth Group of the Sheikh Abreik Hills [later named Alonim], 1937; Passover hagaddot, Kibbutz Alonim, from the years: 1939; 1940; 1941; 1943; 1944; 1945; 1948; 1949; a Haggadah without date of printing.
Varied size and condition. Fair-good condition, many Haggadot with tears on margins of cover and foxing. The 1948 Haggadah has tears with damage to text.
Most of the Haggadot are stenciled copies, with illustrations.
Dov Meisel collection.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 425

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Regulation Concerning a Special Ink-Stamp for Marriage Certificates of Jews – Vienna, 1764

Law addenda detailing documents which necessitate a special ink-stamp. Document issued by order of Empress Maria Teresa. Vienna, 1764.
Regulations detailing five documents for which a special ink-stamp is requested. Paragraph 5 states that marriage certificates of Jews necessitate a special stamp, "Gulden-Stempel". Handwritten note appears over the leaf.
Large single leaf, 43X53 cm. Good-fair condition. Folded into 4, folding marks and minor tears. Ink stains, no text damage.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 426

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Regulations for Jewish Merchants – Vienna, 1764

Law regulations aimed at protecting local manufacturing against imported competition. Detailed list of many imported items forbidden for trade or subject to restricted trade. Including: fabrics, buttons, mirrors, threads, swords and more.
Chapter 6 refers to Jewish merchants, restricting their commerce to trade-fairs in the cities and forbidding any import of goods. German.
11, [3] Pages, 32 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 18א

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Chovevei Zion and Mazkeret Moshe – Important Historical Documents – The Establishment of Hadera

1. The Committee of the Mazkeret Moshe Association in Riga – a copy of a handwritten document in lithographic print, with handwritten additions. Doblen by Riga, 1886. Deals with organizational problems and with the demand to call a large meeting and to distribute this letter to all the committees. At the end of the letter, a handwritten addition by the association's secretary, Ze'ev HaCohen Kaplan. The committee dealt with collecting contributions for the establishment of the Jerusalem neighborhood Mazkeret Moshe named after Moshe Montefiore.
[3] printed pages, [1] handwritten page, 27.5 cm. Fair condition. Minor tears, folding marks and stains.
2. Protocol of the Chovevei Tzion Convention in Druzgenik [Kovno region], 1887. Twenty three of the movement's central members participated in the convention, including: Pinsker, Moshe Leib Lilinblum, Ussishkin, Rabbi Samuel Mohaliver and others. The protocol contains the names of the participants, Pinsker's resignation, the manner of collecting funds and people for purchasing land in Eretz Israel in general and in Hadera in particular, etc.
[3] pages, 35.5 cm. Folding marks, minor tears. Stains.
3-4. Handwritten letter, sent from Jaffa to the Chovevei Tzion members in Europe in 1891. "Last week, we were in Hadera, we traveled with approximately ten people… [including] Tiomkin, head of the Executive Committee. All our travels were by day and this was very beneficial for ascertaining the essence and the nature of the land… and in Hadera we tarried for about 40 hours… Hankin… showed us the way to seek the fields… and the property, there we saw and were convinced that there is no place like it for beauty and good nature amongst all the property that we have seen along the way…". The lands of Hadera were purchased in 1890 by Hankin's mediation and were settled in 1891. The letter includes descriptions of the lands surrounding Hadera, plans for paving roads, planting various trees, agricultural development etc. Attached is a handwritten draft, with corrections and erasing.
[4] pages, 28cm. Good condition. Folding marks and stains.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 318

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Ze’ev Ben Zvi – Impressive Sculpture, 1929

Sculpture of a Jewish boy (Yemenite) sitting with folded legs, holding a book. Signed on the side: "Ze'ev Ben Zvi 1929". White ceramic painted black.
Sculptor Ze'ev Ben Zvi (Koyavsky, 1904-1952), Jewish artist born in Poland. In 1920-1923 studied painting in the school of arts in Warsaw. Made aliyah to Eretz Yisrael in 1923 and studied in "Bezalel" until 1925 with the guidance of Boris Schatz. In 1928 went to study in France where he was exposed to cubist art of Picasso and George Braque: in the following years created many realistic portraits (protomes) in a half-cubist style (amongst them Bialik, Tchernichovsky, Dizengof, Shemaryahu Levine, Aharon Meskin and others). Established a sculpting and copper-hammering workshop in the retention camps in Cyprus with the artist Naftali Bezem; since 1949 served as a teacher in "The New Bezalel" (David Palombo was one of his students). His works were exhibited in exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
The sculpture in front of us is of the period prior to his typical cubist creation.
"He totally mastered the material, easily solved problems and shaped the creation, which floated before his eyes since he had a remarkable plastic ability…". (Gavriel Talpir).
Height: 24 cm, maximum width: 34 cm. Good condition. Minor damages.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 108

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Zionist Organizations in Europe – Large collection of Photographs

36 photographs of Zionist or Jewish Organizations. Europe, 1920's to 1940's.
Israel Zionist Union, Koznitz; “Chalutz” [Pioneer] Union in Poland, Colana branch, 1929; women exercising with Maccabi shirts; “Hapoel” exercisers in Riga, 1933; “Palates” summber Moshava, 1933; group of pioneers, Brody, 1924; “Shomeri” carnival for Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael [JNF], Purim 1926 (two subjects photographed holding blue charity boxes); Jewish scout battalion in Riga, 1924; Maccabi soccer game, 1926; fourth grade in a Hebrew school in Horodenka ; Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael activists at the end of World War I, wearing ribbons and many labels; meeting of the “HaShomer HaTza’ir” in Palanga, 1933; "Shomr" group in Berezhany, 1923; photograph of the committee for the assistance of victims of the pogroms, 1919; and more.
The majority of the photographs are important and rare group photographs from the 1920's and 1930's; single photographs of post World War II conventions of Zionist organizations.
Various sizes and condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 8

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Herzl – Collection of a Variety of Items

A large collection of items connected to Herzl, in which his name is mentioned or his picture appears:
7 booklets about Theodor Herzl, some with photographs (Israel and Zurich); 25 plates and photographs with Herzl's portrait, family or sites connected to Herzl, on various occasions. Amongst them: a certificate for the contribution of trees to KKL, a record with a colored print of the ceremony of the Declaration of the State of Israel etc; c. 70 envelopes, stamps, labels and a number of photographs with Herzl's portrait or reference to his name, arranged in an album.
C. 100 items. Varied size and condition. In general, good condition.

Opening900$ Sold For1,107$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 2

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Zionist Congresses

1. The second Zionist Congress in Basel, official postcard, [1898]. Sent from Basel to Vienna. Rimer 3.
2. The 12th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad, [1921]. Illustrated by Joseph Bodko. Rimer 36-37.
3. The 13th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad, [1923]. Illustrated by Joseph Bodko. Rimer 44.
Very good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 166

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Collection of Synagogue Postcards

28 postcards with illustrations or photographs of synagogues. The majority from Germany, some from Poland. Including synagogues from the cities:
Meckenheim; Heilbronn; Sulz; Hannover; Bodenbach; Weisbaden; Ulm; Bamberg; Göppingen; Oppeln; Głogów; Kattowitz; Dortmund; München; Breslau; Beuthen, and others.
9 undivided; 6 not postmarked. Good condition, varying.

Opening840$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 246

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Moshe Montefiore – Signed Letter and Envelope

Moshe Montifiore, hand signed letter and envelope. Ramsgate (England), [1879].
Thank you letter to the author of “Lua’h Israel”, who had sent him a copy of his book. Montefiore added 2 Pound Sterling to the letter as a token of his gratitude. The body of the letter was not handwritten by Montefiore. Montefiore’s hand signature appears in Hebrew and English at the end of the letter. The envelope is enclosed and includes the recipient’s address (in Zhitomir) as well as Montefiore’s English signature.
Letter 12X20 cm, good condition, folding marks; envelope 9X14 cm, stamp is torn out, few stains, wrinkles. Come in a fine 38X48 cm. frame.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 204

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The Jewish Brigade – Otte Wallish, 1945

3"To me belongeth vengeance, and recompense!" Ernest Mechner and Otte Wallish. The General Hebrew Labor Federation in Israel, 1945.
Poster for the first of May, 1945. A flag of the Jewish Brigade displayed upon the upper section, beneath is an illustration of soldiers with the emblem of the brigade on red background.
Designed by the graphic artist Otte Wallish (1903-1977) – among his designs are “Hebrew Post” stamps as well as additional stamps, Israeli bills and coins and it is quite possible that he is the one who actually wrote the Declaration of Independence as well.
48X33 cm. Fair condition, very delicate paper with tears and holes of various sizes (mainly in margins), most of the poster is clear and complete.

Opening800$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 357

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Moshe Murro – Jews by the Tomb of Rachel – Copper Plaque

Moshe Murro, copper plaque with figures of three elderly Jews and a young one, against a background of the Tomb of Rachel. Signed at the bottom: "M. Murro" in Hebrew and English.
12.5x8 cm. Good condition.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 114

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Eastern European Jewry Prior to and During World War II

35 photographs of rabbis and Jewish figures in Eastern Europe, prior to and during the Holocaust [1930's and 1940's].
Many photographs of rabbinic and Jewish figures wrapped in prayer shawls, Jewish shops, streets of the villages and towns, Jews dressed in traditional garments and conducting a routine lifestyle. Photographs of the Warsaw Ghetto, anti-Semitic notices, pile of corpses, Nazi propaganda.
Diverse and important collection of photographs which represents the flourishing era of Eastern European Jewry in contrast with its dejected period.
Various sizes and condition.

Opening800$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 569

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She’erit Ha-Pleita in Germany – A Collection of Books

A collection of Yiddish books, printed in Germany, 1940's.
1. Kleine Menchelach mit Kleina Hasogos, Shalom Aleichem. Menorah Publishing, Berlin, 1943.
2. Em Shtarbet a Shtetl, Avraham Weisbrod. Munich, 1948.
3. Di Religieze Kvutza in Eretz Yisroel [The Religious Group in Eretz Yisrael], Chanoch Ch. Hakibbutz Hadati Publishing, Munich, 1947.
4. Churban Letland [The Destruction of Lithuania], Max Kaufman. Munich, 1947.
5. Problemen fun Kinstlerishen Shaffen [Problems of Artistic Creativity], Ephraim Shreier. Nievelt Publishing, Munich, 1948.
6. Partisaner Gein!.., S. Katsherninsky. Histadrut Pachach Publishing, Vilna (Vilnius), 1944.
7. Zein Lirer, Shlomo Wazager. Nievelt Publising, Munich, 1948. A poetry book signed by the poet.
8. Azoi Zeinou Mir Geshtarben [So We Died], Levi Shalit. Munich, 1949.
9. Geviter [The Flood], Malsha Mali. Bafreiyong Publishing, Munich, 1948.
10. A leben geit Oif, S. Berlinsky. Bafreiyong Publishing, Munich, 1948.
11. Farchtige Teg [Short Stories], Leib Korland. Landsberg, 1948.
12. Farvalkente Tog [Dark Day], M. B. Gutman. Alein Publishing, Bergen Belsen, 1949.
13. Ber Borochov 1881-1917, [Biography]. Poalei Tzion Publishing, Germany, 1946.
14. Klasen Interesen Un Di Nationale Frage, Ber Borochov. Poalei Tzion Publishing, Munich, 1947.
15. Dreisik-yoriker Vikuach, Zerubavel. Nievelt Publishing, Germany, 1947.
16. Di Yidden Frage [The Jewish Problem], Nachman Sirkin. Poalei Tzion Publishing, Munich. 1947.
17. A Collection of Material, A. D. Gordon. Poalei Tzion Publishing, Munich, 1947.
18. A Dor Fun Bereishis, S. Berlinsky. Munich, 1947.
19. Ainer Kegen Alemen, Berl Katznelson. Poalei Tzion Publishing, Munich, 1947.
20. Oisgevilte Shriften, Berl Katznelson. Poalei Tzion Publishing, Munich, 1948.
Varied size and condition.

Opening750$ Sold For1,107$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 44

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A Map of the World – Antwerp, 1571 – Christopher Plantin Printing

A map of the world, by Benito Arias (Montano). Christopher Plantin Printing, Antwerp, 1571.
Two halves of Earth on two sides of the sheet. Four directions illustrated with human faces. In the oceans, there are many illustrations of ships and animals. The explanations and names of places appear in Hebrew and Latin.
The first Hebrew map that shows part of the Australian continent.
34.5X55 cm. Good condition. White and clean paper, with margins. Restored moth damage near the vertical folding line and on margins. On back side glued paper for strengthening.
Wjantraub no. W.12, does not appear in Laor.

Opening700$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 215

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Memory Plaque – Herzl – “Agudat Achim” – Romania, 1904

31. Share certificates, Solel Boneh Company. Jerusalem, 1925. Name of owner: Dr. Gershom Shalom.
2. Bill in lithographic print, “General soup kitchen and hostel in Jerusalem”, value of one dollar. Monsohn Lithographic Printing.
3. Stock certificate in lithographic print, designed by Meir Gur Aryeh and Ze’ev Raban, “Association for the settlement of Yeshivah students in Israel”. Jerusalem, [1930's?].
4. Share certificate, “Bank Kupat Am Ltd.”. Tel-Aviv, 1955.
Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 281

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Hebrew Grammar – Extremely Rare Book – Milano, 1761

Grammatica Hebraica, Bonaventurae Giradeau. Milano, 1761.
Hebrew Grammar book for the beginner. Large, folded conjugation chart at the end of the book.
The author, Bonaventurae Giradeau (1697-1774), was a priest and language teacher in Germany.
CXIX, 24 pages, [1] folded chart, 23.5 cm. Very good condition. Wide margins, original binding. Few stains. 2 ex libris stickers. Modern cardboard box.
Extremely rare, according to the Worldcat, only one copy known, at the Congress library.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 346

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Alef-Bet – Ze’ev Raban and Levin Kipnis – Berlin, 1923

Alef-Bet, illustrations by Ze'ev Raban, verse by Levin Kipnis, Bezalel-Jerusalem. "HaSefer" Publishing, Berlin, 1923.
[32] Leaves, 25 cm. Good condition. Light stains on page margins. Binding slightly damaged.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 113

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Photograph Album from Poland – Photographs of Warsaw Jews, 1933

Photograph album of a tour to Poland and France [including photographs of an official reception and crowds in cities and small towns throughout the itinerary], 1933.
Approximately 440 photographs of which approximately 14 (in postcard size) were taken in the Jewish Quarter in Warsaw, and reflect the culture in the area prior to the war [Jewish shops, pedestrians, beggars etc.]. Photographs of Jews from the cities of Krakow and Görlitz (Poland). As well, the album consists of photographs which reflect the beginning of the rise of the Nazi movement in the Alsace region.
Album 28X29 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 594

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Hanukkah Menorah Product of “Omanut”

Hanukkah Menorah produced by “Klein Kom” (before Pal-Bell). Tel-Aviv, 1930's.
On its back, an arch with embossed writing of the verse “HaNerot HaLalu Kodesh Hem”. At its base 8 arms in the shape of oil lamps and in its center a place for the Shamash.
Signed at the bottom: “Klein Kom –Omanut– Tel-Aviv” and “Made in Israel”.
Similar Menorahs were later produced by the Pal-Bell Co., established by Morris Ashkelon and his Nephew, Abraham Kom.
Height: 14 cm., width: 21.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 171

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Synagogues throughout Europe

16 postcards with illustrations or photographs of synagogues throughout Europe. Among them, pictures of synagogues from the cities:
Temesvár, Hungary; Stolowischi, Russia; Hannover; Mitau; Weisbaden; Eschweiler; München; Dessau; Bielefeld, and others.
Eight postcards undivided. Various conditions.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 590

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Sabbath Lamp – India

Bronze Sabbath lamp. India (Cochin?), c. 1900.
A circular Sabbath lamp, with seven spaces for hanging small glass oil cups. The lamp is suspended by four poles with loops at their ends that connect to hooks at the base of the lamp. The cups are made from yellow tinted glass. The middle cup is larger than the rest of the cups.
"Until less than a hundred years ago, Cochin Jews still had the custom of celebrating the inauguration of the Sabbath by lighting stone lamps at the entrance to each home. The synagogue beadle would go from house to house lighting the lamp with a torch kindled from the Ner Tamid that hung before the ark. Simultaneously, the women would kindle the Sabbath lamp. The lamp... was suspended from the ceiling and had seven oil cups fixed in a metal ring".
(The Jews of India – a story of three communities, Orpa Slapak (ed). The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1995, page 91). See attached material.
Height: 136 cm. (including cups). Very good condition. Cups not original.

Opening650$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 253

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Diary of a “Blau Weiss” Youth Movement Member, 1924-1926

Handwritten diary of a “Blau Weiss” youth movement member. Danzig, 1924-1926.
Detailed diary with dates, which describes the youth movement activities: camps, trips, parties, folklore and humor. Dozens of photos and illustrations from trips and camping activities throughout the diary.
The “Blau Weiss” (German for Blue-White) youth movement was founded following the refusal of the German patriotic youth movement to accept Jews among their ranks. [This youth movement] began fostering Zionistic values and settlements ideals during the 1920’s and gained tremendous popularity. Was declared illegal by German law in 1929.
129 written pages. 20 cm. Good condition. Stains. Damaged original binding.

Opening650$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 429

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Call for Citizens of Vienna

gedanken-freiheit!, Simon Szanto. Vienna, no printing date – mid of 19th century.
Ryhmed manifest calling the citizens of Vienna to join the Jews of Vienna for a better future for all the inhabitants of the city.
The writer, Simon Szanto (1819-1882), a Jew born in Hungary. In 1845 upon termination of his studies he arrived in Vienna and established a Jewish school (1849). Founded and edited the weekly magazine Die Neuzeit as well as editing calendars and annual publications for Jews. In 1864 was appointed the official interpreter of the Vienna court and in 1869 was appointed as supervisor of Jewish education. Published essays and feuilletons in periodicals for Jewish readers and for the general public. (See attached material). German.
4 Pages. (Single folded leaf) 21 cm. Excellent condition, wide margins, small stains on margins.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 227

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David Ben-Gurion – Letter Concerning Books

David Ben-Gurion, a reaction letter with its formal English translation, addressed to Mr. Arik Gottgetreu, reporter for the Associated Press newspaper, March 27, 1958.
Ben Gurion’s answers to the four questions asked by the reporter regarding the literature which had influenced him. Towards the end of his letter, Ben Gurion claims that according to him “It isn’t good to read many books, rather, it is better to read many times selected books such as: the Bible, Plato, Tokidides […] and three or four of the latest generations’ authors”.
The letter is written and printed on official prime minister paper, with David Ben-Gurion’s handwritten signature.
[3] Leaves, 28 cm. Good condition. Folding marks over the leaves’ width.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 579

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Medal – 2nd Zionist Congress

Bronze medal, second Zionist congress. Paris, 1898.
Embossment on one side and on reverse side biblical quotation: “I shall take the people of Israel from amongst the nations… and bring them to their land”.
Feuchtwanger Catalog, item 764.
Diameter: 6.3 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 345

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Song of Songs – Ze’ev Raban – numbered and signed copy

Song of Songs, illustrated by Ze'ev Raban. Published by "HaSefer", Berlin, 1923. First Edition.
26 color illustrations, pasted to the pages of the book, the text of the Megillah is printed in the margins of the drawings.
Copy No.111 from an edition of 500 copies, printed on paper of exceptional quality and hand-bound in leather. Signed by Ze'ev Raban in Hebrew and English.
Presented in a fine cardboard box (produced by Besserman).
[28] Leaves, 34 cm. Good condition. Damages near book-spine.

Opening600$ Sold For1,107$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 208

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Certificate in Honor of the Baron Joseph Ritter Von Wertheimer – Vienna, 1880

3Certificate in honor of Baron Joseph Ritter Von Wertheimer, from the Aurora Association. Vienna, 1880.
Certificate appointing Wertheimer as an honorary member in the Aurora Association - Der Humanitäts -Verein "Aurora".
Joseph Ritter von Wertheimer (1800-1887), descendant of a wealthy Jewish family in Vienna. Educator and founder of a chain of kindergartens. Established the first kindergarten in Vienna in 1830 as well as an association for rehabilitation of released prisoners and juvenile delinquents; was involved in the Jewish community affairs and one of the leaders of the struggle for civil rights to the Jews of Austria. In 1868 he was decorated by the emperor with a nobility title.
Lithographic printing of Certificate's frame, with gilded and red ink illustrations and decorations. Part of the certificate was written in artistic handwriting.
65.5X49.5 cm. Good condition. Significant tears to margins.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 528

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Protocols of the Beilis Trial, 1913

The protocols of the Beilis Trial, 5 volumes printed on a typewriter. Russian.
Menachem Mendel Beilis was accused of murdering a Ukrainian Christian child named Andrei Yushchinsky in April 1911, to prepare Passover matzot from his blood. Beilis was imprisoned by false testimony and his trial began in September 1913. On the background of "the murder" and the trial, an incitement campaign was organized against the Jews. After three years of imprisonment, Beilis was acquitted. In 1917, after the revolution, a committee of inquiry was established to investigate the case. Its findings proved that the government knew the true circumstances and staged the trial for anti-Semitism reasons.
5 volumes, 35 cm. Fair condition, Marks on the leaves. Foxing, loose and torn bindings.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 443

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Kolieb Family of Vienna – Collection of Documents and Synagogue Photograph

Kolieb family of Vienna collection of documents. Late 19th century – early 20th century.
Collection of personal documents, certificates and letters, related to David Leon Kolieb (1858-1913) and his son, Dr. Siegfried Kolieb of Vienna (both doctors, served the Austro-Hungarian army).
Collection includes amongst other items: decorated military discharge certificates granted to David by his army units; a photograph of David Leon Kolieb's tomb stone; a Ketubah of Vienna of the year 1885 for the marriage of David son of Aryeh Kolieb and Sarah Hendel; envelope with 20 greeting cards and calling cards, mostly of Jews; invitation to Siegfried's Bar Mitzvah, 1898 (later Siegfried became a doctor in Vienna); large photograph (38X28 cm) of the Great Synagogue of Vienna interior, and more documents.
More than 50 items, various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 85

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Collection of Photographs – Israel, 1926-1927

Collection of photographs from Israel, Betty Strauss. 1926-1927.
172 photographs from a voyage to Israel. The majority of the photos are of Jerusalem; the city, streets, and culture within the walls and outside them (Me’ah She’arim neighborhood). As well, archeological and religious sites in Jerusalem and its vicinity (among them: Tomb of Rachel). Additional photos from Rechovot, Shfeya, Zichron Ya’akov and additional places. Two photographs from the inauguration ceremony of the Hebrew University.
Many photographs described in great detail (in German) and dated upon the reverse side. Some photographs autographed. Some divided on their reverse side to be used as a postcard.
Photographer Betty Strauss, native of Marburg, Germany, returned to Germany after her journey to Israel and eventually immigrated to Israel in the 1930's.
Average size: 8X11 cm. The majority of the photos are in good condition. Some of them are doubles. Arranged in a new album.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 546

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Postcards sent from Vienna to Theresienstadt, 1943

7 postcards sent by the Johann Israel Haim family of Vienna, to Mrs. Antonie Rothe in the Theresienstadt concentration camp, June-August 1943.
2 printed postcards, the others are handwritten. Personal matters, shipment of food parcels and worry for the welfare of the internee and her sister. No postage stamps (in the original) except one postcard. German.
10x15 cm. Fair condition. Stains, slightly torn.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 592

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Brass Vase – Alfred Salzmann

Decorative brass vase produced by Alfred Salzmann. Jerusalem, 1930’s (?).
Wide and heavy base, narrowing towards neck and narrowing again at opening. Engraved decorations in geometrical and plant patterns.
Signed on bottom: "Alfred Salzmann Jerusalem", Made in Jerusalem Palestine", "S 577”.
Alfred Salzmann, Jewish native of Austria, teacher at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and owner of a workshop in the Bak'a neighborhood (among the first Jewish builders of the neighborhood, during the 1920's).
Height: 18 cm. Good condition. Few stains.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 329

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Siegmund Forst – Signed and Numbered Woodcuts

7 woodcuts signed in pencil by artist Siegmund Forst and numbered.
Mizrach; Jonah inside the Fish; Hanukkah; the Rabbi's Table; the Rabbi and his Hassidim; MiShenichnass Adar Marbim beSimcha; Death of the Saints. Most are described in pencil.
Forst was born in Vienna in 1904. Studied in Kunstakademie – Arts' Academy of Vienna. In 1939 he left for Hamburg and then continued to the U.S. where he devoted himself to letter-design and calligraphy. He published an illustrated Haggadah for Passover, illustrated a children's book (using his Hebrew name, Asher Forst). Was very involved in the Jewish traditions and festivals. An exhibition of his works was displayed in Yeshiva University in 1997.
See: Siegmund Forst – a Lifetime in Arts and Letters, Yeshiva University Museum Publshing, 1997.
Varying sizes, all in good condition save one, stained.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 311

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Five Textbooks – Romania

Yiddish textbooks in several subjects for grade and high schools, some are illustrated:
1. Alim, reading texts for third and fourth grades, A. Y. Risfler. Bucharest, 1944.
2. Hebrew, David Feivush (together with Z. Be'eri and P. N. Glick). Bucharest, 1943.
3. Gil, language and literature textbook, by Yochanan Ya'akobov. Bucharest, 1946.
4. Lernbuch for Yiddish. "Ikuf" Publishing. Bucharest, 1946.
5. Yiddishe Shprach Leinbuch. [Bucharest], 1956. Verse in tribute to the Romanian Republic is included at the beginning.
Varying sizes, fair condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 375

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Non-traditional Haggadah – Hebrew and Dutch

[Passover Haggadah. Holland, 1940's]. Without any note of origin or year of printing.
Non-traditional Haggadah, typewritten and stenciled, with simple illustrations. Integrates a little of the traditional version and quotes from the sources with modern poems and readings. Hebrew and Dutch (at the beginning one page opposite another, afterwards, in non-consistent order). Part of the pages are blank.
34 pages (including 3 empty pages), 22 cm. Fair condition. Dry and very brittle paper. Detached leaves. Tears to the margins of a number of leaves. Professionally restored, in a new fabric cover and cardboard box.
Bibliographically unknown. Probably, it was printed immediately after the Holocaust.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 344

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Jerusalem – Oil Painting

View of the Old City, Jerusalem, signed oil painting [Russian signature, M. Sogorov / Soborov].
60x30 cm. In handsome frame 93x63 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 430

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Regulations and Taxes in Frankfurt – Kosher Shechita (Ritual Slaughter) Tax

1. Tax Rolle Des Fleisch Ambts. [Frankfurt am Main, 18th century].
List of tax on Shechita, details of taxes imposed on butchers for each type of animal.
Separate details for six Jewish Shochatim (ritual slaughterers) in the city, weekly tax for Jewish shochatim, tax "for a kosher ox from Hungary or Poland, slaughtered in the winter months for home use" and additional taxes. German.
[2] Pages, 29.5 cm. Good condition.
2. Tax-Ordnung oder Rolle des Löbl. Rechenen-Ambts. [Frankfurt am Main, 1727?]. A list of taxes on behalf of the municipal finance ministry. Amongst them are details of taxes imposed on Jews that register for marriage in the municipality: "A pair of married Jews, if both are local, they must pay 2 gold guilders / in addition for the clerk and the servant together 1 florin / in addition for the judge and the person who registers the certificate 15 kroizer". Taxes for a Jewish couple that were married and registered as citizens, tax for renewal of permit as well as taxes for non-Jewish citizens. German.
[4] Pages, 30 cm. Good condition, foxing.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 477

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Manuscript – Inauguration of the Great Synagogue – Budapest, 1859

Handwritten pamphlet. Budapest, 6.9.1859.
Handwritten description of the inauguration of the new synagogue for the Pesth Theresienstadt community. It enumerates the 24 members of the Community Council and 25 members of the synagogues Building Committee and includes a history of the community established in 1804. Also described are the prayer services conducted in private homes until the Chessed Ne’urim Synagogue was completed in 1828. In 1841, when the number of members increased, land was purchased for the construction of a new synagogue (adjoining the hospital, established two years earlier). The document details the construction process, mentioning everyone involved: architects, engineer, various craftsmen and donors, all who assisted in the project. It ends with a list of the Austro-Hungarian Government and local officials who participated in the dedication ceremony.
11, [1] written pages, 34 cm. Good condition. Fold along length of booklet, fine, fragile paper, and slight tears on margins.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 20

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The Archives of the Establishment of the Ruchama Settlement in the Negev – The She’erit Israel Association

A collection of letters, documents, printed pages and postcards connected to the establishment of the settlement Ruchama (Jammama) in the Negev, from the archives of Abraham Kaminer Volkovsky, one of the heads of the She’erit Israel Association and one of the settlement’s founders. 1911 until the 1940s.
Most of the archives contain original material from the time of the establishment of the settlement (second decade of the 20th century), postcards that were sent to Abraham Kaminer, list of the names of the first settlers, demands of payment, information on the development of the settlement, building structures, agriculture etc. Includes letters and postcards from " the Association for Purchase of Land" of Bialistok, the" She’erit Israel Association" in Moscow, The Neta’im Association, Arthur Rupin and other organizations and people.
The archives include a number of letters from the 1940s, regarding Kaminer family’s claim on the dismantling of the lands of Ruchama and inheritance rights and land ownership.
The settlement Ruchama was established in 1911 by the " She’erit Israel Association" of Moscow and was the first of the settlements in the Negev in the new era. In the beginning, the settlement was called Jammama after an Arab village in the vicinity.
C. 50 items, varied size and condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 43

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Maps of Israel – Two Bibliographic Books – Wajntraub and Laor

1. Maps of the Holy Land, Eran Laor. Alan R. Liss Inc, New York, 1986.
Bibliography of c. 1170 maps printed between 1475 and 1900, from the collection of Eran Laor. English.
201 pages, 26X31 cm. Good condition.
2. Hebrew Maps of the Holy Land, E. & G. Wajntraub. Vienna, 1992.
A study focusing and inspecting ancient Hebrew maps and their connection to Jewish sources. 104 photographed maps from 1233 until the 20th century. English.
XXI, 277 pages, 28 cm. Good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 162

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Synagogues Throughout Europe

15 postcards with illustrations or photographs of European synagogues. Including pictures of synagogues from the cities:
Üdvözlet Köszegröl, Hungary; Charlos Sur Marne, France; Ostrow; Arlon, Belgium; St. Petersbourg; Besancon; Temesvár, Hungary; Grajewo, Poland; Częstochowa; Chemnitz (Germany); Łask, and more.
Various conditions.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 131

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The Hebrew Legion – Four Photographs – Ben Dov – Trumpeldor

4 photographed postcards (Real Photo) – The Hebrew Legion:
1. Photograph of Joseph Trumpeldor.
2. Group photograph, July 3, 1917. Soldiers, in the center of the photograph Ze'ev Jabotinsky can be identified; below him is a flag with a Star of David, a British flag and the writing The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon".
3-4. The rabbi is speaking to the Hebrew soldiers after the reading of the Torah on Shabbat, 1919 [by the photographer Ya'akov Ben-Dov?]. On the back of the postcard "Battalion Kalei HaMelech 38" is mentioned, and the name of the rabbi, Rabbi Flam.
Fair-good condition. Stains, few creases.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 101

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Photograph Album – Gift of Keren HaYessod, 1950’s

Israel Development Prob[l]ems, 43 quality black and white photographs within an album, a gift of Keren HaYessod. Israel, c. 1952.
Aerial photograph of the Old City in Jerusalem; streets of the new Jerusalem; Independence Day parade; Negev mountains and the placing of water mains in the Negev; fishing; packaging house of lemons; harvesting of grapes; factories; special title page: Israel’s most severe difficulties: a population of 600,000 absorbs 750,000 new immigrants, photographs from the transit camps; public labor, treatment of the ill, orphans and more.
The caption and photograph descriptions are written in artistic handwriting, in English.
Photographs of varying sizes, album 25.5X23 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 136

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Jerusalem – Postcard Collection

86 postcards, most of various sites in Jerusalem – Jaffa Gate, The Tower of David from different angles and periods of time, The Temple Mount etc. 16 published by Y. Ben Dov, one made by Meir Gur Aryeh and one by E. M. Lilien.
Various conditions.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 96

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Zoltan Kluger – Aerial Photograph

5 aerial photographs, Tel-Aviv, coastal plain and the Sharon area, [by photographer Zoltan Kluger, end of the 1930's].
High quality aerial photographs of the city of Tel-Aviv and the Yarkon river estuary, the coastal plain and the Sharon area. Four overlooking the west, one overlooking the east. Not signed.
Between the years 1936-1939, photographer Kluger took approximately one thousand aerial photographs for Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael [JNF] and Keren HaYessod. These photographs served IDF at its outset.
28.5X23 cm. Good condition. Slight damage to first photograph. Placed within a damaged cloth album with stained pages.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 130

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Ben-Dov – Settlements (Moshavot) – postcards booklet

The Jewish settlements in the Land of Israel, a postcards booklets published by Ya'akov Ben-Dov, Jerusalem.
Originally holds 20 postcards (Postcard no. 9 is missing) with photographs of Hebrew settlements, including: Rishon Letzion, Degania, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Ben Shemen, Ekron etc. The title page of the booklet is designed by Ze'ev Raban.
[19] Postcards. Good condition. Foxing.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 547

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Ha-Brycha, 1945-1948

In the Path of Suffering to the Homeland. Published by “Ha-Brycha”, 1945-1948.
Importent book with many photographs which document the European Jews massive illegal emigrations from countries that were freed by the Red Army to the shores of the Mediterranean sea, and from there to the Land of Israel through the boats of the Ma’apilim [illegal immigrants]. Parts of the book are dedicated to the journey of the children and the orphans who walked through the paths of the escape, while another part of the book documents the journey and capture of the Exodus. Comes with explanations and verses from the Bible in three languages: Hebrew, Yiddish and English.
Foreword by [Ephraim] Dekel, select member of the "Haganah" and among the instigators of the “Brycha”.
[104] Leaves, 34 X 25 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 612

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Scroll of Esther

Handwritten Scroll of Esther, scrolled on a handle made of white bakelite.
The scroll is sewn to two types of fabric, scrolled on a fine white-ivory color bakelite handle, with various decorations.
Height: 46 cm. Good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 314

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Lotto Game board – Barlevy, 1950’s

Game board [settlements in Israel lotto game?]. Colored lithograph print, Benjamin Barlevy Publishing, Tel Aviv, early 1950's.
The board depicts pictures of the settlements of Chomah and Migdal, communal settlements (kibbutzim) and towns, water-towers, factories etc. alongside illustrations of antique coins.
69.5x50 cm. Fair condition. Stained, fold-line along center of board, professionally restored damage.
Does not appear in "Journey through the Land – games from the store of Mr. Barlevy" (David Tartakover), published by the Israel Museum, 1999.

Opening400$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 549

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Our Destruction in Photographs – Bergen Belsen, 1946

Our destruction in photographs, compiled by Rafael Olavsky, Paul Trepman and David Rosenthal. Published by The Central Committee for Liberated Jews in the British Region, Bergen Belsen, December 1946. An important, rare, photographed documentary, beginning with the rise of the Third Reich until the liberation from the death camps. Contains 115 black and white photographs, including photographs from the ghettos, aktzias (actions) and selektzias (roundups). Yiddish, Hebrew, English and German.38 leaves, 37X30 cm. Good condition, newly bound with hard cover, original cover pasted on it. Ex Libris, library stamps.

Opening400$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 264

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A Jewish Iconography – Luxurious Signed Copy

A Jewish Iconography, Alfred Rubens. Published by The Jewish Museum, London, 1954.
A book which includes bibliographical records of the engravings and portraits collection of Reubens with numerous pictures from the collection, including many Jewish figures’ engravings with Hebrew description.
Alfred Rubens (1903-1998) – collector and historian. Directed the London Jewish Museum between 1958 and 1983.
Printed in 500 exemplars. Dedicated and signed by Rubens to the ambassador of Israel.
XVI, 160 pages, [45] plates. 25 cm. Semi-parchment binding. Very good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 424

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Jewish Taxes –Frankfurt am Main City Council Regulations, 1726

Resolutiones und Mandata. Frankfurt am Main, 1726.
City council and citizens of Frankfurt am Main regulations and decisions of January 24, 1726.
Amongst the regulations are details of taxes imposed on the Jews: property taxes, inhabitance permits (protection fees), residence tax, garden tax, wine tax, tax on night lodging (of strangers), tax for permit renewal. German, with handwritten additions on a number of leaves.
[1], 30, [10] pages, 31.5cm. Good condition, foxing.

Opening400$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 180

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Jewish Images from Eastern and Central Europe

15 postcards which portray Jewish figures from Eastern and Central Europe. Among them:
Jew from Baranowitz; “Chacham Talmud”, Chernowitz; Jewish children from Hungary; Russian Jews near a frozen pool of water; Jews in Stanislev; Russian Jews digging; rabbi with his disciples in Poland; Jews praying; Jew drawing water from the well; Jewish Polish figure; and more.
Various conditions.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 255

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Benno Rothenberg – Novel and Letter to Thomas Mann

[One Man and his Journey Back Home], by Benno Rothenberg. [Germany], 1939.
A typewritten novel by Benno Rothenberg. The novel is about human nature and spirit (pseudo-psychology research). Based on a lecture given allegedly by an expert called Dr. K. in Germany. Rothenberg attempts to gather information about that Dr. K., he then accompanies him through the town streets, describes their conversations, feelings, discussions about ethics, human relationships and more.
A letter by Rothenberg to the writer Thomas Mann asking him to print his novel in the "Mass und Wert" journal is enclosed.
Benno Rothenberg, native of Frankfurt, 1914, Israeli photographer and archeologist.
60 typewritten pages.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 586

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Medal – HaGibor – Czechoslovakia

Medal of a swimmer – “HaGibor" [The Hero], Czechoslovakia. Silver.
“HaGibor” – A Jewish sports group. On the swimmer's hat and next to him Stars of David appear. At the bottom, an etching in Czech "10 years of creative work". Stamps of manufacturer and quality of silver. Placed within loose frame.
20X14.5 cm. [including the frame]. Condition of medal is good. condition of plaque - fair.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 117

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Chinese Jewry – Photograph Album – Japanese Detention Camp

326 photographs arranged in an album. Shanghai, 1940's [also includes earlier photographs which were possibly not taken in China].
During and after World War II, approximately 20,000 Jewish refugees emigrated from Europe and settled mainly in Shanghai. After the conquest of Shanghai by Japan, during the war, Jews, Chinese clerks and many citizens with foreign citizenship were captured and placed in civilian concentration camps of the Japanese army.
In the following album, 66 photographs described as “Ash Camp” appear, 1945. Apparently, this camp was situated in Shanghai itself and as appears from the album, the living conditions were reasonable. The photographs portray long lines for the distribution of coupons, many detainees, and a feeling of the way of life of Jewish Family members and their friends at the camp.
Average size 8.5X6 cm, some are smaller, good condition. 25 cm. album in fair condition, partially torn.

Opening400$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 576

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Photograph Album – She’erit Ha-Pleita in Germany

33 photographs of an activist in one of She'erit Ha-Pleita organizations in Germany, 1946-1949.
In the photographs he is seen speaking at a number of assemblies, amongst them at the She'erit Ha-Pleita Congress in Bad Reichenhall. Additional photographs are from Munich, Farenwald, Gottingen and Bad Wörishofen. Amongst them are a number of large photographs.
The collection includes 34 photographs after immigration to Israel, some photographs are of a nursing course and other medical courses. A number of large photographs, many photographs are in the format of a postcard.
Total of 67 photographs, varied size, good to very good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 203

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Collection of Independence Day Posters, 1968-2004

345 posters for Independence Day, various designers. Governmental publishing, 1964-2004.
Independence Day posters are printed yearly in honor of the holiday. The topic of the poster changes annually. Contest is conducted among the designers, and the winning design appears in the poster.
Sequential collection of 36 years (some of the posters are duplicates).
Various sizes and conditions, majority of posters in good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 545

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Letters from Dr. Chaim Tartakover – Vienna, 1939

11 letters from Dr. Chaim Tartakover, Director of the Eretz-Israel Office of the Jewish Agency and Director of the Jewish National Fund in Vienna, May-October 1939.
Printed letters concerning Nazi Laws that forced Jews to pay taxes on assets sold before emigrating from the "Reich", on property sales and equity taxes to the Austrian authorities.
Varying size and condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 397

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Collection of Music Scores in Booklets with Pictures – New York, 1897-1920

98 Booklets of score-sheets. Hebrew Publishing, New York, 1897-1920.
Each booklet contains music scores for one composition or more. Included in the compositions: HaTikvah, Der Yiddische Treuer March (dedicated to those massacred in the Russian pogroms) by Perlmutter Wohl, Mashiach ben David by Solomon Smul, Shema Yisrael, Mein America (My America) and more. Most of the title pages are illustrated or with photographs, some in color.
Various sizes. The majority are in good condition.

Opening350$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 589

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State of Israel Coins, 1949-1950

Pack of coins minted in Israel during the years 1949-1950.
One 25 Mil coin and coins valuing 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 (2 coins), 500 – Pruta.
A total of ten coins in mint condition. The coins are presented within a blue plastic case with a transparent cover.
17.5x10.5 cm. Very good condition, stains upon case.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 291

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Otzar Beduyey HaShem – Vienna, 1933 – Numbered Edition

Otzar Beduyey HaShem, Index of pen-names in Hebrew literature, Shaul Chajes. Vienna, 1933. First edition.
An edition of 250 numbered copies was printed, this copy is number 107. On back cover is embossed a decoration by the artist Uriel Birnbaum.
XIV, 335, 1, 10, [5], 66 pages. 24 cm. Very good condition. Stains to edges of leaves. Forsatz (inner side of binding) not original.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 410

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Collection of Methods of Payment – Grocery Stores

182 methods of payment that were used instead of money for buying food in the grocery stores and in organizations.
Includes a very wide variety of bodies that printed "notes" for their use: communal associations, dairy products plants, grocery stores, consumer associations, restaurants, the Jewish Agency, IDF, soldiers' organizations, Chassidic communities, HaMashbir etc.
Items from the Ottoman period, the British Mandate and The State of Israel.
A collection rare in its scope and quality.
Varied size and condition.

Opening350$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 5

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Delegate Card – The 9th Congress in Hamburg, 1909

Delegeitenkarte [delegate card], The 9th Zionist Congress in Hamburg, December 26-30, 1909.
Delegate card for a representative from Kolomyia (Ukraine).
[2] pages, 11X17 cm. Good condition. Few stains.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 613

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Two Records with Printed Illustrations

1. Svet Geshen / Vi Ehin Zol Ich Gein, record by Ben Baruch. France, the 1950's(?). On one side of the record the picture of the singer Ben Baruch, and on verso a picture of a group of young people waving flags of Israel on the seashore.
2. Zei Gezunt Mama / Yisrael, record by S. Berland. France, the 1950's(?). Sketch of a tree; in the background an agricultural settlement and a water tower. On verso an illustration of the map of Israel, in the center – a candelabrum surrounded by illustrations of industry, settlements, mountains, lighthouse and a ship.
Diameter: 29.5 cm; 25 cm. Very good condition.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 221

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Chaim Nachman Bialik – Letter Ya’akov Fichman, 1915

Handwritten postcard by Chaim Nachman Bialik, addressed to Ya'akov Fichman, 20.7.1915.
In the postcard, Bialik writes about his imminent visit to Odessa, ten days from then, in order to arrange a meeting with Fichman about a book they both intend to publish. Bialik also writes: “I am here, resting a bit, copying a story and I have also written two poems”. Russian.
Fair condition, stains, post stamps.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 207

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Collection of Ex-Libris – Lilien, Budko, Struck, Raban

38 Jewish Ex-Libris by the artists E. M. Lilien, Joseph Budko, Hermann Struck and Ze’ev Raban.
Four of the Ex-Libris are designed by Budko and signed in his handwriting in pencil.
Various sizes, very good condition.

Opening320$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 321

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Yochanan Simon –Illustration of a Man and his Son loading a Water Barrel.

Yochanan Simon, illustration of a man and his son loading a water barrel on to a donkey's back.
17x14 cm. Good condition. Pasted to paper.

Opening300$ Sold For1,107$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 247

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Rabbi Kook – Two Letters

Rbbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, 2 letters bearing his signature.
1. [English] letter confirming that Yitzchak Mirkin is in fact a Rabbi. Jerusalem, 1924. Rabbi Kook’s English signature appears on that letter. The authenticity of Rabbi Kook’s signature is attested by a signed confirmation in the letter’s margins from American Consul in Palestine Oscar S. Heizer.
2. Letter to the Jewish Agency, hand signed and stamped [by Rabbi Kook]. Jerusalem, 1935.
28 cm. Good condition. Folding marks, filing holes.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 290

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Lexicon of Yiddish Literature and Press

Lexicon fun der yiddisher literature, prese un filologye [lexicon of literature, press and philology], by Zalman Reisen. Vilna, 1928-1929. Four volumes.
Comprehensive lexicon of Yiddish writers and poets, including their biographies and photographs. The owner added in a few spots newspapers clippings with additional information about the writers. Each page divided into two columns.
1288; 1044; 796; 912 columns, 25 cm. Books in good condition. Original bindings, decorated, damaged, with tears.

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Hassid – Bronze Sculpture

Chosid [Hassid], bronze sculpture by artist I.W. Wilsker.
Image of a Jewish Hassid dressed with a long cloak, one of his hands positioned behind his back and second hand pulling his beard, he is wearing a round brimmed hat.
Attached to a massive wooden base with two plates with the name of the sculpture and the name of the artist.
Height of sculpture: 27.5 cm. Height of base: 12 cm. Good condition. White paint stains. Wood and plates worn and stained.

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The Vanished World

The Vanished World, Book with many Photographs, edited by Raphael Abramovich, New-York, 1947.Includes photographs of Jewish Communities in East Europe, photographs of many Synagogues, streets, stores, people and everyday life. photographs divided in 2 parts: Jewish cities and Jewish people. Potographs are presenting the pleasant days of the Jews in Eat Europe before the Holocaust. Cover illustrated by Shlomo Yudovin. Yiddish and English. 575, [9] pages, 20.5x27 cm. Good condition. Few Stains, Binding is slightly loose.

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Chad Gadya – Menachem Birnbaum – Berlin, 1920Chad Gadya – Menachem Birnbaum – Berlin, 1920

Chad Gadjo [Chad Gadya] – illustrations by Menachem Birnbaum. Published by Welt-Verlag, Berlin, 1920.
Stunning illustrations of the text of "Chad Gadya", by Menachem Birnbaum.
Quality color print on thick paper. The text is in Hebrew and German.
[15] Leaves, 29 cm. Good condition. Bound by two cardboard sheets tied together with four strings, in cardboard package. Two strings have snapped. Packaging is worn and stained.

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Unzer Schprach – Iaşi, 1941 – Forged Place of Printing

Unzer Schprach – for learning Yiddish, arranged according to the alphabet, [Iaşi, 1941].
This booklet was printed underground in the middle of the holocaust in the city of Iaşi in Romania, by Eliezer Frankel, a Yiddish teacher in the local Ort school. As a camouflage, the place and time of printing is noted as "Warsaw 1932". See attached material from Encyclopedia of Jewish communities, Romania.
[17] Leaves. 21 cm. Fair condition. Stains, inscriptions in pen and pencil, detached leaves and wear.

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Sefer HaDevarim – Bialik / Tom Seidmann-Freud

Sefer Hadevarim, sixteen poems by C. N. Bialik, and sixteen pictures by Tom Seidmann-Freud. Published by "Ophir", Jerusalem-Berlin, 1922.
First book to be published by "Ophir" Publishing House, belonging to Chaim Nachman Bialik, Ya'akov Seidmann and Tom Seidmann-Freud. One of the first books to emphasize the importance of illustration in children's literature, featuring the distinctive yet remarkable drawings made by Seidmann-Freud (1892-1930), Viennese-born artist, illustrator and author.
[18] pages, 21x21.5 cm. Poor condition, Stains, slightly torn. Worn binding, torn and stained.

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Printed Table Cloths – Monsohn, Lunz, Friedman – Jerusalem

1. "LeShanah HaBa'ah BeYerushalayim – Lichvod Chag HaMatzot", A. L. Monsohn Printing Press, Jerusalem. Kidush LeYom Tov and decorations of plants and animals. Drawings of Jerusalem, Hebron Tiberius and Safed.
2. "Lichvod Shabbat VeYom Tov", Lunz Printing Press. Temple Mount, Tombs of the Righteous. Drawing of Hebron and Nablus. Illustrations of lions and other animals.
3. "Lichvod Shabat VeYom Tov", Book Store Mendel Friedman and Associates Printing Press, Jerusalem. Shabbat Kiddush and blessings; large drawing of the Western Wall; Rachel's Tomb, Jerusalem and Safed – in the corners.
Average size: 47X53 cm. Good condition. Borders of cloth unraveled.

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Yochanan Simon – Illustration of Two Youths and Flag

Yochanan Simon, illustration of two youths raising the flag of Israel. A water tower and houses on a hill, flying Israeli flags are visible in the background.
21x14.5 cm. Good condition. Lightly stained. Pasted to paper.

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An 18th Century Jewish Wedding – Painted Woodcut

18th Century Jewish Wedding, woodcut by Hungarian artist Nandor Vidai Brenner (1903-1944), painted by Jacob Max Oppenheim.
Pencil signature of the artist in lower section
44x35 cm., in damaged frame 51x41cm. Fair condition. Stains, lower part damaged from damp.

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Jewish Cemeteries

8 postcards with photographs of Jewish cemeteries:
Brest-Litowsk – two different postcards; Friedrichstadt, Germany; Lida; Baranowitz; cemetery near Łódź, and more.
Various conditions, mainly good. Some slightly stained.

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Yochanan Simon – Illustration of Tree Trunk and Workers.

Yochanan Simon, illustration of pruned tree trunk with birds above it. Beneath the illustration: two strips depicting laborers: shepherd, driver, builder and more.
16.5x15 cm.; 2 strips 16x2.5 cm. Good condition. Pasted to paper. Slightly stained and creased.

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Postcard – First Zionist Congress

A souvenir postcard, the first Zionist Congress in Basel. Printed in Galati, Romania, 1898. Portraits of Dr. Herzl, Dr. Nordau, Dr. Karpel Lipa and Samuel Pineles. Sent by post on September 1898. A New Year blessing, handwritten and signed by Pineles. Fair condition. Tears and stains, missing corner. Recipient address on reverse side.

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Jewish Neighborhoods and Streets in Europe

11 postcards portraying Jewish neighborhoods or regions in Europe. Some of the postcards are photographed (Real Photo). Among the places portrayed in the postcards:
Iwanowo, Russia; Prague Ghetto; Weinhein; Nowogrodek, Belarus; Wilna; Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland; and more. One of the postcards appears in duplicate.
One postcard undivided. Varying condition, good.

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New Year Cards – Wiener Werkstate

3 New Year cards, produced by the Viennese workshop – Wiener Werkstate, Austria.
Unused. Very good condition.

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Mandovski – Collection of Photographs, 1940’s

24 photographs by Adolph Mandovski and his son, Gideon Mandovski. Northern part of Israel, 1940's.
Some of the photographs are described on their reverse side: “Shveitzaria” by Beit Oren; workshop in Eilon [Kibbutz]; Yechiam; Kfar-Giladi; Carmel Forests; Naharia Coast; and more.
Some are signed upon their reverse side: Adolph Mandovski, upon one photograph, in pencil – Gideon Mandovski.
Gideon Mandovski (1925-1948) son of Adloph. Native of Opole, Germany, immigrated to Israel in the year 1939 and completed his studies in Mikveh Israel. Served in the Notrim unit and was killed in the War of Independence in the Ramat-Yochanan battle.
18X13 cm. Good condition. Few stains.

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Rehavam Ze’evi – Interesting Letter, 1966

Rehavam Ze’evi (Gandhi), handwritten letter on official General Headquarters letter paper. Addressed to a friend in Paris, July 1966.
The letter begins with the following: “I have now returned from the North after we have fought against the Syrians like never before: we discovered all of their heavy mechanical equipment…”. Ze’evi concludes his letter saying: “Regards to Paris’s young women. Yours, Rehavam”.
[1] page, 16.5 X 20 cm. Good condition.

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Eretz HaZvi – Drawings of Eretz Israel, 1929

Eretz Hazvi, Aharon Halevi. "Ayalah" Publishing by Dvir, Jerusalem, 1929. Foreword by Yitzhak ben Avraham Katz.
A dozen drawings of Israel's landscapes associating them to appropriate verses from the Bible, by Aharon Halevi (about him – see previous item).
[2], 12 pages. Appears in the Bibliography Institute CD with an additional [1] folded page, 39 cm. Thick quality paper. Good condition. Slight foxing on page margins. Uncut sheets of paper. Small tears and creases on edges of cover.

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Photographed Catalogue – Jewelry Store, Palestine

19 photographs with tens pictures of brooches, earrings, pendants and chains made in Palestine. Many of them produced by "Bezalel" or in "Bezalel" style.
17x10.5 cm. on average. Very good condition.

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Abraham Walkowitz – Jew with Torah Scroll, 1901

Abraham Walkowitz, drawing of Jewish figure with Torah scroll, Ink on paper. [U.S.], signed by hand and dated, 1901.
Walkowitz (1878-1965), American painter, amongst the pioneers of 20th Century Modern Art. For more information: see enclosed material.
22x14.5 cm., framed 39.5x29 cm. Good condition. Slight damage to center of illustration.

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