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Auction 11 Lot Number 1

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Postcard – First Zionist Congress

A souvenir postcard, the first Zionist Congress in Basel. Printed in Galati, Romania, 1898. Portraits of Dr. Herzl, Dr. Nordau, Dr. Karpel Lipa and Samuel Pineles. Sent by post on September 1898. A New Year blessing, handwritten and signed by Pineles. Fair condition. Tears and stains, missing corner. Recipient address on reverse side.

Opening280$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 2

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Zionist Congresses

1. The second Zionist Congress in Basel, official postcard, [1898]. Sent from Basel to Vienna. Rimer 3.
2. The 12th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad, [1921]. Illustrated by Joseph Bodko. Rimer 36-37.
3. The 13th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad, [1923]. Illustrated by Joseph Bodko. Rimer 44.
Very good condition.

Opening850$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 3

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Eighth Congress – Signature by Hermann Struck – Herzl

1. Official postcard, the Eighth Zionist Congress in Den Haag, August 1907 (Rimer 14). On reverse side handwritten dedication by the artist Hermann Struck (in German).
2. Postcard with Herzl's portrait by Meir Gur Aryeh.
Good condition. Writing on back sides.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 4

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Max Nordau’s Speeches at the First Zionist Congresses – Warsaw, 1900

Mowy ze Zjadów Syonistycznych w Bazylei [speeches at the Zionist Congresses in Basel], by Max Nordau. Warsaw, 1900.
Three speeches by Max Nordau at the first Zionist Congresses in Basel, 1897-1899. Polish.
47 pages, 19.5 cm. Dry and brittle paper. Tears and few stains. Handwritten notes in margins of a number of leaves.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 5

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Delegate Card – The 9th Congress in Hamburg, 1909

Delegeitenkarte [delegate card], The 9th Zionist Congress in Hamburg, December 26-30, 1909.
Delegate card for a representative from Kolomyia (Ukraine).
[2] pages, 11X17 cm. Good condition. Few stains.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 6

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The Zionist Congress – Four Items

1-2. A postmarked envelope and a postmarked letter. Stamps of the 12th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad . September 1921.
3. An empty envelope, with a stamp. Stamps of the 13th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad. July 1923.
4. A postcard "All who believe in the redemption", first congress, basic assembly of The New Zionist Union. Vienna, 1935. On the back, the stamp of the congress and the stamp "Tel Chai in the Holy Land". A printed symbol, work of Arthur Szyk [?].
Varied size and condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 7

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Der Judenstaat – Herzl – Vienna, 1896

Der Judenstaat: Versuch, Einer Modernen Losung der Judenfrage, Theodor Herzl. M. Breitenstein publishing, Vienna, 1896. Second edition.
"The Jewish State: Proposal of a modern solution to the Jewish problem". The famous book by Herzl, in which he portrays the Jewish problem and the need to find a political-national solution. German.
86 pages, 23.5 cm. Good condition. Few stains, markings in pencil and ink stamps. Minor tears in margins of binding.

Opening120$ Sold For148$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 8

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Herzl – Collection of a Variety of Items

A large collection of items connected to Herzl, in which his name is mentioned or his picture appears:
7 booklets about Theodor Herzl, some with photographs (Israel and Zurich); 25 plates and photographs with Herzl's portrait, family or sites connected to Herzl, on various occasions. Amongst them: a certificate for the contribution of trees to KKL, a record with a colored print of the ceremony of the Declaration of the State of Israel etc; c. 70 envelopes, stamps, labels and a number of photographs with Herzl's portrait or reference to his name, arranged in an album.
C. 100 items. Varied size and condition. In general, good condition.

Opening900$ Sold For1,107$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 9

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Photographs of Herzl’s Grave in Vienna and in Jerusalem

1. A group photograph near the graves of Theodor Herzl and his family in Vienna. Photographed by Gilgor (his stamp is on the back side of the photograph). Divided on reverse side for postcard use.
9X13 cm. Good condition.
2. Photograph of the temporary tombstone of Herzl's grave in Jerusalem, after his bones were brought to Israel, [c. 1949].
6X8.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 10

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Postcards and a Label from the Procession to Herzl’s Grave

"If you wish – this is not a myth!" – a postcard by Levanon Company publishers; a postcard with Theodor Herzl's picture, Vienna; a postcard with Theodor Herzl on the veranda in Basel, Phönix publishing, Berlin; a souvenir label, "procession to Herzl's grave 1937" with a picture of the tombstone of Herzl and his family.
4 items, varied size and condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 11

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Illustrated Poster – Portrait of Dr. Theodor Herzl

Poster – Illustrated portrait of Dr. Theodor Herzl, with micrographic elements.
Text in Yiddish. The caption "Dr. Theodor Herzl" in Latin characters.
35.5x43 cm. In frame 45X37cm. Very good condition.

Opening180$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 12

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Herzl – If You Wish This is not a Myth

A postcard publicized by the Teachers' Branch in Jerusalem, 1918.
On half of the postcard is a picture of Herzl, on the second half is a quote of his words, bearing the title "to the young generation!".
Fair condition. Torn and stained.

Opening180$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 13

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Herzl – Printed Micrograph

A picture of the founder of Zionist politics: Dr. Ze'ev Benjamin Herzl. [C. 1929].
"The work of Ms. Lountina Adler in honor of the 25th anniversary of his death and this picture contains his lofty opinions written in his renowned book The State of the Jews”.
At the bottom – a handwritten dedication.
C. 25X45 cm, in frame 38.5X58.5 cm. Good condition. Few stains and creases.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 14

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Poster – Herzl’s Vision – State of Israel

Commemoration of Herzl's Vision: Founding of The State of Israel. "If I forget Jerusalem I will forget my right hand". May 15. 1948. [South Africa? 1948].
Portraits of Herzl, Chaim Weizmann and David Ben-Gurion.
Poster: 28x33 cm, Glued on cardboard: 38x46 cm. Very good condition. Margins of cardboard are somewhat browned.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 15

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A Copper Plate – Herzl

Herzl, a copper plate with flattening and etching works. Folk handicraft, Betzalel style.
At the center, Theodor Herzl's portrait, above the portrait are Stars of David and a crown. Under the portrait are the word Herzl, two flags and a menorah. The sides are decorated with plants and the Western Wall. On the margins of the plate is etched "From Zion the Torah will come forth and the word of G-d from Jerusalem" etc.
Diameter: 27.3 cm. Fair condition.

Opening180$ Sold For221$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 16

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Jewish Almanac Published by the JNF – Prague, 1925-1931

Judischer Almanach [Jewish almanac]. 7 consecutive booklets published by the JNF, Prague, 1925-1931.
All the booklets include a calendar, articles about The Land of Israel. Photographs of Jewish leaders and men of spirit, pictures of The Land of Israel, Judaica artifacts etc.
18 cm; 21.5 cm. Good condition. Foxing, few tears.

Opening220$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 17

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JNF Romania – Three Yizkor cards

JNF Romania – Three Yizkor cards
Yizkor, three different items published by the JNF. Romania, after World War II.
Both cards have place for filling in the name of the one who is praying and his address, contains the prayer of Yizkor and the Memorial Prayer. On one of the cards: Hatikva.
Varied size, fair-poor condition.

Opening120$ Sold For148$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 18א

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Chovevei Zion and Mazkeret Moshe – Important Historical Documents – The Establishment of Hadera

1. The Committee of the Mazkeret Moshe Association in Riga – a copy of a handwritten document in lithographic print, with handwritten additions. Doblen by Riga, 1886. Deals with organizational problems and with the demand to call a large meeting and to distribute this letter to all the committees. At the end of the letter, a handwritten addition by the association's secretary, Ze'ev HaCohen Kaplan. The committee dealt with collecting contributions for the establishment of the Jerusalem neighborhood Mazkeret Moshe named after Moshe Montefiore.
[3] printed pages, [1] handwritten page, 27.5 cm. Fair condition. Minor tears, folding marks and stains.
2. Protocol of the Chovevei Tzion Convention in Druzgenik [Kovno region], 1887. Twenty three of the movement's central members participated in the convention, including: Pinsker, Moshe Leib Lilinblum, Ussishkin, Rabbi Samuel Mohaliver and others. The protocol contains the names of the participants, Pinsker's resignation, the manner of collecting funds and people for purchasing land in Eretz Israel in general and in Hadera in particular, etc.
[3] pages, 35.5 cm. Folding marks, minor tears. Stains.
3-4. Handwritten letter, sent from Jaffa to the Chovevei Tzion members in Europe in 1891. "Last week, we were in Hadera, we traveled with approximately ten people… [including] Tiomkin, head of the Executive Committee. All our travels were by day and this was very beneficial for ascertaining the essence and the nature of the land… and in Hadera we tarried for about 40 hours… Hankin… showed us the way to seek the fields… and the property, there we saw and were convinced that there is no place like it for beauty and good nature amongst all the property that we have seen along the way…". The lands of Hadera were purchased in 1890 by Hankin's mediation and were settled in 1891. The letter includes descriptions of the lands surrounding Hadera, plans for paving roads, planting various trees, agricultural development etc. Attached is a handwritten draft, with corrections and erasing.
[4] pages, 28cm. Good condition. Folding marks and stains.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 19

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Mazkeret Batya (Ekron) – Important Documents – The Shmita Controversy

1. A letter from the settlers to Rabbi Israel Dov Frumkin, the editor of Hachavatzelet newspaper. [Not dated, apparently 1895 or 1896]. "A double request of Your Honor to reply with good advice to the question of Shmita as we have read in his newspaper … in our settlement, five families wish to keep the laws of Shmita as written in the Torah…".
2. A letter from 1899, to Rabbi Yonatan Binyamin HaLevi Horowitz, the rabbi and manager of the Committee of Officers and Administrators (Amsterdam) in Jerusalem, requesting monetary assistance.
3. A letter from 1895 from the settlers, at the bottom of the letter a letter by Rabbi Zerach Reuven Braverman, the Rabbi of Petach Tikva.
4. A letter from 1896, about the collection for building a house for Rabbi Mordechai Leib Rubin.
5. A letter from 1895 with the request for monetary assistance. "The hardships of working our Holy Land lessen the love of Torah in our midst… ".
6. A bill of the sale of a house in the Ekron settlement, with the signature and authorization of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook. Rehovot, 1905 or 1907.
The Shmita controversy in Mazkeret Batya in 1889 is well known, when the settlement founders decided to keep the commandment of Shmita as the rabbis of Jerusalem instructed them. This was in opposition to the opinion of the officers of Baron Rothchild, who demanded that the settlers continue working the land. The document before us also deals with the Shmita controversy a number of years later. Attached are a number of newspaper clippings with details of the first settlers.
[6] pages, varied size, fair condition. Tears, cutoff margins, folding marks and few stains.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 20

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The Archives of the Establishment of the Ruchama Settlement in the Negev – The She’erit Israel Association

A collection of letters, documents, printed pages and postcards connected to the establishment of the settlement Ruchama (Jammama) in the Negev, from the archives of Abraham Kaminer Volkovsky, one of the heads of the She’erit Israel Association and one of the settlement’s founders. 1911 until the 1940s.
Most of the archives contain original material from the time of the establishment of the settlement (second decade of the 20th century), postcards that were sent to Abraham Kaminer, list of the names of the first settlers, demands of payment, information on the development of the settlement, building structures, agriculture etc. Includes letters and postcards from " the Association for Purchase of Land" of Bialistok, the" She’erit Israel Association" in Moscow, The Neta’im Association, Arthur Rupin and other organizations and people.
The archives include a number of letters from the 1940s, regarding Kaminer family’s claim on the dismantling of the lands of Ruchama and inheritance rights and land ownership.
The settlement Ruchama was established in 1911 by the " She’erit Israel Association" of Moscow and was the first of the settlements in the Negev in the new era. In the beginning, the settlement was called Jammama after an Arab village in the vicinity.
C. 50 items, varied size and condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 21

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Rules for the Main Roads – Proclamation from the Beginning of the British Mandate

These are the rules for the main roads. A proclamation of early traffic instructions by Colonel Percy Brooke Bramley, manager of The Department for the Nation’s Security and afterwards the Police Commander. The Land of Israel, [the beginning of the 1920s].
. “Rules of the road that all wagon drivers, automobile drivers, horse riders, bicycle riders, whether manual or motor, mule drivers, camel drivers, shepherds… must watch them”.
A single leaf, 43 cm. Poor condition. Stains, creases and many tears. Restored, but with damage and missing text

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 22

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Entrance Permits to Palestine, 1913-1919

Three entrance permits to Palestine, used by a Russian messenger:
1. A Russian official certificate [visa?], for Yitchak Kaminer with his picture. Issued in Russia in 1913.
2. A permit from the Russian Embassy in Alexandria, that no obstacle stands in the way of Yitzchak Kaminer’s return to Russia after completing his mission. A handwritten leaf, December 1917.
3. Permit to enter Palestine. Issued in Alexandria on January 1, 1919 for Mr. Yitzchak Kaminer, with his picture.
Varied size, fair-good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 23

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Megilat HaShabbat – Binding with Dedication for Herbert Samuel – Jerusalem, 1924

Megilat HaShabbat, public protests in Jerusalem and other holy cities and settlements. Published by the Central Committee "Mishmeret Shabbat", Jerusalem, [1924].
Letters by various public figures and rabbis objecting to the public desecration of Shabbat, in Jerusalem in particular and in Eretz Israel in general. Amongst the writers Rabbi Kook. On the binding a dedication "to His Excellency the High Commissioner to Eretz Israel… Herbert Samuel". Attached is a promotional leaf for the book.
122 pages, 15 cm. fair-good condition. Binding detached.

Opening100$ Sold For160$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 24

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The History of Montefiore – Vilna, 1886

The History of Montefiore or The Cedar of Levanon, by Yisrael David Miller. Vilna, 1886. A comprehensive biography of Sir Moses Montefiore, publicized a year after his death. Yiddish.
103 pages. 20 cm. Fair condition, foxing.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 25

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Kol Eretz Israel, 1926

Kol Eretz Israel, edited by Yishayahu Pevzner, Tel-Aviv, 1926.
Comprehensive guidebook with information on various aspects of life. Contains statistical data as well as addresses of offices, stores, industry and more.
24 cm. Fair condition, stains. Few leaves torn on margins.

Opening150$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 26

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The Commercial Guide of The Land of Israel, 1938

The Commercial Guide of The Land of Israel, 1st Year, 1st Issue. [Tel Aviv? February, 1938].
A guide to businesses and commerce, government and national institutes, community committees, associations, factories, publishers, libraries, food stores, doctors, attorneys and other professionals Including business addresses and sometimes telephone numbers.
“Appearing once a week” is written at the top of the issue, but we do not know of any more issues.
[6] pages, 69 cm. Fair condition. Thin paper. Tears at folding lines, few stains.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 27

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Bracha Chabas – Wall and Tower – Moshe Vorobeichik, 1939

Bracha Chabas – Wall and Tower – Moshe Vorobeichik, 1939
Wall and Tower, Bracha Chabas. Published by the Histadrut Youth Center, Tel Aviv, 1939.
The story of 37 settlements that were established from 1936-1938. “An envelope, map, and picture arrangement – M. Vorobeichik”. Additional photographs by Rudi Weissenstein, Zoltan Kluger and others.
7, 186, [3] pages, 20 cm. Good condition, few stains (primarily on first pages).

Opening100$ Sold For123$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 28

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Agudat Netaim – 1921

The Palestine Agudath Netaim - Memorandum and Articles of Association. Jerusalem, 1921.
A booklet of the Agudat Netaim Association’s regulations, whose purpose was to establish agricultural settlements in Eretz Israel with private capital investments. The list of its members includes Aaron Eisenberg (the company manager and one of the founders of Rehovot), Ze’ev Gluskin, Betzalel Yaffe, Meir Dizengoff and others. On the cover, Eisenberg’s handwritten signature. English
34 pages, 22 cm. Fair condition, detached cover, foxing.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 29

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Gdud Ha’avoda – Three Items

1. A postcard with the portrait of Joseph Trumpeldor. On the back, names of the dead of the Tel-Chai battle.
2. "An informative pamphlet", Gdud Ha'avoda named after Joseph Trumpeldor, the 1920's. For filling personal details, including a chart for tracking work and the battalion’s regulations.
7 pages, 14.5 cm. Very good condition, unused.
3. Check for the total of 8 Egyptian Lira addressed to the Gdud Ha'avoda, Tel-Aviv Division. June 1926. Pen signatures on back.
10X21 cm. Fair condition, folds, foxing.

Opening150$ Sold For185$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 30

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The Scrolls of Shapira

A leaf about the scrolls of Shapira, the wadi where they were supposedly found and Hebrew inscriptions in the vicinity.
Moses Wilhelm Shapira (1830-1884), an antiquities collector and dealer who lived in Jerusalem in the second half of the 19th century. He was known as a purveyor of fake artifacts as a result of two famous cases – he faked a collection of Moabite earthenware, and scrolls that were supposedly discovered in the Dead Sea region in 1883. The scrolls contained a similar version (with minor differences) of the Book of Deuteronomy. Tests carried out by The British Museum researchers and other researchers, reached the conclusion that the scrolls were forged. The scrolls were announced to be fake, Shapira left London and in 1884, he committed suicide.
23.5X18 cm. in passé-partout 35X29 cm. Good condition.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 31

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The Opening of The Hebrew University – Addition to Haaretz Newspaper

An addition to Haaretz Issue 1711, the opening of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Jerusalem, 1925.
A summary of the events of the day of the opening of the university, Rabbi Kook’s prayer and sermon, the speeches of Chaim Weitzmann, The Palestine High Commissioner, Lord Balfour, Bialik, and the summary of "the Arab participation in the festivities".
A large single leaf printed on both sides, 61.5 cm. Good condition. Few stains. Minor tears to margins, creases and folding marks.

Opening120$ Sold For172$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 32

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Inauguration of the Hebrew University – Hanover, 1925

Jüdische Nachrichten Hannover, Fest Nummer [festive] issue in honor of the inauguration of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Hanover, [1925].
Preface by Heinrich Loewe. Printed in red ink, with a number of photographs and advertisements for Palestinian products. On back cover, photograph of the Keren Kayemet LeYisrael charity box [Jewish National Fund].
16 pages, 20.5 cm. Fair condition, few stains, paper cover with tears.

Opening120$ Sold For148$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 33

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Newspaper Collection – The Opening of The Hebrew University

A collection of newspapers from Poland – the opening of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, April 1925.
Amongst the newspapers: Hayom (Warsaw) – a festive issue in honor of the opening of the university, with articles by Albert Einstein, Lord Balfour etc; "Hayom – an illustrated addition to the university issue", with printed photographs of the "laying of the cornerstone" ceremony; Heint (Warsaw) – "From Zion, Torah comes forth" in honor of the opening of the university; the Lodzer Tagblatt (Lodz); the Der Moment" (Warsaw); a printed leaf [with illustrations and photographs] added to the Heint newspaper in honor of the event.
Varied size and condition, fair-poor.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 34

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Annuals of the Palestine Exploration Fund of Archeology, 1911-1915

Annual – Palestine Exploration Fund, three volumes (annuals) published by the fund. London, 1911-1915.
Volumes summarizing the years: 1911, 1912-1913, 1914-1915. Contains articles on archeology , with many photographs and diagrams.
The third annual includes the study The Wilderness of Zin, by C. Leonard Woolley and T. E. Lawrence . The British defense minister urged the fund to publicize this report as soon as possible to convince the Turks that the British operations in the Negev are only archeological, the opening remark of the annual that was published in the beginning of 1915, shows that the two authors were recruited into the army at the end of 1914 and were placed in Egypt for special missions.
3 volumes, 28.5 cm. Good condition. Foxing in the first and last leaves. Minor damage to covers.

Opening550$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 35

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Hayabelet – A Humorous Pamphlet

Hayabelet – a pamphlet about the sickness of Jubilees in the Land of Israel, [Kaddish Judah Silman?].
Jerusalem, 1912.
A satiric pamphlet that mocks the "illness" of the many Jubilee celebrations that in the midst of the Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel.
16 pages, 18 cm. Fair condition, foxing, minor tears to margins.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 36

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Chaim Nachman Bialik – Collection of Booklets

1. Ha'Halacha VeHa'aggadah, by Chaim Nachman Bialik. Published by "Ma'aritzey-Ha'halachah", Jerusalem, [1919].
2. Bialik She-Be'al Peh (on the first memorial day to his death), by Mordechai Gotfried. Vienna, 1935.
3. Chaim Nachman Bialik – Birthday present – Folded cardboard with Bialik's photograph.
4. Jubilee booklet in honor of Bialik, 1933.
5. Issue 15 of "Kolno'a" journal, illustrated bi-weekly, dedicated to Bialik's death, 1934.
6. Yemey Bialik. Exhibition catalogue in his memory. Berlin, 1936.
7. La'avodat Ha'am, by C.N. Bialik. Published by youth department of Keren Hayessod, 1947.
Total of 7 booklets, size varies, fair-good condition.

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Auction 11 Lot Number 37

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Plan for Settlement East of the Jordan River – New York, 1943

Eretz HaYarden. Three leaves [printout? draft?] of the booklet "Eretz HaYarden Journal, printed in New York in 1943.
The leaves discuss the establishment of a Jewish settlement east of the Jordan River, a suggestion of regulations for "workers" settling there, establishing "Lishkat Hagazit" – a rabbinical authority east of the Jordan, etc.
[3] leaves printed on both sides, 21 cm. Good condition. Folding marks.
See: Plesser, Rivka: Yeshivat Eretz Israel B'Cheshbon. Found in: Ariel, Pamphlet 132 November 1998, pages 74-75.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 38

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Issues of the Engineering and Architecture Newspaper, 1962-1963

Engineering and Architecture, a newspaper by the engineers and architects in Israel. Tel Aviv, 1962-1963.
Two annual volumes: a series of 214 photographs of "Israeli architecture from the perspective of 40 years", summaries of the competition of architectural planning, building the National Library etc.
Volume 20, 1962 contains 7 issues, Volume 21, 1963 contains 10 issues.
30.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 39

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Tvu’ot Ha’aretz – Jerusalem, 1845

Tvu'ot Ha'aretz, [Part 2 of Divrei Yoseph], Rabbi Yehoseph Shwartz.
Jerusalem, 1845. Yisrael Beck Print. Includes: Totza'ot Ha'aretz (a separate title page) and Ma'ase Ha'aretz, Part 2 of Tvu'ot Ha'aretz (a separate title page). First edition.
Rabbi Yehoseph Shwartz (1804-1865), a rabbi and researcher. He was one of the first researchers of Eretz Israel in the new era.
[2], 156; 52, [3] leaves. 18 cm. Fair condition. Tears and creases to margins. Uncut wide margins. Detached leaves. Missing cover.
S. HaLevi 31.

Opening120$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 40

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Eretz Hemda / Shivat Tzion

1. Eretz Hemda, Knowing the Regions of The Land, Nachum Sololov. Warsaw, 1885. A engraving of "The new colony Rishon Letzion". The map is missing.
VIII; 192 pages. 16.5 cm. Good condition. Stains, minor tears.
2. Shivat Tzion, a collection of letters of rabbis praising settling in the Land of Israel, Abraham Yitzchak Slotzsky. Parts 1-2. Warsaw, 1891.
[1], IV; 3-106; 89 pages. 22 cm. Good condition. Stains. Worn cover. Bound with title cover.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 41

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The Borders of the Land of Israel – Two Books

1. Sefer G'vulei Yisrael (The Borders of Israel), Shabtei Ya'akov of Etzkowitz. Vilna, 1899.
Deals with the holiness of The Land of Israel and the clarification of its borders, including a map of the Middle East.
48 pages, 24 cm. Fair condition. Loose spine, foxing, moth holes and few tears.
2. Admat Kodesh, Yitzchak ben Eliyahu Pesach Goldhar. Jerusalem, 1913.
Descriptions of The Land of Israel, its cities and borders, during various periods of time. Contains five colored maps. Approbations of Rabbi Kook, Rabbi Yoseph Chaim Zonnenfeld .
332 pages, [5] plates, 25 cm. Fair condition. Few tears and stains.

Opening200$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 42

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The Holy Land – Impressions and Illustrations – Paris, 1893

En Terre Sainte – Notes et Croquis, D'un Peintre [The Holy Land – Impressions and Illustrations], by Paul Robert. Paris, 1893.
Impressions from the author's journey in The Land of Israel at the end of the 19th century, divided into geographic regions, with black and white illustrations by the author.
X, [1], 196, [1] pages, 27.5 cm. Good condition. Foxing. Partly leather binding.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 11 Lot Number 43

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Maps of Israel – Two Bibliographic Books – Wajntraub and Laor

1. Maps of the Holy Land, Eran Laor. Alan R. Liss Inc, New York, 1986.
Bibliography of c. 1170 maps printed between 1475 and 1900, from the collection of Eran Laor. English.
201 pages, 26X31 cm. Good condition.
2. Hebrew Maps of the Holy Land, E. & G. Wajntraub. Vienna, 1992.
A study focusing and inspecting ancient Hebrew maps and their connection to Jewish sources. 104 photographed maps from 1233 until the 20th century. English.
XXI, 277 pages, 28 cm. Good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 44

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A Map of the World – Antwerp, 1571 – Christopher Plantin Printing

A map of the world, by Benito Arias (Montano). Christopher Plantin Printing, Antwerp, 1571.
Two halves of Earth on two sides of the sheet. Four directions illustrated with human faces. In the oceans, there are many illustrations of ships and animals. The explanations and names of places appear in Hebrew and Latin.
The first Hebrew map that shows part of the Australian continent.
34.5X55 cm. Good condition. White and clean paper, with margins. Restored moth damage near the vertical folding line and on margins. On back side glued paper for strengthening.
Wjantraub no. W.12, does not appear in Laor.

Opening700$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 45

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Map of Jerusalem – Brussels, 1575

A map of Jerusalem and its vicinity, by Frans Hogenberg. [Brussels, 1575, according to the original map printed in Cologne, 1572].
Two maps in a sheet, on the left side a topographic description of the old city in the days of Jesus, on the right side – modern Jerusalem. On the lower right corner there is an engraving of Moses receiving the Tablets of Law, and of Aaron.
35X48 cm. Fair condition. Restored tears, stains and folding marks.
Laor A1039.

Opening150$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

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A Map of the Travels of The Children of Israel – Holland, 1729

A map of the travels of The Children of Israel, a large copper engraving by Pieter van der Aa. [Leiden, Holland], 1729].
The map faces east, with the names of the places they encamped as they appear in the Bible, arranged by numbers in chronological order. Dutch inscriptions. Printed on two separate sheets of paper.
78X33 cm. Good condition. Stains. An ink stain with two holes burned by ink.
Laor 4.

Opening150$ Sold For185$ Including buyers premium

Auction 11 Lot Number 47

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The Territories of the Tribes of Israel – Two Ancient Maps

1. A map of the Holy Land and the territories of the 12 tribes, by Matthaeus Seutter . [Augsburg, Germany, 1744?]. Copper engraving hand painted.
22X27 cm. in frame 34.5X39.5 cm. Good condition. Stains.
2. A map of The Holy Land, its surroundings and the territories of the 12 tribes, by Iohann Michael Probs. [Augsburg, Germany, middle of 18th century]. Copper engraving hand painted.
20X27 cm, in frame 26.5X39.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains.

Opening200$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

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Map of Eretz Israel – Vilna

Eretz Israel, G. Florermacher and A.I. Goldsmidt. Vilna, [Beginning of 20th Century?].
A physical map of Eretz Israel (1:400,000), alongside a small map with the territories of the twelve tribes. On the reverse side – the tent of meeting, ark of the covenant, the altar, a menorah, instruments of worship and more. Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian.
80X60 cm. Poor condition. Folded, with tears and pasting.

Opening100$ Sold For185$ Including buyers premium
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