Auction 046 Special Chabad Auction in Honor of 11th Nisan - Birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and in Honor of Pesach

Two Salt Shakers of the Rebbe Rayatz – Used by Him in 1940-1945

Opening: $1,000
Sold for: $4,750
Including buyer's premium

Two salt shakers which belonged to Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn – the Rayatz of Lubavitch.

Glass body; silver cover (marked: "Sterling").

Letter of authenticity enclosed (handwritten note, in English), signed in Hebrew by Rebbetzin Chanah Gurary (1899-1991), eldest daughter of Rebbe Rayatz: "I hereby gift... the salt & paper shakers used by my father while at the Greystone Hotel when we arrived in 1940. He continued to use these until 1945. He got different ones then and gave me these at the time". Dated – November 5, 1989. A wooden box which may have also been used by the Rebbe or his family is enclosed (the box was given together with the salt shakers, though it is not mentioned in the letter).

First years in the USA

In 1939, with the outbreak of WWII, Rebbe Rayatz, his mother Rebbetzin Shterna Sarah, his wife Rebbetzin Nechama Dina, and his daughter Rebbetzin Chana and her husband, R. Shemaryahu Gurary were stranded in Warsaw under German occupation, their lives in great danger. After several months of travail and wandering, the Rebbe and his entourage reached the United States on Tuesday 9th Adar II, 1940. Following a short reception at the port, the Rayatz arrived at his temporary quarters – Room 609 at the Greystone Hotel on Broadway and 91st Street in Manhattan New York.

About half a year later, the Rayatz and his entourage moved to 770 Eastern Parkway, in the center of the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. From his home at 770, the Rayatz reestablished the Chabad Chassidic court and its institutes. There he met community leaders and activists, held private audiences ("Yechidus") with Chassidim, wrote letters to all parts of the world, and worked unceasingly to strengthen and support Judaism and the Chassidut. The Rayatz continued his activities for ten years until his passing on 10th Shevat, 1950.

According to the enclosed letter of authenticity, Rebbe Rayatz used the present salt shakers during the first five years of his residence in the USA, 1940-1945.

Approx. 6 cm. Good conditions. Bends and defects to salt shakers' covers.

PLEASE NOTE: Item description was shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.

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