Special Chabad Auction in Honor of Chai (18th) Elul

Two Postcards Received by Rebbe Rayatz on His Trip to Eretz Israel in 1929 – With Letter of Authenticity Signed by His Daughter Rebbetzin Chanah Gurary

Opening: $400

Two postcards which Rebbe Rayatz received during his trip to Eretz Israel in 1929.
Two identical postcards (one printed in sepia and one in blue). Jerusalem: Jamal Bros., 1921.
The postcards contain a portrait of R. Mordechai Dov Ber Slonim of Hebron, son of Rebbetzin Menuchah Rachel Slonim (daughter of the Mitteler Rebbe and granddaughter of the Baal HaTanya), wearing the traditional garb of Jews of the Old Yishuv (photographed by Shlomo Narinsky). The inscription "An original type of Rabbi" is printed on the verso.
Enclosed is a letter of authenticity (handwritten note, in English), signed in Hebrew by Rebbetzin Chanah Gurary (1899-1991), eldest daughter of Rebbe Rayatz: "During my father's visit to Eretz Yisroel, he received these two postcards from an old Chabad Chosid. He told my father that this was a postal card issued in 1921 by the postal authorities but in fact was Menucha Rochel son. My father gave it to me when he returned back from the United States as a gift". Dated 17th September 1989.

Rebbe Rayatz paid a two-week trip to Eretz Israel in Av 1929, to visit the holy sites, pray at the gravesites of Tzaddikim and to assess the possibility of settling there.
R. Mordechai Dov Ber Slonim (1840-1915), son of Rebbetzin Menucha Rachel Slonim. Director of Kollel Chabad in Eretz Israel, and a prominent member of the Chabad community in Hebron.

Two postcards (one in sepia tones and one in blue tones). 14X9 cm. Good condition.