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Two Bookplates Depicting Theodor Herzl

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Two bookplates bearing portraits of Theodor Herzl:
1. Bookplate of Saul S. Spiro with Herzl's portrait in the center, framed by a Star of David and encircled by the David Wolffsohn Building on Mt. Scopus, the Tower of David, and other illustrations. Spiro was an educator, author, and journalist, a Zionist activist, and secretary and director of the Executive of the Zionist Organization in the United States.
9.5X6.5 cm. Good condition. Minor traces of adhesive tape on back.
2. Bookplate of Leon Kellner bearing a portrait of Kellner himself (?) alongside portraits of William Shakespeare, Benjamin Disraeli, and Theodor Herzl. Kellner was a close friend of Herzl's, a lexicographer, an expert English-language grammarian, a scholar of Shakespearean literature, and a pioneering member of the Zionist movement.
13X12 cm. Good condition. Tear and minor creases.
Zionism, Zionist Congresses, Herzl, JNF