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Siddur by Rabbi Ya'akov Emden – The Copy Belonging to Rabbi Shmuel Horwitz

Opening: $300
Siddur Beit Ya'akov, by Rabbi Ya'akov Emden, with additions and Psalms. Warsaw, 1881 [c. 1890]. Signature of Rabbi "Shmuel Horwitz".
The tzaddik Rabbi Shmuel Horwitz (1905-1972), born in Safed, a leader of Breslav Chassidim in Eretz Yisrael, lived in the Old City of Jerusalem until 1948 and established the Breslav printing press. After returning from Jordan captivity, he lived in Jerusalem and in Meron. In the book “Yemei Shmuel” his personal and spiritual diary was printed, where he writes of the whole matter of his coming close and bonding to Breslav.
264; 55, 95-108, 1-20, 1-34 leaves. 22.5 cm. Dry brittle paper. Fair-poor condition, wear and tear, many usage stains, primarily to the pages of kabbalistic kavanot during the meal and at shofar blowing. Worn binding.
On the title page the date is 1881 and on the reverse side the censor authorization is dated 1888.
This is actually a stereotype printing printed in Warsaw in c. 1890. See Bibliography Institute CD Listing 0324179.
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