A Poem by Isabella Leitner / Four Quotes from Jewish Sources – Two Books with Prints by Gerson Leiber – New York, 1996 and 2000 – Limited Editions

Opening: $300
Two books with prints by Gerson Leiber. Printed by Philip Gallo in collaboration with Oil Creek Press, New York. English.
1. The Wisdom of the Mishnah Sages, four quotes from Jewish sources, accompanied by four prints by Gerson Leiber. 1996.
Copy no. 10 of 55. The prints and the colophon are signed by the artist.
[4] pages of text and [4] prints, approx. 18 cm. Good condition.
2. May 31, 1944, a long poem by Isabella Leitner, accompanied by prints by Gerson Leiber. 2000.
Portfolio edition, in a cloth-covered slipcase. Copy no. 30 of 40. Title page signed by Leitner and Leiber.
[9] plates with text and prints, approx. 57 cm. Good condition. Minor abrasions to verso of plates. The slipcase is slightly faded.
See items 90-91.