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Part I

Pierre Victor Lottin de Laval – "A Voyage to The Arabian Peninsula, Sinai and Middle Egypt" – Text Volume – Paris, 1855-1859

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Voyage dans la péninsule arabique du Sinaï et l'Égypte moyenne. Histoire, géographie, épigraphie [A Voyage to The Arabian Peninsula, Sinai and Middle Egypt. History, Geography, Epigraphy], by Lottin de Laval. Paris: Gide et Cie, 1855-1859. French. First edition. Text volume only.
Pierre Victor Lottin de Laval (1810-1903) was a French archeologist, writer and painter. Between 1843 and 1851, he participated in three French scientific expeditions to the Near East, creating dozens of drawings, sketches and reports. This volume reviews the archeological study of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sinai Desert and Middle Egypt.
This volume was originally printed alongside an additional volume of prints documenting Laval's third expedition in 1850-1851 (an expedition during which he attempted to reconstruct the route taken by the Israelites in the Sinai desert).
[2] ff., 355, [1] pp. 48.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Uneven edges. Wear and tears to edges, most of them small. Open tears to edges of first two leaves, not affecting text (tape on edge of first leaf). New binding and endpapers.
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