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Miniature Parchment Manuscript - "Nighttime Kriat Shema" According to Kabbalah - Italy, 19th Century

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Parchment manuscript, "Nighttime Kriat Shema". [Italy, ca. 19th century].
Miniature manuscript. Ink on thin parchment leaves, Italian square script, with instructions in Italian semi-cursive script. Title page with illuminated border: "Nighttime Kriat Shema". The page following the title page contains the title: "Nighttime Kriat Shema according to Kabbalah".
Bedtime Kriat Shema, with prayers and verses. Divided into the seven days of the week, with different psalms for each day. This service is rooted in the teachings of the Kabbalistic scholars R. Moshe Cordovero and the Arizal (printed in "Seder VeTikkun Kriat Shema She'al Hamita", Prague, 1615). This service was also printed in the "Shaar HaShamayim" siddur of the Shlah (Amsterdam, 1717, leaf 151), in the name of "the kabbalistic scholars in an oral tradition" and according to "the Sefardic siddur".
[54] leaves. 8.7 cm. Good condition. Stains. Leather binding.