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Mikraot Gedolot – Basel, 1618-1619 – Four-Volume Set

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Mikraot Gedolot, Torah Neviim and Ketuvim, with commentaries. Basel: Ludwig König, [1618-1619].
Complete set in four volumes, large format.
Vol. I: Five Books of the Torah, with Targum Onkelos, the commentaries of Rashi, Ibn Ezra and Baal HaTurim, and Masorah.
Vol. II: Neviim Rishonim, with Targum, the commentaries of Rashi, Radak, Ralbag, R. Yeshaya, and Masorah (in this copy, Divrei HaYamim and Masorah Gedolah are bound at the end of this volume).
Vol. III: Neviim Acharonim, with Targum, the commentaries of Rashi, Radak and Ibn Ezra, and Masorah.
Vol. IV: Ketuvim, with Targum, and the commentaries of Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Ralbag and R. Saadia Gaon.
Four volumes. Vol. I: [2], 7, [1], 228 leaves. Lacking 4 of first [6] leaves. Vol. II: [1], 234-441, [1]; 910-946; 67 leaves. Vol. III: [1], 442-705, [1] leaves. Vol IV: 707-908, [1] leaves. (Without 36 leaves of the Haftarot according to the various rites and the [2] leaves of errata, which appear in a few copies only). Divrei HaYamim was bound out of sequence, after Melachim (in vol. II). Targum Yerushalmi, which originally appears at the end of vol. IV, was bound at the beginning of vol. I (7, [1] leaves). Leaf following leaf 441, leaf following leaf 705, leaf 838 and leaf 882 are originally blank. The blank leaves which sometimes appear following leaf 685 and following leaf 67 of the second sequence (at the end of vol. II of this set) do not appear in this copy.
39.5 cm. Many darkened leaves. Overall good-fair condition. Some leaves of vol. III are in fair condition. Stains. Dampstains. Worming, affecting text. Tears, including open tears affecting text. In vol. III: traces of past dampness and severe dampstains, wear, tears, paper for reinforcement and extensive worming affecting text to some leaves. Many stamps, inscriptions. New bindings.
Stamps of "Moshe Yechezkel Ehrlich, Warsaw", "Yechezkel Moshe Ehrlich".
Some copies include an additional title page, in Latin, with a Latin introduction by Johannes Buxtorf on verso. This copy does not include this leaf (see Bibliography of the Hebrew Book, record 182291, for variants of this edition).

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