Auction 61 - Rare and Important Items

Manuscript Leaf - Emissary Writ for Rabbi Yitzchak Parchi - Jerusalem, 1836 - Signatures of Jerusalemite Rabbis - With an Addition of a Letter Signed by Rabbi Yitzchak Parchi

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Manuscript leaf, emissary writ for R. Yitzchak Parchi, signed by leading Jerusalemite rabbis of his times: the Rishon L'Zion R. Yonah Moshe Navon (author of Pi Shnayim), R. Yitzchak Kovo (the Rishon L'Zion from 1848), R. Binyamin Mordechai Navon (Ra'avad of Jerusalem and head of the Kabbalist Yeshiva Beit E-l), R. Chaim Moshe Pizanti (Torah scholar and dayan in Jerusalem), R. Yom Tov Refael Meyuchas (prominent Jerusalemite sage, author of Mei Be'er) and R. Avraham Bachar Avraham (a Jerusalemite community leader). Jerusalem, Cheshvan [1836].
Handwritten in cursive Sephardi script, with several enlarged words written in square letters: "Western Wall", "Four Synagogues", "Yitzchak Parchi", "Magishei Mincha", "Golden bell and pomegranate and Torah crown and Tablets of Law", etc.
At the beginning of the leaf, the name of the city Ancona is written [in another handwriting] in the blank space left for entering the name of the community visited by the emissary.
A long passage handwritten and signed by R. Yitzchak Parchi appears under the signatures, containing a letter to the Ancona community written in Trieste ("I am waiting for a speedy reply here in Trieste"). R. Yitzchak apologizes that he himself will not come to Ancona because he heard that those who visit there are required to be quarantined ("in contumàcia" - detention camp for preventing epidemics) for 14 days, and he requests that the Jews of the Ancona community send him their donation and merit "building one of the Jerusalem ruins".
The leaf was folded and sent by mail to Ancona. On the verso appear a Hebrew address in the handwriting of R. Yitzchak Parchi, as well as an address in Italian, postal stampings and remnants of a wax seal.
The kabbalist and sage R. Yitzchak Parchi (1782-1853), called the "Jerusalemite Maggid", was a leading Torah figure in his times. Born in Safed, son of R. Shlomo Parchi who was an orator and teacher, orphaned in his childhood and raised and educated in Jerusalem in the home of the Maharit Algazi who took him under his wing. He assisted the leading Jerusalem kabbalists including the Rosh, R. Avraham Shalom Mizrachi Sharabi (grandson of the Rashash). Eventually, he grew to be a celebrated sage and dayan in the city and was famous as a teacher and preacher. Many years of his life were devoted to collecting funds on behalf of the Jerusalem Kollels in Turkey, the Balkan countries and Italy. During his travels, he printed many of his books and distributed them among Jewish notables. He wrote Matok L'Nefesh, Zechut HaRabim, Marpeh LaEtzem, Mussar Haskel, Shevet Mishor, Hadrat Zekenim (on the Idra), Minei Metikah, Tzuf Dvash, Rochev Aravot, Zechut U'Mishor, and other books. He was primarily celebrated for his work Matok M'Dvash which is cherished throughout the Jewish world and already during the 19th century was reprinted in over ten editions in Zhovkva, Zhitomir, Vilna, Warsaw, Lublin and Lemberg.
Leaf (folded into two). 25 cm. Good condition. Stains (to outside of leaf). Folding marks. Single tiny worm hole.