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Manuscript - Endorsement of a Ruling - Handwritten and Signed by Rabbi David Finzi, Rabbi of Mantua, Son-in-Law of the Ramchal - Mantua, 1726

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Manuscript, endorsement of a ruling by the sages of the Ancona Yeshiva, handwritten and signed by R. David Finzi, Rabbi of Mantua, son-in-law of R. Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, the Ramchal, "on behalf of the sages of the yeshiva" in Mantua. Mantua, 1726.
Endorsement of a ruling regarding laws of neighbors by Ancona sages: "I have seen the ruling of the sages of the Ancona Yeshiva…". At the end, R. David Finzi signs: "… Obscurity does not exist here, rather light, G-d shall enlighten our eyes with his laws and show us wonders of his Torah, Mantua, Thursday, the 22nd of Shevat 1726, David son of R. Azriel Finzi who writes on behalf of the sages of the yeshiva".
The ruling, objections to the ruling and endorsements of the opinion of the rabbis of Ancona by Italian sages were printed in the Shemesh Tzedaka responsa by R. Shimshon Morpurgo, Rabbi of Ancona, Choshen Mishpat, sections 13-32. This endorsement was printed there in section 19 [with minor variations].
The kabbalist and Torah sage R. David son of R. Azriel Finzi (died in 1735) was a disciple of R. Yehuda Briel in revealed Torah knowledge and of R. Moshe Zacuto in Kabbalistic wisdom, Rabbi of Mantua and prominent Italian rabbi in his days. He sided with the Ramchal during the polemic against him and sent a letter supporting the Ramchal to R. Shimshon Morpurgo, author of Shemesh Tzedaka (printed in the book Igrot Ramchal U'Vnei Doro, Igeret 57) and ultimately wed the Ramchal's daughter Zipporah. The Ramchal composed a long lamentation upon the death of his son-in-law (printed in the book Yarim Moshe, pp. 307-311).
Folded leaf, [1] written page. 21 cm. Good condition. High-quality paper. Few stains. Folding marks.