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Manuscript – Homilies and Novellae – By Rabbi Yaakov Meyer Chief Rabbi of Strasbourg, Member of Napoleon's Sanhedrin – Germany, 18th-19th Centuries

Opening: $2,000
Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000
Manuscript of homilies and novellae following the pilpul approach, on the Talmud and on the Torah, by R. Yaakov Meyer Rabbi of Strasbourg, member of Napoleon's Sanhedrin and head of the Israelite Central Consistory of France. [Germany, 18th-19th centuries].
Neat Ashkenazic script, presumably handwritten by the author. Somewhat later inscription on the front endpaper, attesting that the book was written by "R. Yekele Meyer, consistorial rabbi in Strasbourg, long before he came to Strasbourg". Many inscriptions and quill trials on the endpapers.
This manuscript was preserved by his descendants, the Guggenheim family, and is currently in process of being published.
The author, R. Yaakov Meyer (1739-1830), studied in his youth in Karslruhe and Frankfurt am Main, under R. David Tevele Scheuer and R. Shlomo Zalman of Berlin. In 1762, he was appointed rabbi of Hagenthal-le-Bas in Alsace – his wife's hometown, where he composed his work Yodei HaItim on the sanctification of the month and establishing the festivals. In 1769, he was appointed dayan of Rixheim, Alsace, later serving as its rabbi, after the passing of R. Binyamin Hemmendinger. In 1787, he succeeded his grandfather in Ribeauvillé, and composed halachic responsa to questions addressed to him from throughout France and other countries. He later established and headed a yeshiva there. He was held in high esteem by the Torah leaders of the generation, as one can see from a responsum which the Noda BiYehuda sent to him (Responsa Noda BiYehuda, Even HaEzer, section 12), in which he addresses him with exceptional titles of honor. In 1806, he was appointed member of the Sanhedrin established by Napoleon I, and assisted the president of the Sanhedrin, R. David Sinzheim, in his battle to preserve Torah-true Judaism. In 1813, after the passing of R. Sinzheim, he was appointed chief rabbi of Strasbourg and head of the Central Consistory, a position he held until his passing.
115 leaves. 21 cm. Good condition. Stains. Several marginal open tears, not affecting text. Original binding, damaged.
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