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Machzor Shaar Bat Rabim – Incomplete Copies of Both Parts – Venice, 1711-1715

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Machzor Shaar Bat Rabim, Part I – prayers for the weekdays, Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh and Festivals, and Part II – prayers for the High Holidays and festivals of Tishrei, "following the rite of the Ashkenazi community", with the Hadrat Kodesh commentary, by R. Yitzchak son of R. Yaakov Yosef HaLevi. Venice: Bragadin, [1711-1715]. Three volumes, comprising incomplete copies of both parts of the Machzor.
The first two volumes comprise most of part I of the Machzor (some leaves appear twice), and the third volume comprises the first half of part II (see details below).
This machzor was published at the initiative of the Italian communities, who undertook to buy the printed copies. The machzor was printed and sold in individual gatherings.
A large piece of paper was pasted on p. 157b of vol. I, covering half the page.
Three volumes. Vol. I (Part I): 157, 325-348 leaves. Vol. II (Part I): 192-360 leaves. Part I originally: 360 leaves. Lacking leaves 158-191 (altogether lacking 34 leaves in this part). Leaves 325-348 (24 leaves) appear twice. Vol. III (Part II): 193 leaves. Part II originally: 372, 377-384 leaves. Lacking leaves 194-372, 377-384 (altogether lacking 187 leaves in this part). First two volumes: 36 cm; vol. III: 40.5 cm (wide margins). Light-colored, high-quality paper. Condition varies, vols. I and II in overall good-fair condition. Most leaves of vol. III in good condition. Stains, including dampstains (significant dampstains in vol. I). Many stains (including wax stains) to several leaves of vol. II. Minor worming to vols. I and III. Tears. Vol. II with worming and tears affecting text (several tears repaired with paper). Marginal tears to title page of vol. III, slightly affecting engraved border. Title page of vol. I trimmed with damage to engraved border. Vols. I and II with new bindings, vol. III in original binding, with damage and worming.

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