Auction 63 - Rare and Important Items

Letter from the Rogatchover, R. Yosef Rosen Rabbi of Dvinsk – Blessings for the Festival of Passover – Nisan 1925

Opening: $1,500
Estimate: $2,000 - $4,000
Sold for: $3,000
Including buyer's premium
Letter handwritten, signed and stamped by R. Yosef Rosen – the Rogatchover. Dvinsk (Daugavpils), Nisan 11, 1925.
Letter of condolences ("an abundance of peace and thousands of consolations to my dear friend R. David"), containing a brief responsum pertaining to laws of mourning, concluding with blessings "and may G-d repair the breaches in His nation, the Jewish people, and may we celebrate the Festival of Matzot in accordance with the law. So are the words of his close friend Yosef Rosen, Rabbi of this city".
R. Yosef Rosen (1858-1936) - known as the Rogatchover (after his birthtown Rogatchov [Rahachow]), was a Chabad-Kopust follower. In his youth, he was a disciple of R. Yosef Dov Ber Soloveitchik, author of Beit HaLevi, together with the latter's son R. Chaim of Brisk. From 1889, he served as rabbi of the Chabad Chassidic community in Dvinsk, Latvia alongside the rabbi of the city, the Or Same'ach, position he held for 40 years. A remarkable figure renowned for his tremendous sharpness and genius, he was proficient in all areas of the Torah, down to its finest details, producing profound definitions, hypotheses and original methods of Torah study. Tales of his genius and indescribable diligence abound. His legendary brilliance was also highly regarded by the secular world in his days and Bialik reputedly said that "two Einsteins could be carved out from the mind of the Rogatchover". The Rogatchover dealt extensively in explaining the teachings of the Rambam and wrote numerous halachic responsa. His responsa and novellae were published in his Tzofnat Pane'ach series. His printed books are a small part of the incessant flow of the inexhaustible fountain of his Torah. Due to the profundity of his teachings and his concise, cryptic style of writing, several projects have risen in recent generations to decipher and explain his teachings, resulting in the publishing of annotated editions of his works.
[1] leaf, 21 cm. 13 handwritten lines. Good-fair condition. Dampstain. Wear and creases.
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