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Letter from Rebbe Aharon Roth (R. Aharele) Author of Shomer Emunim – Regarding his Immigration to Eretz Israel, and his Activities in Europe to Draw People Closer to the Worship of G-d – Satmar, 1931

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Lengthy letter (4 pages, over 90 lines) handwritten and signed by Rebbe "Aharon Roth", author of Shomer Emunim. "Sakmar" [Satmar, Cheshvan 1931].
Interesting letter of inspiration and guidance addressed to his followers in Jerusalem, containing the Rebbe's detailed report of his plans to immigrate to Eretz Israel, his intent to print his books Shulchan HaTahor and Taharat HaKodesh, and portraying his efforts to establish additional groups in Satmar (Satu Mare), to draw hundreds more people closer to G-d. The Rebbe describes the persecution he and his group were being subjected to in Satmar, and states his acceptance of G-d's will with love.
This letter was printed partially and in a censored format in Toldot Aharon (part III, Jerusalem 1997, pp. 213-214), with the omission and revision of the passages portraying the hindrances and persecutions the Rebbe endured in Satmar.
Rebbe Aharon (R. Aharele) Roth – (1894-1947) studied in his youth in the yeshiva of R. Yeshaya Silberstein in Waitzen (Vác), and was drawn to Chassidism through his teachers Rebbe Tzvi Elimelech of Bluzhov and Rebbe Yissachar Dov of Belz. He worshiped G-d from a young age with absolute devotion. He established groups of men dedicated to service of G-d in Budapest and in Satmar, under the name Shomer Emunim. In 1925, he immigrated to Jerusalem where he also established a community of Chassidim and disciples who served G-d according to Chassidic principles. Between 1930-1939, he returned to his followers in Satmar, and later in Beregsaz (Berehove). Throughout that time, he maintained his connection with his Chassidim in the Holy Land through correspondence – this letter is from the beginning of that period.
In 1939, he returned to Jerusalem and reorganized his holy group, which is perpetuated until this day, through the Chassidic communities of Toldot Aharon, Shomrei Emunim, Toldot Avraham Yitzchak, Mevakshei Emuna and others. These Chassidic communities are still currently known as R. Aharelach, after their first teacher R. Aharele, whose passionate Chassidism and fear of G-d continues to burn within them. His many books were printed in numerous editions, and are fundamental works in Chassidism and fear of G-d: Taharat HaKodesh, Shulchan HaTahor, Shomer Emunim, Mevakshei Emuna and more.
[1] double leaf. 23 cm. 4 written pages (over 90 autograph lines and signature). Fair-good condition. Dampstains and wear.
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