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Leon (Yehudah Leib) Pinsker, "Autoemancipation!" – First Edition – Bound Together with First Edition of "Jewish Writings" by Moses Hess

Opening: $300
Two early Zionist works in German, bound together:
• Autoemancipation! Mahnruf an seine Stammesgenossen von einem russischen Juden [Autoemancipation! A Warning Call of a Russian Jew to his Kinsmen], [by Leon (Yehudah Leib) Pinsker]. Berlin: W. Issleib, 1882.
First edition of the Zionist work titled "Autoemancipation!", by Leon Pinsker, originally published anonymously in Berlin. The composition was printed in the wake a series of pogroms against the Jews of Russia known as the "Storms in the Negev" that took place between April 1881 and May 1882. The aim of the publication was to arouse the Jews of Western Europe out of their complacency, convince them to forgo thoughts of assimilating and blending into the broader society, and commit themselves instead to seeking a sustainable political solution to the Jewish problem, namely the establishment of an independent Jewish state.
[2] ff., 36 pp. Good condition. Two first leaves detached, with tears to edges. Minor tears to edges of several additional leaves (including one open tear, not affecting text). Stains. Notations in pencil.
• Jüdische Schriften [Jewish Writings] by Moses Hess, edited by Theodor Zlocisti. Berlin: Louis Lamm, 1905. First edition.
[2] ff., CLXXI, 127 pp. Good condition. Minor stains. Signature and dedication in pen on title page (dedication dated 1906).
The two works are bound together, 20.5 cm. Minor wear and stains to binding. Cloth spine missing.
Zionism, Theodor Herzl, JNF