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August 14, 2018

La Libre Parole – 28 Issues – France, 1893-1897 – Anti-Semitic Illustrations

Opening: $1,000
28 issues of the anti-Semitic newspaper La Libre Parole. Paris, September 16, 1893 until September 4, 1897. French.
The newspaper was published weekly by the journalist Édouard Adolphe Drumont (1844-1917), founder of the anti-Semitic league in France and it was the first newspaper to report the arrest of Alfred Dreyfus. Each issue opens with a colorful caricature or drawing, mostly anti-Semitic. More illustrations and caricatures appear on the back and in the middle pages of the issues.
These illustrations include the following: * Illustrations against politicians who took bribes during the Panama scandals involving Jews, or those who helped them. * Édouard Drumont holding the figure of Alfred Dreyfus with tongs. * Baron Rothschild depicted as a harmful plant, weeded by a French worker, etc.
Issues No. 10, 14, 18, 25-29, 36, 45-46, 53-54, 70-71, 79, 141, 151, 201-204, 207-209, 214-215, 217.
Size and condition vary. Overall good-fair condition. Issue 53 is lacking 4 leaves.
Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and She'erit Ha-Pleita