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Hilchot Rav Alfas – Slavita, 1807-1810 – Five Parts – Approbation of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev – Signatures and Glosses

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Hilchot Rav Alfas (Rif), with commentaries, Mordechai and Tosefta. Slavita: R. Dov Ber Segal and R. Dov Ber son of R. Pesach [at the printing press of R. Moshe Shapira Rabbi of Slavita], 1807-1810. Approbation of R. Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev. Five parts in five volumes.
The approbation of R. Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev is addressed to "the rabbi who owns the Slavita printing press… who wants to print the Alfas books in his high-quality printing press". In the approbation at the beginning of Part II, of R. Yehuda Leibush Auerbach Rabbi of Vyshnivets, the name of the printer is written explicitly: "…R. Moshe Rabbi of Slavita", even though the title pages bear the names of other printers (who were apparently the managers of the press or partners of R. Moshe Shapira, and the printing permit was in their name – see Kedem Catalog 65, p. 86). R. Yehuda Leibush writes in his approbation: "Look at the beauty of the books printed in the aforementioned printing press… there is nothing comparable from any Polish and German press, only the Amsterdam printings".
Signatures and stamps on title pages and other leaves: "Avraham Shlomo son of R. Shalom Meir"; "Avraham Shlomo, grandson of the Maggid, son of R. S. [R. Shalom]"; "This Rav Alfasi belongs to me Avraham Shlomo Goldenbaum…" (R. Shlomo Avraham Goldenbaum, 1843-1917, a dayan in Safed, prominent Sadigura Chassid and outstanding Torah scholar; his novellae were printed in Eshel Avraham, Jerusalem 1996, amongst others); "Yosef son of R. Chaim of Khotyn, Safed"; "Belongs to the Study Hall of the Rebbe of Makarov in Safed".
Dozens of long handwritten glosses on the pages of tractate Berachot.
The title pages are printed in red and black.
Vol. I: [2], 52; 14, 13-14; 100; 46 leaves. Vol. II: 188; 26 leaves. Vol. III: 290 leaves. Lacking leaves 69-72 (of the Mordechai on Tractate Yevamot; lacking a total of 4 leaves). Vol. IV: 156; 116; 125-143 leaves. Lacking last leaf (of the Mordechai on Tractate Bava Batra). Vol. V: 202; 64, 67-76 leaves. Lacking leaves 57-58 of the first sequence. 34 cm. Bluish paper. Overall good-fair condition. Stains. Dampstains. Worming. Tears to title page of Vol. I, repaired with paper. Vol. IV – fair-poor condition, the end with significant worming and damp damage, sometimes affecting text. New bindings.

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Talmud and Rif, Mishnayot and Pirkei Avot
Talmud and Rif, Mishnayot and Pirkei Avot