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Halachic Response by Rabbi Nissim Zerachya Azulay – Safed 1926

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Long Halachic response handwritten and signed by Rabbi Nissim Zerachya Azulay, grandson of the Chida. Safed, 1826.
The response concerns a financial (historical) matter between the communities of Tiberias and Safed, regarding payment of taxes to Ibrahim Pasha. Rabbi Avraham Anhori, Rosh Beit-Din of Safed, joins the writing with his handwritten signature in the end of the response.
Rabbi Nissin Zerachya Azulay (1780-1836) was born in Jerusalem to Rabbi Avraham, son of the Chida, and learned in Livorno. Served as Av-Beit-Din of Magenza near Izmir and Rabbi Chaim Palagi who knew him at the time refers to him as the "the Rabbi, the pious and holy one". As of 1826 served as dayan in Safed. Was killed in the earthquake. When he was found in the ruins in his Talith and Tefilin, he died saying that he is that last reincarnation of Assa the Cripple, King of Judea. His writings and the writing of the Chida on Sefer Ha-Zohar were lost in the rubbles. [Up till now it was known that Rabbi Nissin Zerchaya arrived in Safed in 1830 – by the response herewith it seems that he arrived in 1826].
Rabbi Avraham Anhory, was appointed Av-Beit-Din of Safed in 1826, and was also killed in the 1836 earthquake. See about them in enclosed material. Enclosed is also a partial copy of the response.
13 pages 25.5 cm. Good condition, water stains and creases to paper.