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Five Megillot with Rashi's Commentary – Incunable – Naples, 1487

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Five Megillot – Shir HaShirim, Ruth, Eicha, Kohelet and Esther, with Rashi's commentary. [Naples: Joseph son of Jacob Ashkenazi Gunzenhauser, 1487].
Five Megillot, from an edition of Ketuvim printed by Gunzenhauser. Without title page (opens with a blank page).
The text was printed using three different typefaces: the first verse of Shir HaShirim was printed in Ashkenazic square type, the text of the Megillot in Italian-Sephardic square type and Rashi's commentary in Italian-Sephardic semi-cursive (Rashi) type.
First verse of Shir HaShirim within a decorative vine border.
The printer, Joseph son of Jacob Ashkenazi Gunzenhauser (from Gunzenhausen, Bavaria), was a pioneer in Hebrew printing, active in Italy. He established his printing press in Naples ca. 1487, and passed away in 1490. His son, Azriel, continued operating the press for another two years, until 1492 (the year of the Spanish expulsion). The press produced about 15 Hebrew books.
[29] leaves. Five Megillot originally: [30] leaves (entire Ketuvim: [150] leaves). Lacking last leaf of Shir HaShirim (replaced in photocopy).
24.5 cm. Condition varies. Stains, including large dampstains and dark stains. In Shir HaShirim: minor worming, with almost no damage to text; open tear to last leaf, not affecting text. Wear and marginal tears. In Ruth and Eicha: open marginal tear to first leaf, not affecting text. Minor worming, slightly affecting text. In Kohelet and Esther: extensive worming, with significant damage to text on some leaves. Open tears to all margins of first leaf of Megillat Esther, affecting text, repaired with paper. Tears to several other leaves, repaired with paper. New binding. Worming to binding.

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