Auction 046 Special Chabad Auction in Honor of 11th Nisan - Birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and in Honor of Pesach

Desk bell of the Rebbe Rashab of Lubavitch

Opening: $1,500
Sold for: $2,375
Including buyer's premium

A bell that stood on the desk of Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Schneersohn, the Rebbe Rashab of Lubavitch.

Brass; with a marble base.

Letter of authenticity enclosed (handwritten note, in English), signed in Hebrew by Rebbetzin Chana Gurary (1899-1991), eldest daughter of Rebbe Rayatz: "I hereby gift... the bell with the marble base that my grandfather kept on his desk in Lubavitch. He bought it in Paris during one of his trips there". Dated - March 4, 1990. A wooden box which may have also been used by the Rebbe or his family is enclosed (the box was given together with the bell, though it is not mentioned in the letter).

Rebbe Rayatz mentions a call bell which was placed on his father's desk: "It was unnecessary [for the Rebbe] to lock the door to his room, since no one would venture to enter without permission. Even the Rebbetzin [Shterna Sarah], the Rebbe's wife, hesitated to enter in order to serve him his tea... when summoned by the call bell which stood on his desk" (Sefer HaSichot 1933, pp. 107-108).

Rebbe Rashab's Trips to France

Rebbe Rashab was frail and sickly, and frequently travelled to various health spas in Europe, to consult with specialists. He took advantage of these trips to do his upmost to improve the material and spiritual situation of his Jewish brethren, particularly of Russian Jews. His travels took him to France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, the Crimean Peninsula, and more. The Rashab's various trips to France are well documented in his letters. His first trip was to Paris in winter 1883, approximately a year after the passing of his father Rebbe Maharash and his appointment as rebbe. The visit lasted almost an entire year. He thereafter paid many visits to France (in 1885-1888, 1901, 1904, 1911-1914), some for extended periods of time. On most of his trips, he either passed through or stayed in Paris. According to the enclosed letter, Rebbe Rashab purchased the present call bell on one of these visits to Paris.

Height: approx. 8 cm. Base: approx. 8.5X8.5 cm. The bell is in good condition. A small part of the marble base is missing (the base was broken into two parts and restored with adhesive material).

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