Auction 92 Part 2 Rare and Important Manuscripts and Items of the Gross Family Collection

Decorated Parchment Manuscript – Arvit Prayer, with Counting of the Omer and LaMenatze'ach Menorah – Western Europe, 18th Century

Opening: $6,000
Estimate: $8,000 - $10,000
Sold for: $8,750
Including buyer's premium

Manuscript, Arvit prayer and counting of the Omer. [Western Europe, ca. 18th century].
Ink and paint on parchment. Square Ashkenazic script, mostly vocalized. Instructions in semi-cursive (Rashi) script. Enlarged initial words in various colors.
The manuscript includes the entire Arvit prayer, with the Psalms recited after Arvit (following the custom of righteous individuals in Ashkenazi communities; including a special Psalm for each day of the week). This is followed by the counting of the Omer, scribed over many leaves, including kabbalistic kavanot for each day of the Omer. Introduced by the Leshem Yichud prayer, kavanot, a LaMenatze'ach menorah (its base flanked with the Ana BeKoach prayer), and the Ribbono shel Olam prayer recited after the counting. The counting of the Omer is followed by the order of Vidui (following the Western Ashkenazi rite) including Al Chet, Psalm 130 and Psalm 27. The manuscript opens with Psalms 1-4, recited at night.
A piece of parchment was pasted over the VelaMalshinim blessing, with the text of the blessing in later script.

[36] parchment leaves (+ additional blank parchment leaf). 18 cm. Condition varies, fair-good. Leaves of Arvit prayer very stained, presumably due to regular usage. Leaves of counting of Omer (used only once a year) and the following leaves are cleaner and more whole. Tears and blemishes to several leaves, slightly affecting text. First leaf damaged (parchment somewhat distorted; large tear, affecting text). Several leaves loose. Old binding, slightly damaged.

Provenance: The Gross Family Collection, Tel Aviv, GR.012.017.

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