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The Consolation of Zion – Melbourne, 1863 – One of the First Jewish Titles Printed in Australia – Mission of Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Schneersohn in Australia – Erection of Houses of Refuge in the Old City of Jerusalem

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Nechamat Tzion, the Consolation of Zion – An account of the mission of R. Chaim Tzvi Schneersohn in Australia. Melbourne: Abbot & Co., 1863. English (and other languages), only the title is in Hebrew.
Detailed account of the progress of the mission of R. Chaim Tzvi Schneersohn in Australia, for the purpose of raising funds towards the erection of houses of refuge in the Old City of Jerusalem (the housing complex, Batei Machseh, was built in the 1860s at the initiative of Kollel Hod – Holland and Deutschland, to provide free housing for poor families for a period of three years).
The booklet contains a letter from R. Chaim Tzvi Schneersohn (translated to English by R. Moshe Rintel, first rabbi of the Melbourne Jewish community), and a letter from the trustees of Kollel Hod portraying the poverty and dearth of housing in Jerusalem which impelled them to undertake this project. These are followed by letters of recommendation from the chief rabbis and European consuls in Jerusalem, and from public figures in Australia. The booklet concludes with detailed reports of meetings held in this regard across Australia.
R. Chaim Tzvi Schneersohn (Hyam Zevee Sneersohn;1834-1882), emissary and Chabad Chassid, fourth generation descendant of the Baal HaTanya and a forebearer of Zionism. He travelled throughout the world on fundraising missions on behalf of Kollel Chabad and later of the Old Yishuv.
Booklet: 28 pages. Approx. 21 cm Good-fair condition. Stains and wear (dark stains and defects to title page). Tears and creases. Several detached leaves. Inscriptions and stamps on title page and final leaf.
One of the first Jewish titles printed in Australia.

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