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A Comparative Study of the Religions of the World – Theologian David Nerreter – Nuremberg, 1701 – An Engraving Depicting the Day of Atonement in the Days of the Temple, and Many Other Engravings

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Der wunderwürdige Juden- und Heiden-Tempel / Darinn derselben Gottes- und Götzen-Dinst eröffnet und gezeigt wird. Nuremberg: Wolfgang Moritz Endters. Printed by Johann Ernst Adelbulner, 1701. German. First edition.
An extended German edition of Alexander Ross's (1590-1654) work Pansebeia, or View of all the Religions in the World, with the Lives of certain notorious Hereticks – a comparative study of various world religions. With an essay about paganism by the translator and editor, theologian David Nerreter (1649-1726).
The book, written from a Christian perspective, reviews and compares various religions in Asia, Africa, America and Europe and contains dozens of engraved plates, mostly depicting religious rituals and pagan rites. The first chapter is dedicated to Judaism, and includes a folding engraved plate depicting the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) in the days of the Temple (the High Priest is shown performing the lottery for the two goats).
The first engraved plate depicts the Temple’s Menorah and Ark.
[12], 1195, [83] pp + [72] plates (ten folding plates), 17 cm. Good condition. Stains. Several tears. Worming. Several plates smaller than the leaves. Contemporary green vellum binding (slightly damaged).
Biblical Studies, Jewish History and Customs
Biblical Studies, Jewish History and Customs