Auction 91 Part 2 "Shanah Tovah" Postcards and Greeting Cards from the Collection of Dr. Haim Grossman

Collection of "Shanah Tovah" Greeting Cards – Telegrams, Cheques and Banknotes – Palestine, USA and Europe, First Half of the 20th Century

Opening: $500
Sold for: $875
Including buyer's premium

Collection of "shanah tovah" greeting cards designed as telegrams, cheques and banknotes, as well as telegrams with new year's greetings. [Palestine, USA and Europe, first half of the 20th century].
Some 25 items, including: • Cards designed as cheques and banknotes, with greetings in Yiddish. One card, designed as a banknote, is decorated with a portrait of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. Other cards, designed as cheques, are decorated with portraits of Ahad Ha'am (Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg), Nahum Sokolow, Joseph Trumpeldor, and others. • Greeting cards designed as telegrams. • Telegram forms with new year's greetings; including Western Union forms with greetings in Hebrew. • Telegrams with new year's greetings.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: The Dr. Haim Grossman collection.

Dr. Chaim Grossman's Israeliana collection is exceptional in size, quality and variety. Grossman, an educator, historian and folklorist, was a methodical, knowledgeable and meticulous collector, and his deep understanding of Palestinian-Yishuv and Israeli material culture set the ground for a one-of-a-kind collection of mundane and less than mundane objects – from the ephemeral, the negligible, the widely available to the rare and singular.
The "shana tovah" collection left by Grossman – a considerable part of which is offered in the present auction – comprises thousands of postcards, cards, letters and other paper items made and sent year after year in, by and for Jewish communities: in Eastern and Western Europe, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, North Africa, North and South America, as part of the tradition of sending hand-written, hand-drawn or printed new year’s greetings, which originated in German Jewry but with the rise of postcards spread to most communities. The earliest items in the collection date to the 1860s; the latest were made in the late 20th century. It includes both beautifully designed, rare, early and singular postcards and cards, and mass-made, highly popular items sold in large quantities, in varying production quality and in dozens of repeating versions, each according to the technical abilities achieved by the local publication industry.
The collector's devotion to his collection is evident in the sheer number of items, in the wealth of techniques, visuals and themes, and in the thorough, intersectional categorization by period, origin, motif, technique and material. Glitter and relief embossing, scraps, lace and golden ink, lithography and celluloid transparencies, plastic, textile and metal decorations; Yiddish, Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Polish, German greetings; children, angels, families, pets, immigrants, travelers, professionals; portraits and tinted reproductions; Judaism, Zionism, the state, the army; the ritual and the mundane; any new year's greeting, in any form whatsoever, had a place in Grossman's collection and was honored as a historical testimony, as a timeless, invaluable treasure.

"Shanah Tovah" Postcards and Greeting Cards from the Collection of Dr. Haim Grossman
"Shanah Tovah" Postcards and Greeting Cards from the Collection of Dr. Haim Grossman