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Be'er Moshe (Kozhnitz) – Lviv, 1858 – First Edition – Copy of the Divrei Shmuel of Slonim and His Son Rebbe Yissachar Leib Weinberg of Slonim

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Be'er Moshe, Chassidic essays on the Torah portions, by Rebbe Moshe Elyakim Beri'a Hopstein of Kozhnitz. [Lviv, 1858]. First edition.
Important ownership – the present book belonged to Rebbe Shmuel Weinberg, the Divrei Shmuel of Slonim, and was passed down after his passing to his son Rebbe Yissachar Leib, as the stamps on the title page and endpaper attest.
The author, Rebbe Moshe Elyakim Beri'a (1757?-1828), was a close disciple of his father the Maggid of Kozhnitz, and of R. Zusha of Anipoli. In this book, as well as in his other works, he quotes extensively thoughts and traditions which he received from his father and other prominent Chassidic leaders.
Rebbe Shmuel Weinberg of Slonim, author of Divrei Shmuel (1850-1916), grandson and close disciple of the Yesod HaAvodah.
His eldest son, Rebbe Yissachar Leib Weinberg (1873-1928), succeeded him as rebbe in Slonim, alongside his brother Rebbe Avraham Weinberg, the Beit Avraham.
[1], 188 leaves. 26 cm. Good-fair condition. Many stains. Worming, affecting text. Stamps and handwritten inscription. New leather binding.
Stefansky Chassidut, no. 74.

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