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Archive of Engineer Nahum Tisch – Reports and Documents concerning Settlement and Industry from the Early Days of the British Mandate in Eretz Israel / Documents, Letters and Photographs from his Estate

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An extensive collection of reports, memorandums and documents from the estate of Engineer Nahum Tisch (Tishbi), dealing with settlement and industry in Eretz Israel. Numerous reports and documents from the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s, including reports prepared for the Mandate Government and for the the Palestine Zionists Executive. Printed reports and handwritten documents. Mostly in English or in German.
Collection includes: • Memorandums by Nahum Tisch regarding his plan to build a new irrigation system for agricultural industry in Eretz Israel (a system which he developed and named "Overhead watering system"). Accompanied by sketches drawn by hand; additional reports on the water situation in Eretz Israel (German and English). • "The Prospects of El Akaba", a typewritten report and a handwritten draft with maps and illustrations, regarding the development of Akaba Port. • Long report to the Palestine Zionist Executive from Y.[Ya'akov?] Braude, summing up the events in the Western Wall in July-August 1929, until the 1929 riots broke out. • Folder with letters and copies of documents regarding the employment of Nahum Tisch by the Palestine Zionists Executive in Jerusalem, and its representative – Arthur Rupin, including a letter handwritten by Rupin and documents signed by him. • Essay by Dr. Zelig Eugen Soskin regarding settlement in Eretz Israel. • Reports of the Palestine Office of the Zionist Organization in London about settlement in Eretz Israel, 1919. • Additional reports and surveys, with maps and sketches.
Nahum Tisch (1885-1952), engineer, born in Yanov. Studied in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium and got his diploma as an engineer in London. In 1916 was employed by the War Ministry in London. Due to his professional expertise and knowledge of languages, he was invited in 1920 to join an international delegation, representing Britain, for a referendum and for the setting of borders between Germany and Denmark in Schleswig-Holstein. He turned down this offer in favor of the role of director of the department of commerce and trade in the the Zionist executive office in Jerusalem. After he came to Eretz Israel he changed his name to Tishbi. In this capacity he organized the industrialists in a united association, was one of the founders of the Industrialists Association and was elected as an honor-member in the executive board and the presidency. Acted for Jewish industry in the country and paved the way to propaganda promoting local industry.
Attached: A collection of letters, documents and photos from the estate of Tisch, [1920s until the 1950s]; • hundreds of documents and letters, some concern matters of industry and others are personal. Letters to and from Nahum Tishbi and letters to and from his son, Shaul Tishbi (manufacturer of wool threads) and other family members. • Passports. • Tens of photos. • Business cards and “Shana Tovah” cards. • Booklet: “To Nahum Tishbi, for his 50th birthday” and letters of greetings for his birthday. • Letters of condolences to the Tishbi family after Nahum’s death. • and more.
The collection contains hundreds of items. Sizes and condition vary.
Eretz Israel, British Mandate and Underground Movements, State of Israel