Auction 10 - Books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical Letters

Lot 1

Amulet and Protection – Jerusalem, 1874

Opening: $250
Sold for: $350
Including buyer's premium
Notice to be hung on a wall – amulet and protection against fire and for the woman in confinement and for the prevention of any bad occurrence, by Rabbi Yosef Eligula. Yisrael Dov Frumkin Printing Press (publisher of "Chavatzelet" newspaper), Jerusalem, [1874].
“Please my friends, do not be suspicious that, G-D forbid, I am writing amulets for the purpose of earning money…”, including the endorsement of the Rishon L’Zion [chief rabbi] Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi. Printed in black ink upon especially large paper.
This amulet was printed in a number of versions. The following is a sheet with the approbation on its top (and without some of the illustrations)
49X68cm. Good condition. Tears, Folding marks and few stains. Presented within a fine frame.
S. Ha’Levi 224.
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