64-Year Calendar – Table of Year Types, for the Years 1826-1889 – With Sefirat HaOmer, Tefillat HaDerech, and More – Verona, 1826 – Fine Illustrations – Pocket Edition

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64-year calendar, with order of counting of the Omer, Tefillat HaDerech, table of year-round Haftarot according to various rites, and more; with many illustrations. Verona, 1826. Pocket edition.
The book begins with a folded plate – table of year types for 1826-1889.
Pp. 1-28 list the days when Rosh Chodesh, the festivals and fasts would fall each year. This is followed by illustrations of the 12 Zodiac signs (pp. 29-30).
Pp. 33-36: Tefillat HaDerech.
Pp. 38-63: Sefirat HaOmer (Ashkenazi rite), with divisional title page depicting the sun and moon. Each page contains the counting of the Omer for two days, with an illustration (fine images of flowers, animals and more).
pp. 72-77: Table of year-round Haftarot according to Sephardi and Ashkenazi customs. Italian parables on the final pages.
Additional Latin title page: Ephemeris Haebraica de anno milesimo octingentesimo vigesimo sexto, locupletata sententiis ecclesiasticis.
[1] folded plate, [2], 77; 13 pages. 12 cm. Good condition. Margins trimmed unevenly. Stains. Folded plate with worming affecting text and minor marginal tear. Minor marginal open tears to several leaves, not affecting text. Signature inside front board and on verso of folded plate (in Latin characters). Old binding, damaged and partially detached, without spine.
The NLI digitized copy (from the Valmadonna Trust Library) includes printed wrappers in Hebrew and Italian, not found in the present copy.
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