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Commentary on the Five Megillot by Rabbi Yosef ibn Yahya – Bologna, 1538 – First Edition

Commentary on the Five Megillot, with commentaries on Tehillim, Mishlei, Iyov, Daniel, Ezra and Divrei HaYamim, by R. Yosef ibn Yahya. Bologna: "The Partners" [Silk Weaver's Guild – Menachem son of Avraham of Modena, Yechiel son of Shlomo of Verona and Aryeh son of Shlomo Chaim of Monselice], [1538].
Glosses in Italian script in several places. Entire paragraphs expunged by censorship in several places.
At the end of the books of Tehillim and Mishlei, stamps of Professor Lelio (Hillel) Della Torre (1805-1871), Italian rabbi, teacher and scholar who belonged to the circle of Samuel David Luzzatto
40, 121 [i.e. 122] leaves. 29 cm. Good condition. Stains (dampstains to several leaves). Worming, not affecting text, repaired in part with paper. Inscriptions. Stamps. Old binding.

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