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Sefer HaTishbi – Isny, 1541 – First Edition

Sefer HaTishbi, Opusculum Recens Hebraicum, lexicon of Hebrew words, by the grammarian R. Eliyahu HaLevi Ashkenazi (R. Eliyahu Bachur). Isnae (Isny, Germany): Paulus Fagius, 1541. First edition. Hebrew and Latin on facing pages. The Hebrew text is vocalized. Latin title page and preface. Colophon and printer's device of Paulus Fagius on final page.
This copy contains [24] pages at the beginning of the book, with additional poems in Latin and Hebrew, and a Hebrew title page. These pages do not appear in all copies.
Sone Latin glosses.
[24], 199, 100-275, 269-271, [5] pages. Mispagination. 21 cm. Good condition. Stains, including minor dampstains. Open tear to second leaf, repaired with paper. Open tear close to text on one leaf. New binding.

PLEASE NOTE: Item descriptions were shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.