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anuscript – Coplas de Purim – Ladino

Manuscript, Coplas de Purim – a long song for Purim, in Ladino. [Ca. 19th century].
Square Oriental script, mostly vocalized.
The coplas (or complas) are lengthy folk-songs in Ladino, sung in Sephardic communities on holidays and primarily on Purim. There are many coplas for Purim (by different authors), telling the story of the Megillah, describing the Purim meal, mocking Haman and his family, etc. They were sung from printed booklets or from memory.
This manuscript features a copla describing Haman's downfall (La caída de Hamán) – some 60 rhyming stanzas. This is followed by a "hashkava" (memorial prayer) for Haman and Zeresh (in Ladino).
[23] leaves (some written on one side only). 15 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains, tears and wear. Detached leaves. New binding.

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