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19. Signatures

Minchat Aharon – Novi Dvor, 1792 – Signatures and Stamps

Minchat Aharon, on the Sanhedrin tractate and the Mincha Belula responsa by the Gaon Rabbi Aharon Padva. Novi Dvor, Poland, 1792.
Various stamps among which a stamp from Yeshivat Chakhmei Lublin and Rabbi “Meir Shapira Av Beit Din of Pietrokov”. Owner’s inscriptions “belongs to the Av Beit Din of Kalvarija, close to the royal city of Warsaw” and more.
[2], 91, [5]; 22 leaves [originally 23 leaves, last leaf is missing], 32cm. Fair condition. Stains and wear, text is affected in part of the leaves. Few leaves glued with support paper.

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