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Books, Manuscripts, & Rabbinical Letters

Judaica sales are held two to three times per year and include rare religious books, Jewish manuscripts, letters, documents and biblical and rabbinical items. Kedem is recognized as one of the world's leading auction houses for religious books and Jewish manuscripts and we are proud to offer our customers the finest and most exclusive items available today.

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“Judaica” is Kedem’s first department. When coupled with "Jewish and Israeli History and Culture", it became our platform on which to grow. We present this collection with great pride, coupled with our expertise and guarantee of authenticity. The Kedem catalogue provides all the relevant professional information about each item or collection of items for sale. Interested parties are invited to view the catalogue prior to each auction

Judaica auctions are divided into printed books, manuscripts and miscellaneous:

Printed Books - Customers will find religious books such as Siddurim, Passover Haggadot, books printed in Poland and Russia, including books from the Shapira family printing press in Slavita and Zhitomir; early editions of Hasidic and Kabbalistic books, ancient books of Resh and Shin years (16th and 17th centuries), and even incunabula books ("cradle books" printed before the year 1501); rare editions of the Bible and Psalms, Responsa and Halachic books, and Talmud and polemic books. A special section is devoted to rare books printed in eastern countries, in Eretz Israel and in Jerusalem, with an emphasis on remote countries and earlier books printed in England and America.

Manuscripts - Letters, dedications, inscriptions, signatures and glosses by prominent Jews throughout the generations, including Rabbis and other leading figures; ancient manuscripts of the Jewish world and Hassidic and Kabbalistic manuscripts. This section also includes Congregation books, manuscripts from emissaries, illuminated manuscripts and any other manuscript of historical or collectible importance.

Miscellaneous - Ancient Esther scrolls, whether illuminated or rare, amulets, special Ketubot and other documents related to marriage, single leaves printed or written for special occasions, essential documents, pictures, photographs and paintings of Rabbis and rabbinical leaders, as well as public notices and proclamations.

Kedem has held several special auctions dedicated to specific topics. These include an auction dedicated solely to Passovar Haggadot with a very limited number of items of rare quality and importance (refer to Auctions 25 and 35). Other auctions can be a collection belonging to one collector or to an institute, such as the sale of hundreds of books from the collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman, or from historian Prof. Shimon Abramsky, and single vendor sales such as the collection of Arnie Druck (refer to Sale 34).

Kedem’s dedicated Judaica staff welcome your questions and comments. We are pleased to share our experience and expertise with prospective buyers/sellers and novice and experienced collectors. Click HERE to request additional information.

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